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Rodill leaves it all out on the table when he completes a workout.


3 rounds –

Thrusters to failure (125lb, 95lb, 65lb)

pull ups (or weighted pull ups) to failure

Rest 3 minutes

The only resting during the set with the thrusters in in the fully locked out position (no resting with the bar at the shoulder). The only resting during the set with the pull ups is hanging on the bar.

Post weights used and totals to comments.

Video: Greg Amundson and Annie Sakamoto demonstrate Thrusters



Bolt is freaky fast, but nowhere near human limits

. . .Despite the success of Mureika’s model, Peter Weyand, a physiologist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas who focuses on the biomechanics of running, said that mathematical models could never predict how fast humans might eventually run.

“Predicting it is fine for the sake of kicks, but it’s not a scientifically valid approach,” Weyand said. “You have to assume that everything that has happened in the past will continue in the future.”

He suggested that it’s impossible for mathematicians to predict the magnitude of the freakiness of athletic talent at the extreme margins of humanity. Bolt, it turns out, is a perfect example.

Weyand, who has conducted research on the body types of the top 45 100-meter sprinters in the last 15 years, said that almost all elite runners conform to the body norms for their race length, except for the most-recent Olympic champion.

“Bolt is an outlier. He’s enormous,” Weyand said. “Typically when you get someone that big, they can’t start.” . .

Post thoughts to comments.


Fitflop or ‘Fit Flop?’ Post what you think to comments.

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  • Bryan Stornetta

    Between Pain Storm on Saturday, 45 miles on the bike Sunday, Murphy Monday and heavy weights yesterday I am the most sore I have ever been. I heart Crossfit!!!

  • Mark L.

    Rest, Bryan. Recovery is the most important part of the fitness cycle (it’s where all the adaptation is implemented).

    0600 was awesome. We did the site WOD, a throw back to Aug. 25, 2004.

    For time:
    30 Handstand push-ups
    40 Pull-ups
    50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
    60 Sit-ups
    70 Burpees

    Stellar performances by all.

    15:56 Mark (Rx)
    18:09 JJ (2 pood because he can)
    19:25 Carry (assisted HSPU, 1 pood)
    20:29 Jimmy G (assisted HSPU, 1.25 pood)
    20:32 TOM (elevated PU, 1 pood)
    21:19 Dan (25 lb dbpress, 1.25 pood)
    22:05 Donna (elevated PU, Grn Bnd PU, 0.75 pood)
    24:35 Dave (elevated PU, 20 JPU, 1.25 pood)

    I heart my 0600 friends.

  • Mark L.

    BTW, Jeremy and I did our handstand pushups using dumbells as handles to assure full depth. It hurts your wrists. I will not try that, again.

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    If someone had told them about Vibram 5 fingers just imagine the time they could have saved.

    The 5 fingers are awesome BTW.

  • Craig

    Nice workout 0600h – tailored for Mark as evidenced by his stout time!

    70 burpees. Yikes.

    I did Luca’s cool workout yesterday:

    5 rnds of 10 reps, bw Bench, DL & Squat at 215: 31:06.
    Had to coach in between sets – but my bench slowed me down anyway.

    Bryan: the tendency on Strength days is to over do it, because we don’t have that exhausted MetCon feeling. You did OH Squats, DLs and Squats. Thats a lot. Take your strength days slowly. No need to feel “exhausted” to get results.

  • Mike Erickson

    Delightfully sore from back of the legs to between my shoulder blades from Luca’s workout yesterday. Don’t know my time but it took up most of the hour. Scaled the squats and benches. Feel great today. Thanks Luca!

  • Louise @ Unlimited

    Austin posted your keg video today. Loved it!!! Thanks for a good giggle!

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Thanks for the heads up Louise!


  • Rodil San Mateo

    JJ – I saw the keg video at the CrossFit Unlimited homepage and posted a comment on their blog. Maybe you can the video posted at the CF HQ Affiliate page? CF One World and their C2 Rower “Fish Tourney” gets a mention there today.

  • Darren

    Nothing like going through hell while at the station.

    For time:
    30 Handstand push-ups
    40 Pull-ups
    50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
    60 Sit-ups
    70 Burpees

    Darren 13:58 HSPU killed

    Captain 16:23 (second Crossfit workout) 14 pull ups had to stop because of tennins elbow, 30 lbs db swings, grinded through the burpees

  • Mark L.

    I will get you Darren. =)

  • Darren

    I think not.

    The whole time all I was thinking is no way that old man is going to beat me……

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Mainsite WOD at my new station today,

    14:01 as RX’d

  • Mark L.

    Damn you too, Stavros!
    This old man still has life left in him! =)

  • Craig

    Old men unite, Mark. It’s sly little comments like Darren’s above that keep me coming back to the Shed with intensity.

    I’m wondering what D’s HSPUs looked like? Hmm. I know Mark touched head to floor with hands on dumbells.

  • Darren

    I did every HSPU RX. Most were done kipping but still very hard for a tall guy with long arms.

    Some others might be good at HSPU because of shorter arms?

  • Mark L.

    I like some friendly competition from the young and wild, though it made for some broken bones in my last few years of youth ministry (3 in 2 years–including a rib while playing broom ball on the ice).

    My head went 1/2″ past where my hands were, but I’m guessing the HSPUs are easier for me because I weigh about 160 and can strict press more than that. That is, it’s the power to weight ratio (just like in drag racing). My pullups will come, too. Just need to work on squats and deadlifts (if I live that long).

    I’m sure burpies are easier for me due to the height thing, though. Falling straight to my hands from my 5’6″ is probably a lot easier on me than falling from 6′ plus. Darren’s got the best burpies of a tall guy that I’ve ever seen, though. I watched his games performance with those deadlifts mixed in a bunch of times. I was flabbergasted.

    I’m thinking a 100 burpies for time challenge is in order!! Or maybe we should redo this workout with the pullups, swings and situps removed. That ought to teach these young whipper-snappers a lesson in humility! =)

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Look at the white board…enough said.

  • Carry

    Too much testosterone going on here… 🙂
    How about Donna doing all her burpies on her toes? About a week ago she did more than 1/2 of her push-ups on her knees! How about her husband Dave…grinding out those last 15 burpies? Thought he wasn’t gonna make it….but he did.

  • Mark L.

    We’re just messing around. Sorry, ladies!