080727 SUNDAY “Helen”


Have you been to the “Girls Class” yet? If you are a woman or a girl, and you can make time on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 10am, you shouldn’t miss this class with our first rate trainer Sarah.

Workout: “Helen”

3 rounds for time.

400 meter run

1.5 pood Kettlebell swing x 21

Pull-ups 12 reps

or you can try “Fat Helen”

3 rounds for time.

100 meter sled drag

2 pood (72lb) Kettlebell swing x 21

35lb weighted Pull-ups 12 reps

Post workout choosen and time to comments.


Another DCF Shirt from around the CrossFit Community:


Send pictures of you sporting your DCF shirt everywhere (working out, checking out the website, drinking, helping your favorite charity, etc) and we’ll try and post them.


The wrong bras during exercise can damage breasts

They said that during exercise, breasts move up to 21cm (8.26inches), up and down, in and out and side to side – but most bras just limit vertical movement. . .

The research team has tested about 50 bra designs on hundreds of women during the past three years. . .

Post thoughts to comments (ladies).

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  • sakura

    Going to Hawaii this week. Trying to check out Badass Fitness. I’ve seen their shirts but I’m not sure if they carry them in stock. Anyone interested in a shirt if they do carry them?

  • Craig

    Cool that our shirts are showin’ up in lots of places!

    Funny part of that pic? The 3 legged dog sniffin’ some guy’s butt.

  • Craig

    By the way: great Oly session yesterday.

    Cleans – from the ground up. Mark, Bryan & Trevor. Good work guys.

    We drilled and drilled until our hips were fully extended and shoulders pulled up to our ears.

    Trevor’s first Oly session – and he stuck 135 full squat cleans. Very quick and powerful. Fast elbows!

    Mark is quick, quick, quick. This guy’s numbers are gonna be big. Load up them front squats, man.

    Bryan is just plain strong. Great work today. Keep drillin’ the full hip extension and you’ll be cleanin’ 250lbs in no time.

  • luca z.

    I haven’t seeing Trevor and Bryan in action but I remember Mark, he’s a great athlete and his Oly lifts looked great right of the bat.

  • luca z.

    Sakura I’ll take one I’m a L if you want the money before let me know when I can meet you at the Shed, Thanks

  • Mark L.

    Thanks, Craig. You’re right about those front squats. Quads are my big weakness. My deadlift is WAY bigger than my squat, for example. Gotta nail those weaknesses until something else becomes my weakness!
    Thanks for being such an engaged teacher and giving us some of the history and lore behind teaching Oly, too. (that kind of stuff is interesting for me, anyway)

  • Mark L.

    How could you post an article that talks about boobies, then tell the guys they’re not allowed to comment on it!?
    So so cruel…

  • Stavros

    Helen today at the Shed;

    7:44 as RX’d (PR by about 1 minute)

  • Sarah

    Craig- I noticed the 3 legged dog but not him sniffing a butt…. Too funny!

    Mark- ok, so your input on sportbras is what? Or do you just wanna talk about boobs in general? I’d like to know!


  • Sarah

    So my experience on sportbras-

    I have always worn a small sportbra just to keep the girls tight to my chest. The images on tv when girls are running and their hooters are hitting them on the chin just looks painful! On runs long distance or not I always double up. I never buy a sportbra that looks like my regular bra because I like the cool racerback tanline I get. So even if I’m not wearing a bra it always looks like I am! Nah, its my reminder I am an athlete and I work hard to have seen the things I have and met the amazing people I have met. Champion or nike put good ones out…. Anyone else? Mark?

  • craig

    Yvonne swears by Champion only – “the ones with the hole in the back.” (?)

  • sakura

    LOVE CHAMPION SB’s! lol. Nike isn’t bad either.

    Luca- I’ll make sure they have them when we go and if they do, I’ll grab an L for you. =]

    Anyone else interested in a Hardass Fitness shirt from one of the Hawaii CF’s? Not sure if we’ll get to go to CF Oahu, but we’ll try.

  • Mark L.

    I lost a lot of extra weight early this year, so I no longer need my Champion Sportsbra (anyone need a 43D?)

    Other than that little response, Sarah, I’ll refrain from color commentary on the life of the engineers that measured the 21cm lateral deflections. A whole story unfolded in my mind with stereotypical engineers (NOT like Jeremy)…

    Sakura… I’d love an extra (I take an M) fitness shirt–anything less than $25. Any fitness related shirt is fine as long as there’s no foul language (my 4 year old daughter is learning to read, now). I can pay before or after… up to you.

  • J Jones

    Sakura, you should talk to Jorgy about bringing some DCF shirts out there then you can trade (I am big on trading as everyone who was at the games will tell you).

    Mark – The same thing went through my head: “Who the heck came up with this study, and what do their wives think?”


  • Travis

    Craig thanks for teaching a great oly session!

  • jorgy

    I love Craig’s ability to make our clients feel unique. So called Trevor has been our client for almost half of a year and Craig cannot remember that his true name is Travis. Lets just call everyone Eric so noone feels bad. haha

  • sakura

    i’m running errands today so i can stop by the shed. maybe around 4pm? kaela and i are eating lunch right now so we’ll probably leave the house in a while. call or text me if have shirts at the shed…707.631.3843.

  • J Jones

    Didn’t feel up to “Fat Helen” (lower back a little tweaked to play with the 2pood).

    Did Helen +40lbs on Tues. 40lb weight vest the entire time.


    Sets unbroken. Runs definitely the hardest.

    Stavros also set a new PR at 7:44 with RX Helen