080801 FRIDAY


Kevin is one of our younger fire breathers that slays WODs daily (and you wouldn’t realized how young he is if you only saw his workout times).


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

1 deadlift, 1push press, 1 back squat

2 deadlifts, 2 push presses, 2 back squats

3 deadlifts, 3 push presses, 3 back squats. . .and so on.

Post number of rounds completed to comments.



Exercise Pills Increase Stamina (no, not the pills that fill everyone’s spam box.)

“Almost no-one gets the recommended 40 minutes to an hour per day of exercise – for these people, if there was a way to mimic exercise, it would make the quality of exercise they do more efficient.”

40 minutes to an hour a day!? Where did they get that statistic? That is a lot of working out. -jj

Post thoughts to comments.


Logs it All

Some of you might have noticed a little link in the upper left of the main page that says “DCF Records”. Go up and find it. . .good.

Logs It All is a website for logging things, and they have a whole database for CrossFit workouts (the ones that reoccur like the Girls and Heroes, as well as each and every CFmainpage one that shows up). Bill Patton who runs logs it all even posts the top 20 in the comments section many times a ‘regular’ shows up on the CrossFit mainpage.

For example from “Helen” on Tuesday:

median all (391 reporting):10:30

median women (29 reporting): 12:11

top 20 all:

Position Total Time Gender Approx. Age Bodyweight CF Gym Affiliation

[1] damon stewart 7 mins 10 secs M 31 168 WasatchCrossfit.com

[2] Ricky Frausto 7 mins 11 secs M 30 150 CrossFit Omaha

[3] Phillip (Raze) Pound 7 mins 24 secs M 25 245 The Body Lab

[4] Darren Ellis 7 mins 30 secs M 33 174 CrossfitNZ

[5] brendan gilliam 7 mins 35 secs M 31 190 Crossfit North Santa Cruz

[6] Tyson Patrick 7 mins 44 secs M 22 172

[7] Stavros Kalogirou 7 mins 44 secs M 32 180 Diablo Crossfit

[8] Darren Rosten 7 mins 47 secs M 28 213 Diablo Crossfit

[9] Jonathan Burns 7 mins 49 secs M 30 205 Northwest Crossfit

[10] josh jorgensen 7 mins 51 secs M 20 195 diablo crossfi

Notice anything?

We are doing pretty good, but I want to blow up Logs It All with Diablo CrossFit athletes. So go get an account, and make sure you update it when you do one of the workouts available there.

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  • J Jones

    Another Friday with the whole gym to myself.

    I think the Friday 0600 class it about to get the axe.


  • luca z.

    It’s such a lonely feeling when no one shows up, yes we want to help people get in shape and start they day with a great work-out, but when no one comes all I can think is the sleep I missed.

  • Mark L.

    I missed Jeremy by less than 2 minutes, this morning (he left at 6:18, and I got there at about 6:19)! Mon and Wed both had 5 people, though. For some reason, Friday is just harder to obey my alarm.
    Same thing happened last week, though at least this week I got in the car. 8-(
    I ended up working out in my garage when I got
    home, everything with my 31 pound weight vest on:

    -Proprioceptors on Jump Soles drills for 10 minutes

    -50 box jumps with jump soles after taking proprioceptor knob out (retaining wall jumps)

    -20 single calf raises on edge of box

    -1K run with jump soles and weighted vest (2 times with 2 minute rest, between)

  • Stavros


    I may have just recruited an 0600 regular for you. He’ll be at the class, ready to meet pukie.

  • Moises G.

    Alright here are some pics from the challenge. You can follow this link, http://picasaweb.google.com/codymgomez/SheriffSChallege072708