080721 MONDAY


Carry, Chanda, Jimmy and Mark spend some time on the floor after today’s WOD.


4 rounds for time.

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (135lb men, 95 women)

10 Floor wipers to each side (20 total) use the same bar as above.

10 Floor circles (5 clockwise, and 5 counter clockwise)

10 Walking lunges each leg (20 total) 45lb dumbbells men, 25lb dbs women

Post time to comments.



Lessons from Luigi (and Mike from The IF Life)

. . .an individual who was dying at 40 years of age brought himself to a state of good health in less than one year, and through the careful exercise of self-control prolonged his life to 102 years of age with the full preservation of all his faculties to the very end. The living of each day was a joy in his life at all times.

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  • Mark L.

    I remember that workout! I also remember the girls killing us.
    We also had that 800m sprint at the end. That was my favorite part since we were all wobbly. 😎
    Sad that I couldn’t make it this morning, but I racked up 10M on the road this weekend, and I wanted to make sure I got my recovery day in there.

  • Stavros

    Did my first 2k row at the Shed today;


    I was gassed to say the least. I was “eating the air” Craig style. After that did some front squats with D Roe. I think we topped out at 225# with solid form and depth.