I guess it’s a family thing, this is Carry’s brother Dustin, he went from no muscle-ups to 7 in just two weeks, he missed this year’s games, but he’ll be ready for next year and the competition better be ready for him too.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

Hang Power Snatch


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For you ZONERS that need even more ideas on what to prepare and eat check out thisEat This blog from the people of CSCC

You youngsters think you have all the fun but it looks like we older people are happier read all about it

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Ever wonder why Jorgy is a badass? Because he pushes himself even when he’s alone.

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  • Rodil

    Sakura – check out HoldingRanch.com and DeerHillRanch.com. They’re run by a husband and wife in Lafayette. Holding Ranch sells grass-fed beef at the farmer’s market in Pleasanton on Saturdays and in Walnut Creek on Sunday. Deer Hill Ranch is going to start selling organic, pastured whole chickens in early August.

    “Pastured” means the chickens actually live and move around outside. I’ve been to the Holding Ranch store and seen the chickens walking around. FDA regulations let a company use the term “free range” if the chickens can go outside for a certain amount of time during the day. “Outside” could mean a small, concrete slab instead of dirt and grass.

    You could also visit their storefront, which is about 2 miles west of The Shed on Hwy 24.

    The downside is cost. Their beef starts at around $10/lbs, depending on the cut. If anyone has a big freezer, Holding Ranch is going to start selling beef by the 1/4 and 1/2 sides of beef soon. This should lower the price.

  • sakura

    whoa. crazy. just as i was going to leave a comment, rodil posts his answer to my question. haha! thanks for the in depth info, rodil. man–$10/lb?! i don’t know if i’ll be able to afford that t-shirt, jorgy.

    as for the blog at CFSCC, it’s awesome. if you have any questions michele is on top of it. really great recipes that i have yet to try. she says she’ll probably post a sample grocery list soon incase anyone was interested.

    btw…is that carry’s brother…the one who rocks the burpees?! dude. major change! i can honestly say that from the time i first came to DCF to now, there have been so many transformations! CF is unlike any exercise regimine i have ever seen or done. to think…we were interested in P-90X and instead we chose CrossFit. hehehe.

  • Darren

    From Crossfit One World

    “Good news folks… The Crossfit Games threw everyone for a loop with the heavier weight demands. Several of you have expressed a keen interest in gaining strength over the next year. I am in the works with adding strength training to our current curriculum. Our own mega powerful and super knowledgeable Eric Gohler is going to be coaching strength training at least two nights a week. We are working out the details. Eric is a GREAT coach, and he knows what he is talking about when it comes to lifting iron. Eric is committed to performing better at next year’s Crossfit Games and he wants all of us to do better to! Eric is excited to get everyone STRONGER! Stay tuned for details.”

    We aren’t the only ones that want to get stronger

  • J Jones

    Nice catch DRoe.

    Sakura (and Rodil), I posted this under yesterday’s blog:

    “Holding Ranch used to be a few minutes from the Shed near Acalantes Ridge park. I was at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago and I found out that they just bought a huge ranch up near Shasta Lake. Great for them, bad for us. Oh well.

    I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more cheap grass fed stuff.”

  • sakura

    shasta? oh geez. thanks for the heads up.