The Diablo CrossFit Crew leaves ripples. . . (Check out Kenny C representing DCF with one of our new shirts at the last Level II cert in Aromas. Pic posted on the Mainpage on Monday).


5 rounds

1 minute weighted pull ups (20lb men, 10lb women)

1 minute kettlebell swings (2pood = 72lb men, 1.5pood = women

1 minute double unders

1 minute rest

Count total reps, and post to comments.



Using carp to remove callouses from feet. . .

but can we use them for callouses on hands to prevent rips? (Thanks Mike E.)

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  • Craig

    I am going to work out today. 1st wod since the Games. Not 100% yet but close.

  • Craig

    BTW, IMO, $1000 on a Level 2 Cert would be better spent on a:

    Oly cert (Catalyst, CF or USAW) $495
    Nutrition cert (Rob Wolff / CF) $195
    Barbell cert (CF/Rippetoe) $595

  • Mark L.

    Craig… take it easy. Lung stuff is nothing to mess with, though I do like to “blow things out of there” occasionally when I’m on the upswing. It seems to speed healing.
    Great 0600 workout at the shed with Carry, Shanda, JJ and Jimmy. 3 finance industry, and 2 small business people… Anyway, I think we found a keepah:

    21 – 15 – 9
    Double Unders
    KB Swings (2 pood ♂, 1.5 pood ♀)
    400m RUN

    The boys had to fight over the 2 pood (dang that thing felt HEAVY, especially after doing Jeremy’s posted pistols and wall pushups workout last night at 7:15pm — got 8 2/3 rounds in 15:00)

  • Stavros

    Craig…1600hrs today? If so, D and I should be there.

  • Luca Z.

    Yeah Craig, sometime sweating is a good medicine to get the gunk out of the lungs

  • Stavros

    1600 WOD today;

    Darren and Stav-

    5 Rounds;

    1 Min C&J (135#)
    1 Min Burpees
    1 Min Rest

    Totals by round;


    I think he was around…

    Great workout, felt stronger than last time I did 135 C&J’s, but still need to gain some strength.