080822 Friday

The pre-WOD procrastination.


5 Rounds

1 minute Row (count Calories)

1 minute push press (115# men, 75# women)

1 minute rest

Post total calories/reps to comments

Push Press instructional video from Nicole Carrol and Annie Sakimoto


Article from Scott Kustes at Modern Forager:

Part 4 What happens to you when you fast: Healing and longevity.

Let’s start with disease. We’ll start with The Big C, cancer, the second-leading cause of death in the United States. All of the studies I found were in rats and mice, but we have to remember that IF is still an emerging science. In our rodent friends, cell proliferation rates are lowered by 25% caloric restriction, but not as much as by Alternate Day Fasting. A report on another study showed that a 5% reduction in calories, but only being fed every other day, also reduced cell proliferation rates.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    The mainpage WOD is Angie, and Josh did it last night! (I don’t think he knew it was the workout).

    His time was 11:something. Beat Darren, our old record holder by 2 minutes.

    We also have a new term for a very fast time: “Sub Darren”.


  • Darren

    I hate Jorgy.

    Did Helen with everyone and there mom today.

    7:47 (tied my PR) GRRRRRRRRRR

    I will get you next time Helen, I guarantee.

  • Mark L.

    Here are the times from the classes I did, yesterday.

    1715 Class
    Hylie 10:48
    Meghan 12:27
    Jamie 13:05
    (her last pullup was kinda sad, but it was the last pullup she had in her) =)
    Tanya 13:26

    1730 Class
    Travidoodle 14:02
    Jenny 14:42

    1800 Class
    Ramon 12:32
    Dan 13:33
    Scott 13:41

    1900 Class
    Matt 13:19 (all dead-hang pullups!)

  • Mark L.

    Oh, and on Travis’ Helen, he did regular pullups each round until he no-rep’d, and finished each with jumping pullups.

    Friday Morning
    0600 Class

    DCF Site WOD
    5 Round Score (PP/ROW=TOTAL)
    Jimmy PP 115# (91/83=174)
    Tom PP 95# (41/112=153)
    Mark PP 135# rd 1-3
    PP 115# rd 4,5 (68/97=165) GO TEAM SHARK!
    Chanda PP 55# (93/55=148) GO TEAM SHARK!
    Donna PP 55# (72/106**=178)

    **interpolated one row score for Donna which was lost.

    Great morning! I’m going to be feeling this one, tomorrow!

  • RUINER@DiabloCrossFit

    BIG FAT MAKIMBA (aka bad idea)

    50# DB push press
    50# DB burpee/c and j
    50# DB squat

    Yeah Craig, I CAN do a lot with 50lbs…thanks jerk.
    The burpee clean and jerks were increadibly draining. Probably my worst idea yet.

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    Rest Day for me today. Looking forward to the brutal WOD on the Main Page for tomorrow.

    Great article on Performance Menu with Greg Everett regarding Oly lifts and training in general. He spoke about the O-lifts and peoples tendency to “max” too quickly and too often. I know I am guilty of skipping over the steps to get these lifts down before I need to worry about a PR/Max. Here’s a quote;
    “The way I look at it is this. You’ve got basically these four components here and the very first one is position. Then you’ve got movement, then you have speed and then you have load.”

    Here’s the link to the article-

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Everyone loved this WOD so much we have nicknamed it “Heads or Tails”.

    Choose to start with either push press or rowing (whichever you think you will do better with). Next time use the other option.

    Evening Results:

    Rhodes (115#) 141
    Rob (#135) 170
    Hardway Bryan (135#) 140
    Anne (65#) 127
    Meg (55#) 127
    Darren (135#) 189!
    Mike (75#) 141
    Carry (75#) 138
    Rodill (75#) 122


  • Craig

    Gonna try this wod today, JJ.

    Too funny Mikey – 50# DB Burpees??? Sick.

    Thanks for the article Stav – great point. My suggestion: speed, speed, speed. And, learn to get deep, deep, deep.