080817 SUNDAY


Luca took the Muay Thai class on a field trip to Marrtinez. This is a picture of Dustin and Luca representing DCF with their Sweat Demon Shirts.


Come to Diablo CrossFit for our Friends and Family day. Games, workouts, clinics, don’t worry, there will be plenty to do while you are here


Meg gets her first pull ups (yes, she get’s more than one her first time!)

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  • luca z.

    We had a ton of fun on our “field trip”. Dustin made me very proud on his first Muay-Thai ring sparring,thanks to his CrossFit conditioning he was able to do some Jujitsu training, then some pads training, before going 3 rounds with this guy,and still have fuel in his tank, he’s going to be very good, as long as he remembers to keep his hands up, dang boxers. We had few people at the gym asking us about CrossFit, and I dished out some business card and invited them over for the get together today, we’ll see if they’ll come.

  • Mark L.

    Hope to see everyone, today! I have a pretty full day with other family obligations, but I hope to make a cameo at some point later in the event. If the keg is empty when I finally get there, I’ll be filled with a mixture of team pride and personal disappointment.

  • Stavros

    Great times today!! We’ll miss you Rick. FYI, rick was the keg-warrior after everyone left. He did DCF proud. You should have seen him trying to ride his new bike, awesome.

  • Craig

    Great fun today. Thanks Joshie for the Newbie wod – good to see you back!

  • Sarah

    I second that Craig, we missed you at DCF Josh! Nice to have you back! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love my crossfit family! It was lovely to see and spend time with everyone!

  • Ev

    Yeay! Way to go!!! I go to: