080820 WEDNDESDAY “How Many Makimbas?”


Darren and Jeremy (your’s truly) giving the horns after the 4 x 400m runs workout.


Perform as many “Makimbas” in 20 minutes as possible:

1 Makimba =

3 rounds, 15 – 10 – 5 reps of

10lb dumbells (or more if you can handle it)


Air squats

Post Number of Makimba’s to comments.

Be careful you don’t get Rhabdomyolysis.

Click here for CrossFit Kids doing a single Makimba Video


“Hump Day” Article:

Contraceptive Pill May Affect Women’s Partner Choice

“Disturbing a woman’s instinctive attraction to genetically different men could result in difficulties when trying to conceive, an increased risk of miscarriage and long intervals between pregnancies. Passing on a lack of diverse genes to a child could also weaken their immune system. . .”



Happiness the Key to Longer Life

“After reviewing 30 studies carried out worldwide over periods ranging from one to 60 years, the Dutch professor said the effects of happiness on longevity were “comparable to that of smoking or not”.

That special flair for feeling good, he said, could lengthen life by between 7.5 and 10 years. . .”

Post Thoughts To Comments.

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  • Craig

    Anybody notice ol’ jj’s gettin’ leaner and faster?

  • Mark L.

    JJ had his shirt off when we were doing presses and squats last week, and I was seeing a six pack on there! I guess that IF crap really works!
    Last night, for my inaugural class (after completing JJ’s grueling post-cert training program) was:

    “Tabatas of Furey” **
    7 Tabata Sprints (crokaert’s street laps)
    2 mins rest
    7 Tabata Hindu Pushups (reps) **
    2 mins rest
    7 Tabata Jumping Pullups (reps)
    2 mins rest
    7 Tabata Sprints (laps)

    Tony 6 1/2, 49, 132, 5 1/2 = 193 (as Rx)
    Ramon 4 1/2, 80, 79, 3 = 166.5 (scaled pu)

    Dan 3 3/4, 84, 92, 3 1/2 = 183.25 (scl’d pu)
    Anne 3 1/4, 72, 84, 3 1/2 = 162.75 (scl’d pu)

    ** featuring the Hindu Pushup, a martial arts &
    wrestling calisthenic mainstreamed by Matt Furey.

    Dan showed up this morning (11 hours later) for a grueling workout from Jimmy G and performed well, again. I think Dan might be using “the clear”. =)

    We had 9 people in the 0600 class this morning! It was a major sweat party complete with sledgehammers, box jumps, SDHP, situps and farmer’s carrys.

  • Mountain

    One round of Makimba made for a great warmup before today’s workout. Thanks Sarah!

    I hear Uncle Rhabdo recommends Beer Makimbas: same as the regular Makimbas, but chug a pint before each round. 20 mins, AMRAP.

  • Mark L.

    FYI, Crossfitters with kiddies, I’m all signed up for Crossfit Kids on Aug 30, 31 in Ramona!
    I knew there was a way I could leverage my 17+ years of youth ministry experience into a fitness thing, somehow!
    Check out http://www.crossfitkids.com

  • Stavros

    Did AMRAP 20 Mins of Makimbas

    6 RD’s total, and I was pooped!

  • Mark L.

    Please post tomorrow and let us know you’re not in the hospital with Rhabdo.

  • Dan G.

    Actually Mark, I much prefer “the cream” over “the clear”.

    Wait… that sounds bad, doesn’t it… =( Nevermind.

  • Rodil

    Mark and Dan – you guys are cracking me up. I think the phrase “Too…much…information” comes to mind. 🙂

    I thought the lawsuit over this workout was some kind of joke until I read the legal complaint that was linked at the CrossFit HQ message boards. It’s all fun and games until someone brings the lawyers out.

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Nice work Stav! . . . but please do let us know if you Rhabdo (especially if you 6xRhabdo).


  • clenbuterol.cc

    good good…this post deserves nothing 🙁 …hahaha just joking 😛 …nice post 😛

  • keeshabrad

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