080725 FRIDAY “Shootfighting Summit Next Weekend”


Rodil represent’n at the Robb Wolf Nutrition Cert in San Francisco (Hint: Look for the DCF Horns gang sign).

Workout: Fran (or her Fat sister)


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:

95 pound Thruster



“FAT Fran” (done with a 20 lb weight vest)

Three rounds, 16-12- and 8 reps, for time of:

115 pound Thruster


Post which lady and time to comments.



Olympians pick the “perfect” athlete

“The perfect athlete is any athlete who has the drive, the desire to participate and the will to achieve and succeed,” says gymnast Olga Korbut, who won four Olympic gold medals and two silver medals for the Soviet Union at the 1972 Munich Games and the 1976 Montreal Games. “Everyone who has ever tried out for their school team, was lucky enough to put on a uniform, participated in intramural activities, or just went onto the field, the court or the arena and gave it their all – no matter the outcome – is the perfect athlete.”


Event: Shootfighting Summit – August 1, 2, 3


ISFA Shootfighting Summit II – MMA / Mixed Martial Arts Training Seminar with Shootfighting founder Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Train with the worlds best in the martial arts, and founders of modern mixed martial arts ( MMA ) in a 3 day camp! Your instructors are: From Japan, Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Carl Gotch’s 1 protoge and the instructor of names like Bart Vale (UWF, PWFG & ISFA), Shamrock (UFC), Suzuki & Funaki (Pancrase), Takeda (Rings), etc.) and Yuki Ishikawa (Pride & Battlearts). From Florida, Bart Vale. ISFA Sr. Instructor and host Robert Yard. Pre-Register at any of the Tracy’s Karate Studios located in Davis, Vacaville, Fairfield or Vallejo, CA.

For more info go to www.tracyskaratestudios.com or www.myspace.com/tracyskaratestudios

You can also talk to me directly (in person or via email) and I can try and get you a deal (there is already discounts for Law Enforcement Officers that I know I can help you get). -jj

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  • Stavros

    Workout tonight (Thursday) at the station;

    10 Rounds of Cindy for time;

    5 pull ups
    10 push ups
    15 squats


    100 Double-Unders for time;


  • Craig

    1st day back tonight. Sorry so slow gang. Our crew is fit!

    Craig & Rob’s Comeback Wod:


    Dumbell Thrusters 35/25
    Sit Ups
    Double Unders

    Can’t move. 2.5 weeks off. Jorgy hugged me because I was sweating. Last to finish.

    Games 09 here I come.

  • Darren

    I understand Craig’s comeback workout, being sick and all.

    But Rob’s comeback WOD is kinda gettin old. This is his 32nd comback workout this year.

  • Craig

    FUNNY D! We said the same thing. Every wod Rob does is a comeback wod.

    AND, he’s leaving today to Eureka for another week. So, next week will be ComeBack wod #33.

    But, he nailed this one. So he’s not that far from peak performance. Just needs to kick a few vices.

  • Mark L.

    Craig… if it makes you feel any better, you beat Travis by 2 minutes (he came in the second group).
    Besides, you were probably operating with 30% less functional lung tissue than the rest of the crowd. By my thumbnail calculations, that handicap equates to a 25 pound weightvest or working at 4500 feet elevation…
    Today, I’m considering doing fat fran at 4pm if the shed is open. I had to miss the 0600 crew due to my early shift employee calling in “sick” (where sick=”want to take a short notice 3 day weekend”).

  • Craig

    By the way: Rodil, you are legit. Way to represent.

  • Travis

    Beating me shouldn’t make you feel any better :-p

  • J Jones

    TRAVIS posting online!

    What a momentous day. Of course T would have beat Craig if he didn’t stop and have a conversation with Jorgy for 5 minutes.


  • J Jones

    I did “Fat Fran” today with the ladies, except I went ahead and did the full 21-15-9.


    Not a bad time at all (but hard as hell, had to break up the sets, even the last 9 thrusters!)


  • Mark L.

    Travis did talk to Jorgie for a while, but it was after Josh had some NO Explode, so it was like 2 extra rounds on Travis just trying to process all the words Josh was saying.
    Travis did everything legit, too! No subs or half thrusters, pushups or singles subbing for double unders. It was RX.
    Also, I saw Travis do a legit unassisted pullup prior to the workout (or at least 1/2 cm from it if it wasn’t complete).

  • J Jones

    I couldn’t resist.

    I had to do Jeremy also today.


    Darren beat me by 10 seconds . . . bastard.

    Nate rocked it with us as well, then he made everyone else do it today. There was a lot of overhead squats and thrusters going on for sure.

    Oh yeah, then Jorgy showed me a little trick on the lowering part of the muscle up. . . Got 9 consecutive. I know I could have gotten more if I was fresh. Still a nice PR.

    Now I am enjoying a nice PWB (Post Workout Beer). Pacifico is on the menu this evening.


  • Stavros

    Worked out at the station tonight;

    95# OHS

    5:58 (my OHS need help)

    100 Double-Unders for time;


  • Haylee moreno

    Super blog, I’m subscribing now! 🙂