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If this is your idea of fitness then CrossFit is not for you.

If you socialize between sets, CrossFit is not for you.

If you like to look yourself in the mirror at the gym, CrossFit is not for you.

But, if you want efficiency, fast results in strength and conditioning via hard work and no nonsense routines, then come and check us out at DiabloCrossFit. You’ll love it.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:

OHS (M 95#/W 65#)

One-Arm KB Swings – Right (M 24kg/W 16kg)

One-Arm KB Swings – Left (M 24kg/W 16kg)

400m Run

Post your time and comments


Newest LaLanne gym a CrossFit affiliate!

The Contra Costa Times today features an article on a new gym opening in San Francisco: LaLanne Fitness – a CrossFit affiliate. THE Jack LaLanne, 93, was on hand in S.F. on Saturday for the Grand Opening of his great-nephew’s gym, LaLanne Fitness, operated by Chris LaLanne and his wife, Maribel.

At 93, fitness guru LaLanne has inspired family protege.

By Carl Steward

Bay Area News Group

Article Launched: 07/14/2008 09:59:19 PM PDT


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  • Luca Z.

    I met Chris two weeks ago, his gym is the exact copy of Petranek fitness down in L.A. as far as how he runs it, from the business aspect to the classes, he spent a week down in L.A. with Andy to learn his way.

  • Jasmine

    Hey Jeremy!

    I’m not sure if you were planning to teach the girls AM class tomorrow but I will not be there for it. I may try to get to an evening class tomorrow instead. I do plan on being there for the Friday girls AM class.

    Thanks for filling in while Sarah is gone 🙂

  • Darren

    I believe in the soul. Metabolic conditioning. The deadlift. The pull-up. The lumbar curve of your back. The hang snatch. High box jumps. Good nuts. That the writings of most “exercise scientists” are reactionary, overrated crap. I believe that Jack LaLanne fathered us all. I believe there ought to be a Constitutional Amendment outlawing the Smith Machine and the quarter-squat. I believe in the Olympic bar, rubber bumper plates, and dumping weights from overhead if you have to. And I believe in long, slow, after-WOD soreness that lasts for three days.

  • J Jones



  • J Jones

    And Jaz,

    I’ll be there anyway, so come if you can! Otherwise I’m sure I’ll see you around soon.