080803 SUNDAY


Moises dominating the wheelbarrow during the Sheriff’s Challenge last weekend. Congrats Mo!

More Pictures of Mo at the Challenge can be found Here.


6 rounds for time,

Run 400m

Rest 2 minutes

Practice good running form, Use the POSE Method.

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This month’s (Issue 43 for August 2008) Performance Menu has a great article on POSE running. Be sure to check it out! (Click the link on the right —>)



Singles Face Alzheimer’s Risk

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  • Stavros

    Hey everyone,

    A quick update/story. I just got back from a structure fire in a neighboring city. It went to 2-alarms and was quite a pain in terms of “structure fires”. Basically it was an attic fire, with vaulted ceilings that didn’t want to go out.

    Needless to say we did some hard work and more than ever I’m glad that I do Crossfit. Every time I go do hard work at a fire it absolutely kicks my tail. The closest correlation I can think of in terms of CF would be Fight Gone Bad, with 60+ pounds of gear on, and breathing through a mask. I got winded today, and quicker than I wanted to. I felt like I recovered quickly but I still got gassed. I can’t imagine if what I would feel like if I didn’t train the way we do.

    Basically I need to up my game. The CF games showed me that, and today did as well. I’m happy and proud to be where I am, but the next level is waiting. I’m glad to know that there’s a community at DCF who wants to go there also.

  • Mark L.

    What a great testimony, Stav! I wonder about a new T-shirt idea with a fireman graphic on it with a caption, “Crossfit: It might save your life.”
    Fight gone bad results for me, yesterday:
    240 (my second FGB, and a new PR by 4 reps). With two dots on the chart, I think I can tune my third attempt and eek out at least another 10. Went far too hard on a few items, and I felt too wiped out in others. It’s all about resource management. 😎
    Shanda (my partner, Saturday) pulled a 194 on her first FGB. It was also her first time with some of the movements, so that was a fantastic score.
    Shanda and I kept each other to our early plans for each round and exercise, and tuned things as we were going through.
    The other great thing about FGB is having that partner pulling you through and being “that little voice” that keeps you going.
    Fantastic day!

  • Craig

    327 ‘sh, I think for me.

    465 for Jorgy!

    Matt PR’d too with 257.

    Congrat’s Mark. Work with Jorgy – he’s the FGB master and will have you over 300 in no time.

  • Rodil San Mateo

    Mo – Great picture. Thanks for repping with the DCF shirt.

    Stav – Good to hear how much CF is helping at your job. Be careful out there.

  • Carry

    My FGB score was….265 Prior to that it was 221.

    Looking forward to the filthy 50 Weds @6 AM !

  • Carry

    What about Jennifer’s score! and Victor?
    It was sooooo hot at the Shed that day.
    What ever happened to the Misters?