080729 TUESDAY


Brian St. does some dumbbell burpees (are those tears or sweat).


50 Dumbbell burpees* for time (45lb dbs men, 25lb dbs women)

*hold dumbbells at side, drop dbs to deck, kick legs back, do a push up, bring legs in, stand up (with proper lower back form!), power clean weight to shoulders, push press dbs overhead, rinse repeat.

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Another article from Keith Wittenstein at CrossFit Virtuosity:

Your relationship with food is the most important determinant of your longterm well-being. The first thing that you should think about when you want to make a change in your life is your diet. Nutrition is the foundation of the development of an athlete and of humans in general. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Rodil San Mateo

    Great article. Gary Taubes’ book is getting a lot of press because of that recent study in Israel showing the benefits of a low-carb diet. Here’s another one from Crossfit Virtuosity on starting a meal plan:


  • Mark L.

    I’ve always wondered why they say to avoid diet soda (especially non-cafeinated)?

  • Mark L.

    No one replied… I drink Diet 7-Up (2 or 3 a day). What’s wrong with this particular “Diet Soda”. No one can tell me… as far as I can tell, it’s artificially sweetened mineral water. Can that be bad?

  • J Jones

    Did Weighted Helen (+40lbs)


    Mark, Diet soda is better than regular soda but not as good as no soda at all. There is more than a few studies (as Travis pointed out) linking diet soda health issues.

    One of the main issues that some people have is that the artificial sweeteners that are used in diet sodas (and other things like Crystal Lite) are so good at tricking the body that the body still actually spikes insulin to combat what it things is a large intake of glucose.

    You might try cutting back to one a day or cut them out completely for a week and seeing how you feel or if your bodyweight changes.


  • Mark L.

    One more guiltless pleasure destroyed by science. 8-(

    Anyway… maybe I should sub my diet soda cravings for front squats. That’ll teach my body who’s boss!

  • J Jones

    HSPUs or One Legged Squats are easier to do anywhere you have a craving.