I don’t know about everyone else, but I totally agree with Matt B’s shirt.

Workout: The “Filthy Fifty”

50 Box jump, 24 inch box

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood

Walking Lunge, 50 steps

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press, 45 pounds

50 Back extensions

50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

50 Burpees

50 Double unders

Post time to comments.


Article From Mary Rigney at CrossFit Rockwell:

Power = Intensity = Results

“In CrossFit, the goal is to move large loads, long distance, quickly. But, which of those variable is most important – the load, the distance or the time? Is it better to be faster with a lighter load? Or move a heavier load more slowly? It all depends on your goals, but if you really want to push your limits, keep an eye on your power output. Let’s do some theoretical calculations…”

Read full article Here.

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  • Jasmine

    Hey Jeremy!

    A friend who is new to crossfit is coming with me to the girls class tomorrow (Wednesday). I thought I’d let you know in case you are thinking about coming. She will want to do personal training with you at some point but I thought I’d give her a chance to see what the gym is like even if you don’t end up making it. Yay for all the new faces at the gym these days! I think people are really starting to notice all the progress we are making 🙂

  • Austin@Unlimited

    Hey guys-

    Our next challenge is now open for registration. Check it out. I hope to see you there!

  • sakura

    well, i’m sorry to report that i was unable to trade and purchase shirts. i had a lovely stay at the kaiser here in hawaii though. i will bring back the four shirts as soon as i can. sorry, guys. =(

  • Darren

    Greatings from Liberia,

    Me and Meg are doing great. Although I have eaten more carbs in the last week than in my whole life. African diet is mainly rice. So not very Zone. We are having a great time. Working out is tuff, but we are doing some fun body wieght exersices as much as we can. We have encountered some amazing people and seen some life changing things. Thnaks for the support, can’t wait to be back so I can do a Back squat or a deadlift. Love all you DCFer’s see, see you soon.

  • J Jones

    We’ll be glad to see her Jasmine!

    Sakura. . . Kaiser? That doesn’t sound good!

    I was wondering how Darren and Meg were doing. Can’t wait to hear more and see pictures.


  • Craig

    Darren and Meg!! Awesome to hear from you guys. Don’t sweat the workout stuff – you got a lifetime for that! You guys are doing good things for this world and I’m one person thats thankful. DCF is lucky to have you in our family.

    I look forward to pics and stories.


  • luca z.

    No problem Sakura, thanks for trying.
    Darren cool to hear from you guys, and as Craig said have fun, don’t worry to much about the rest, see you when you get back

  • Mark L.

    That’s OK Sakura. Mahalo fo’ tryin’. I hope you guys had a great time!
    Darren and Meg, between changing the lives and hearts of the natives, don’t forget that you can back squat them between testimonies. 😎
    I’ve been praying for you guyses.

  • Mark L.


    Filthy Fifty
    19:43 Stavros
    26:05 Mark (Team Shark)
    26:46 Jimmy (Team Norwegian Language Camp)
    28:01 JJ (Team Norwegian Language Camp)
    31:20 Chanda (Team Shark)

    Dan finished his first filthy fifty in 33:45… or so he thought. Stav asked, “did you do 50 of each or did you scale?” Dan said, “I did 50 of everything, but I only did 25 burpies.” Everyone yelled for him to get on the floor and crank out that Rx filthy fifty. Dan then cranked out 25 of the most heroic burpies I’ve ever seen, and he finished his first !RX! filthy fifty in 36:58!

  • Carry

    Wish I could have been there. Not feeling very well…:(

    Super tired with no appetite…not like me at all. I’m usually always hungry!

    I’m in for the next Filthy 50.

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossfit

    PT test sucked today.
    I beat last years total by 8 points with a 34 inch waist (-3 from last year) max push ups and sit ups and…….a 10:42 mile and a half run.
    I must say that I’m a bit dissapointed in this. Was fighting off pukie for the first two laps (weird timing for that) and finished with mediocre power.
    All in all I’m terribly dissapointed.

  • Mark L.

    …but still an improvement from last year. That vector is pointing in the right direction, at least, bro.
    Anyway, let that run time be more fuel for your training fire, and do make sure you give yourself credit for a new Air Force PR for yourself. You’re SOOO close to a full pull!
    As a side note, if your waist keeps shrinking like that every year, you won’t be able to buy pants off the rack in less than a year and a half! 😎

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossfit

    Went in to the base gym for a nooner.
    275, 285, 295, 305, 320.
    Started out too light. Could have pushed up to 350 or 365.

  • Craig

    Mike, I’m disappointed too. Hmm.


    You getting: sleep & protein?

    7 min mile pace, but you can run faster. I bet overtraining.

  • Mark L.

    You’re an animal, Mike! That workout after the PT? NICE!
    Craig has some great points.
    Just out of curiosity (being a technophile), how were you looking, pacewise, versus your Garmin GPS thingie during the race? Did it even work; I know those things don’t work so well when running in a circle?

  • Stavros

    Came back in at 1700 for some more action after doing Filthy 50 this morning. I decided a strength workout would be fitting…

    Linda(aka 3 bars of death);
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps

    1 1/2 BW Dead Lift
    1 BW Bench Press
    3/4 BW Squat Clean

    29:36 as RX’d (PR)

  • Shannon Stornetta

    29:27… first time ever for the filthy fifty (using the 20# med ball)! This workout was the icing on the cake after the 100-mile endurance ride we did on Saturday… I thought I was going to puke during the burpees!

  • Dan G.

    Thanks to Stav, Mark, JJ, Jimmy, and Chandra (you were like a drill sargent!) for helping me through my first Filthy Fifty! It hurt so good! I heart 6am class.

  • Craig

    Ass kicked by burpees in F-50 today! Also by our clients..amazing PR performances by Shannon, Brian, Bryan (sub 30! – ’08 Goal!!), the girls class and more.

    Burpees are now in my warm up.. dammit.