080824 SUNDAY “Jimmy’s 33rd Birthday”


Rhodes uses the keg as a base for his ring push ups (another picture of a keg? – gasp!)

Workout: “Jimmy’s 33rd Birthday” (actually it was on Friday)

Ring push ups with 20 or 40lbs weight vest added.

175lb power cleans

Perform 33 reps of both exercises as fast as possible (mix the order any way desired).

Post time to comments.

Video of Nicole Carrol playing around with ring push ups:



Steroids cause serious skin side effect in 21 year old man

(I do think it is interesting that the 21 year old “man” has been using steroids for a “while”, and as far as muscle mass goes, it doesn’t look like was actually that big. But it is bad news when you mess with your endocrine system. . . also, the pictures are pretty graphic, you have been warned -jj)



Positive thinkers may decrease cancer risk

But the researchers admitted that women were questioned after their diagnosis, which might significantly change their outlook on life.

(I would expect it would change their outlook on life significantly. -jj)

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  • Mark L.

    Happy Birthday Jimmy! I owe you breakfast, Monday for forgetting on Friday.

    This morning I made up a workout since I felt guilty about missing yesterday (wifey and my schedule didn’t quite meet up right).

    10 Rounds of:
    500m Run
    10 Pull-ups
    10 Burpies
    5 Knees to Elbows

    That’s 5K of running, 100 pull-ups, 100 burpies, 50 knees to elbows. 52:54 to complete it. I used my little landscape measuring wheel to measure down the gentle hill for 250m from the pull-up bars for a down and back course.

    This one just kept going and going. I took a 45 second rest after round 6. I will say it was fun doing my skydiver burpies for people on the trail surface as they had to walk around. =)

  • Craig

    I “grew up” in Golds Gym in San Jose – the 80’s & early 90’s. Steroids were rampant. Fortunately, my father, a malpractice (defense) attorney had a Physician’s Desk Reference and let me look up all the drugs and read about them and their side-effects. It scared the crap out of me – nasty stuff. One of the lines I remeber distinctly: “most side effects may not manifest themselves for several years.”

    At Gold’s, my wife and I witnessed several cases of gynocomasia, brutal acne, hair-loss, abnormal joint and brow growth, depression, ‘roid rage, and more. I speculate that some of those ambitious body-builders may have developed more severe problems later in life. Finally, my younger brother’s best friend, a Parade High School All-American football player and Stanford recruit, visited a local Bay Area doctor and was put on a regimine of Steroids to beef him up for college. He developed severe shin splints shortly aftward and could not heal them. It was devastating.

    Bad stuff. Not worth the proported results. Nuf said.

  • Stavros

    Strong showing at the Sunday Noon class, we did the mainsite WOD from a couple days ago.

    800m Run
    21 Shoulder Press (95#/65#)
    800m Run
    21 Push Press (95#/65#)
    800m Run
    21 Push Jerk (95#/65#)

    The class was myself, Rhodes, Anne, Bryan, Dustin, Adam, Ryan, and Hilary.
    The times ranged from around 13-26 minutes, everyone really stepped up. It was the first time doing some of the movements but people looked great!

    Great job everyone.

  • vzhwkj