080829 FRIDAY


Hardway Bryan, Carry, and Rhodes throwing some DCF horns while wearing their 20lb weight vests before Murph.

(and below is Carry completing “Murph” as prescribed – all 100 pull ups and push ups with the 20lb weight vest on – not to mention the 2 miles of running and 300 squats).



4 rounds-

Row 500m

3 minute rest

Post times to comments.

Rowing Technique Video:



Largest food festival in American History is coming to San Francisco this weekend:

“Slow Food Nation celebrates good, clean and fair food”

“The majority of Slow Food Nation events will be held in two locations— San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza and Fort Mason Center. For those on a budget, Civic Center Plaza is the place to go. In the center of the plaza is the Victory Garden, a beautifully designed edible art project that serves as the anchor for a bustling marketplace of sustainable food vendors. Throughout the weekend, a free stage will feature a variety of dance, music, poetry, and theatre performances.

But the heart of the Slow Food Nation weekend will be found several blocks away, at Fort Mason Center, home to 15 Taste Pavilions. A collection of food demonstration and tasting centers, the Taste Pavilions will showcase a wide range of American food and drink — from heirloom hams to handmade ice cream. Admission is $65 for adults ($45 for 21 and under) for a four-hour lunch or dinner tasting experience.”


Article from Mary Rigney at CrossFit Rockwall:

“Consistency is possibly the most important part of an exercise program. Even if you use the best exercise program in existence (i.e. CrossFit) and give 100% effort when you work out, if you’re only doing it once a month it will have little effect on your overall health and fitness. Additionally, you must have consistency before intensity. If you are not consistent enough to get to the point where you can add intensity, you are really missing out on results…”

Read more here: http://crossfitrockwall.typepad.com/crossfit_rockwall/consistency.html

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  • Darren

    I am showing up at the 6 am class for a little nastiness

    “Nasty Girls”

    3 rounds for time of:
    50 Squats
    7 Muscle-ups
    135 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps

  • Rodil San Mateo

    JJ – Today’s pictures rock! You gotta send the top one (with the horns) to CF HQ for the Affiliate Page with that caption and their Rx’d (with the 20 lb vest) times.

    I just scrolled back and saw everyone’s time for Murph last Tuesday. Great work everyone!

    If anyone ever doubts that CrossFit produces phenomenal performance, describe this WOD and show them these athletes’ times as well as the other Murph times on the DCF wall.

    I wonder what percentage of this month’s Olympic athletes could complete this WOD as Rx’d (with the weight vest)?

  • Danny P

    Great job on the Rx’d Murph guys, I was in awe. I only did the half and I was walking for probably more than half of the last run. I think maybe I should make the Rx’d Murph one of my goals for this year because the 1/2 Murph was a little rough.

  • Moises G.

    Hey Diablo Family I finish my Defensive Tactics Instructor School with the FBI today. It was the best law enforcement training I have ever received. My body is battered and bruised!!! I miss you guys and I cannot wait to start training again with my folks. See you guys next week, have a great weekend.

  • Mark L.

    I’ll be out for several days at the cert, but I wanted to throw a shout out to my buddy Eric Carpenter who I brought to The Shed, yesterday, for his newbie (in the 100F temps). Both he and I are closing on 40, and we’ve both lost quite a bit of weight this year as we’re leaning into the tape.
    I’ve been plugging Crossfit regularly at our UFC event meetings at his house this past year, and he’s followed my progression from fan to fanatic. Eric is intrigued by our comprehensive view of fitness. This is a “lifestyle move” for him.
    Anyway, Eric pulled a 5:55, and he had to have some “alone time” while he got himself together. This is a guy who was no stranger to 90 minute gym visits, and who competed in college football (he’s 6’5″ and ~235, now) and also Muay Thai for a while, recently.
    Stav made an interesting comment while Eric was recovering. “I spent lots of time in gyms in the past, but when I did that first Newbie, I thought, ‘none of THAT ever made me feel like THIS! Hmmm… That’s when it started to click.'”
    I’m looking forward to bringing THIS aspect of my life into this friendship. How cool is it when we can share this with people we love who’ve never been to this place!?
    Also, you’ll note our cool giant red LED stopwatch above the ranking board, a free gift to DCF from Dave (and Donna), our new biggest fans. It even has a remote! Thanks Dave!
    See y’all next week. Have a great Labor Day!

  • Darren


    Nasty Girls

    Darren 14:22 RX’ed

    Miseed 1 muscle up 2nd round and 4 muscle ups 3rd. So slowed my time Down quite a bit.

    4 other showed up this AM, but I will let them tell of there heroic efforts at an ungodly hour.

    With that being said.


    We also used the New Clock Dave and Donna donated. Probably the best addition to the shed since the Water Cooler….

  • Dan G.

    Just saw a guy post a comment on a message board that his trainer had him do a “crossfit” workout yesterday. So I asked him which crossfit gym he goes to and he replies “It was my trainer at the 24 Hour Fitness down the street.”


  • Dan G.

    By the way, I had to skip out on the 0600 class this morning because I had to go in to work early. I’ll be there tonight at 1800 in the baking heat.

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    I agree with D-Roe. Clock is frick’n awesome!

    “Nasty Girls” this morning. . . 155lb HPCs (because I am good at them).


    4th workout in a row. I wanted to rest but Darren told me that I would be a sissy if I didn’t do this workout (because it was practically made for me).


  • Mike Erickson

    Carry, Murph as Rx’d!!? Are there any other CF women who have accomplished this? Awesome. Great pictures.

  • Jason Khalipa

    Carry that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whats up Diablo, I have to come by soon, or feel free to stop by Santa Clara anytime.

  • Craig

    Wow, Carry, props from JK at CFU! Holy schnikees, thats as good as it gets.

    Had to say, I didn’t believe jj when he told me. I am blown away. Nice work to you, Bryan and Rhodes.

  • Craig

    Wait – Jason’s got his own affiliate: CF Santa Clara!

    Thanks, Jason. We’ll add you to our “Friends of DCF”. And we will come by.

  • Mountain

    Wow, Nasty Girls was awesome. It just keeps getting better.

    Run to the shed (~3 miles): 24:00

    Nasty Girls: 21:58. Subbed 21 pu+21 dips for the muscle-ups. Subbed 95# HPC. Had the honor of finishing last. I don’t remember everyone’s times, but I think we all clustered around 20 minutes. I also tore a callus for the first time– no bleeding, just a raw spot. Did the last set of cleans with a towel between my right hand and the bar to avoid further damage. It worked.

    Run home (~3 miles): 22:42

  • Jasmine

    Sure felt like a nasty girl this morning…the last week of workouts have really been tough! Our girls class is rockin’ out in the AM and growing fast.Everyone puts up a good challenge and pushes hard. Mountain is a gentleman and a running machine!
    It was especially fun to have our friend Christine in today for the newbie. She rocked it at 6:50. great job Chris!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I’m at work for a 72. It took me about 30 minutes to clean the dirt and grime off of the Schwinn WindRigger rowing machine that was stashed outside on the patio of the station for who knows how long. Once I got it clean enough to use, and the batteries in the computer replaced, I did todays DCF WOD.

    DCF Newbie for warm up-

    4 rounds-

    Row 500m
    3 minute rest

    1st- 1:45 50~ strokes
    2nd- 1:46 49 strokes
    3rd- 1:46 47 strokes
    4th- 1:47 49 strokes

    I’m not sure how this rower compares to the C2’s, in terms of measurements, times, distance, etc. Seemed pretty close, I think my times would be fairly close on the ones at the Shed, maybe a little faster. All in all, it’s nice to have a rower at my new station, even though I hate rowing.

  • Bob Wills

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