080808 FRIDAY “J.T.”


Now is the time to bring all your friends and family to The Shed. Bring anyone who will come, especially the people who are on the cusp of getting started.


It is also going to be a going away party for Trainer Rick H. He is leaving us to go to school in San Jose (although secretly I think he might be trying to ‘transfer’ to CF unlimited or Jason Khalipa’s affiliate – i.e. he has a man crush on him).

Workout: “J.T.”

21 – 15 – 9

Handstand Push ups

Ring Dips

Push ups

Post time to comments.

Video of Annie Sakamoto from CrossFit Santa Cruz Central doing J.T.(she’s my hero):


Article from Scott Kustes at Modern Forager

What is a paradox? French, Atkins, and Inuit

. . . I tell you that story to tell you this one. One lady had not heard of the French Paradox, so I explained it as, “the nonsense notion that it’s the red wine that protects the French from disease due to their high-fat diet.” One girl asked, “And why is it nonsense?” in a humorous way. I replied, “We can go there if you want, but this isn’t really the place.” Anywho, we moved on with the discussion of wine and the beverage industry as a whole. But let’s discuss the French Paradox. . .

Click here for full article.

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  • Dan G.

    I hate dips. I mean, I love dips. No, I really do hate dips. Well… maybe I love dips?

  • Stavros

    Sorry I missed you guys at the 0600 class. My body was needing some rest, and so was my collarbone. 85 reps of 135# squat cleans in the last 2 days was not kind to me.

    I might be in later for some rowing and skills work, for now it’s coffee time!

  • luca z.

    Annie is my hero too, 28 tabata squats, she is a monster.

  • J Jones

    Love ’em or Hate ’em, Dan, you did a sh!t load of them today. Nice work.

    I’ll tell you what I love: Kipping HSPUs and Kipping ring dips. Today was the first time I was able to do JT as Rxed. AND it was less than 20 minutes (which would be pretty close to my last score using a bunch of negatives).



  • Mark L.

    I blasted through the first 21 reps of legit floor contact to lockout HSPU with ease in less than 20 seconds. The ring dips blasted me, though (this from a guy who can easily do >25 BWT bar dips). Even the first 10 pushups of the first round were difficult!
    I finished shortly after JJ, who passed me sometime in the last round while I struggled through my non-kipping ring dips.
    Josh watched me trying to do iron crosses, last night, and properly diagnosed my weak shoulder stabilizers. Same problem that lead to my shoulder surgery a year ago. Gotta work on that!
    Stav, we missed your pushing, but don’t worry, we squeeze Dan plenty for you in your absence. 😎
    Six Am class hearts Dan (or Dave or Doug or Dude or … 6am is early).

  • Stavros

    5k on a rolling street/bike path;


  • Mark L.

    Almost sub 7! That’s fast!

  • Moises G.

    Stav sit your energized ass down on a couch and have a beer! Next time I see you in The Shed I am going to tie you down so you can’t do shit,LOL!!!

  • Craig

    Nice JT today, Mark & JJ! I hear Mark did the hspu’s straight thru no kip – impressive, bro.

  • Moises G.

    Hey Craig thanks for helping me with my form on the row, it helped a lot. See you guys tomorrow at the Oly Class