080720 SUNDAY


Jorgy feels that you can never have enough chalk (or yelling).

Workout: Deadlift

5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1



One of the largest, longest studies of it’s kind showed that Low Carb diets are not only better for weight loss, but also better for cholesterol

. . .Average weight loss for those in the low-carb group was 10.3 pounds after two years. Those in the Mediterranean diet lost 10 pounds, and those on the low-fat regimen dropped 6.5.

More surprising were the measures of cholesterol. Critics have long acknowledged that an Atkins-style diet could help people lose weight but feared that over the long term, it may drive up cholesterol because it allows more fat.

But the low-carb approach seemed to trigger the most improvement in several cholesterol measures, including the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL, the “good” cholesterol. For example, someone with total cholesterol of 200 and an HDL of 50 would have a ratio of 4 to 1. The optimum ratio is 3.5 to 1, according to the American Heart Association.

The ratio declined by 20 percent in people on the low-carb diet, compared to 16 percent in those on the Mediterranean and 12 percent in low-fat dieters.

The study is not the first to offer a favorable comparison of an Atkins-like diet. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association last year found overweight women on the Atkins plan had slightly better blood pressure and cholesterol readings than those on the low-carb Zone diet, the low-fat Ornish diet and a low-fat diet that followed U.S. government guidelines.

In other news, these researchers totally missed the memo that fat is not the enemy and that Low-Carb diets lower cholesterol:

Regular walking protects the Masai against cardiovascular disease

Their results are based on examinations of the lifestyles, diets and cardiovascular risk factors of 985 middle-aged men and women in Tanzania, 130 of who were Masai, 371 farmers and 484 urbanites. In line with previous studies, their results show that the Masai not only have a diet richer in animal fat than that of the other subjects, but also run the lowest cardiovascular risk, which is to say that they have the lowest body weights, waist-measurements and blood pressure, combined with a healthy blood lipid profile.

Oops. I guess someone should have told them that fats are good for you (not just that walking is good for you). -jj

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  • sakura

    hm…if the chalk were blue, i’d say “Braveheart”…

  • Edward Tracey

    Jorgy is a funny dude but also a Soldier based on what I saw at the games!

    Ed T

  • Stavros

    Great workout today at noon;

    5 rounds for time of:

    10 pullups
    15 deadlifts, 135 lbs (95 lbs)
    20 pushups
    25 situps

    Stavros- 13:07
    Mike E- 14:58(3 RD’s)
    Bryan- 13:56
    Rodil- 19:57
    Ray- 13:30(55#)
    Kevin- 19:42
    Jenny- 23:20(95#)
    Lorenzo- 14:49
    Luke- 14:08(65#)

  • Mark L.

    Wow! Fantastic Sunday turnout!

    Me did 10K Run (Some little hills, but mostly flat)


    My first 5K split was 24:17, so I did negative splits which I never do. All these metcons must be doing something!

  • CraigH-DCF

    Mark, I tell runners, cyclists and triathletes is that from my experience CrossFit will make you finish faster than you’ve ever finished before -guaranteed.

    Either you adapt to the “finish pain” or, you boost stamina (especially oxygen deprived) – or, both. But now, in a 10k, the group around you at the last 1/2 mile will not beat you.

  • Mark L.

    Craig, you are right on about that. I’m definitely not in the best “running shape” of my life right now (still running heavy), but man, that last 1/2 mile, it seems like I have infinite “cojones reserves”!
    One other item of note, my “cruising heart rate” has been steadily dropping. In non-technical terms, I think that translates to my “heartbeat efficiency” is going up.

  • sakura

    Interesting you all say that. Dap took a treadmill test today and the nurse commented that he had a great recovery rate. He also said he could have run “forever”. I’ve also noticed drops in my pace. I think I started from barely being able to run to the end of the block (Nov ’07-post baby) to a 7min mi pace. Still not the greatest but better than walking half way down the block!