080718 FRIDAY “Cause That’s How We Roll”


Darren nails his chest to bar pull ups at the CF Games.


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

10 Thrusters (115 men, 75 women)

10 ring push ups

10 pull ups

400 m run

Post rounds and fractions of rounds to comments.


Article: “‘Cause That’s How We Roll”

Some of the regulars might have noticed some little green and black striped rollers and balls being used at The Shed from time to time. I found out about Trigger Point Technologies back in January at the first CrossFit Running and Endurance Cert (a very informative seminar I might add). Jeff Alexander from Network Fitness introduced me to these wonderful little torture devices that allow you to massage yourself at an intensity people pay big bucks for.

Because CrossFitters push themselves harder than any other group of people when working out, they need a rest and recovery tool that pushes them just as hard. Utilizing these tools and techniques an athlete can increase the intensity and frequency of his/her workouts, while also reducing pain and injuries – and that’s something every CrossFitter can appreciate.

I know that most of the DCF visitors to the Games stopped by the TPT booth to get some pain/healing, but even Darren got a mention in Jeff’s Newsletter:

. . .

4. Tight Quads — Devilishly tight quads

Diablo CrossFit is represented at right. Rolling the quads can be your own private hell if you’ve never done it. These massive muscles can carry numerous knots within the muscle fibers and still perform at very high levels of output. If you’d like to take a roll and see how tight your thighs are, grab a quadballer and get to work. You just might be surprised how much easier your squats can be once you clear hidden trigger points and adhesions.


And here is a video from the games of these things in action:

Check out both the TPT site as well as The Network Fitness sites for some great info.

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  • Mark L.

    Over the years, I have paid BIG bucks for trigger point therapy (and NMR, Bodywork, Hellerwork, Myofacial Release, …) It does wonders, but you can do it yourself!
    I will warn you, however… like Crossfit, sometimes short term pain is the entry fee for reaching your full potential.
    The day after my first meeting with Myofacial Release, my wife saw me after my shower, and she said (in a frightened voice), “OMG, who gave you all those bruises!?”
    Anyway, nowadays, I’m so flexible, I can bite the back of my knee AND fasten my own bra (don’t ask).
    Regular stretching, of course, is important to any athletic endeavor if you don’t want to injure yourself, but this kind of therapy can often get you through sticking points in your stretching regimen, especially if you have old scar tissue and/or adhesions.
    If I could do it all over, I’d buy the little ball and do it to myself.

  • jorgy

    Darren has VATO POWER!!!

  • jorgy

    Darren has VATO POWER!!!

  • Darren

    Learn about Vato power.

    Also who am I trying to Kiss?

  • Craig

    Cool fng pic today! Way to go, Vato.

    D, J, R, S: Curious. Are all your pull-ups chest-to-bar now?

  • jorgy

    There are no such things as pull ups right now, pull ups are dead to me.

  • J Jones



  • Mark L.

    From my viewings in the gym, it appears all pull-ups are now bar muscle ups for Rick and Jorgy. I’ve also been yelled at several times for “chinning” since the games. I just keep hearing “Chest to bar, Lind! Chest to bar!” 😎
    Great time playing medicine ball games with JJ and Jimmy at 0600, today. A la Crossfit of old, we even incorporated the rowers, boxes, dumbells, ab mats and breathe right strips in our workout.

  • jorgy

    Doesn’t Darren look like Prince in that video rolling around on the floor graphically humping the ground?