Jorgy mid air clap at the CrossFit games.

Workout: 4 rounds for time,

100m Lunge, 25lb db men, 15lb db women

400m run

20 pullups

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89% of “children’s food” provides poor nutritional quality

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Don’t forget to post your music requests so we can get a good play list for The Shed (post artist AND song). -jj

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  • jorgy

    D Roe came in 56th at the games. For sure bro congrats, not only did you stay on the first page you are no longer last on it.

  • Mark L.

    If they gave quality points for burpie form, I am sure he would have moved up at least half the page, though.
    Awesome performance by ALL our DCF-ers!
    BTW, Josh spotted me for 2 reps so I could get the feel of a correctly performed muscle up. He said if I came back in a few minutes, I would get it on my own.
    I came back a few minutes later (2 minutes after Rob asked me what time it was 7:11pm), and thought, “what the heck; I’ll try it.”
    THANKS JORGY!!!! (and everyone else the loudly cheered when I did it!)
    This is just one more reason why Crossfit is about more than just “doing exercise”.

  • Rodil

    Mark – congrats on the muscle up!

    My music requests:

    Pretty Handsome Awkward – The Used
    Rock You Like A Hurricane – Scorpions
    To Be Loved – Papa Roach
    Bodies – Drowning Pool

  • Craig

    Congrats, Mark!

  • Craig

    CFG DCF observations:
    Fastest Run: Stav & Darren 4:09
    Fastest Fran: Jorgy 5:41
    Fastest DL/Burp: Darren 3:22
    Fastest C&J: Darren 8:18

  • Mark L.

    Craig… I though of you after I got it. Specifically, my mind flashed on that picture taken of you after you got your first one. I was thinking, “is the smile on my face really THAT big?” 😎

    Great workout this morning in to 0600 class. Floor sweepers were a great segment (never done any before–thanks Jimmy).

    Rodil-Scorpions!!! Great choice.

  • sakura

    I think Rodil had posted about the grass-fed meat distributor but I can’t find the post. Jorgy also said Trader Joes. What are prices like these days? Where does everyone shop?

  • Mark L.

    I shop Walnut Creek farmers market. I’ve also had luck with Omaha steaks online. Try the bison! 😎

  • sakura

    man. eating “right” isn’t cheap.

  • J Jones


    Holding Ranch used to be a few minutes from the Shed near Acalantes Ridge park. I was at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago and I found out that they just bought a huge ranch up near Shasta Lake. Great for them, bad for us. Oh well.

    I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more cheap grass fed stuff.