080831 SUNDAY “FGB Fundraiser team website is up!”


Jasmine nailed her first kipping pull up last week (you can see by the expression on her face that it took a lot of concentration).


Perform 1 thruster the first minute, 2 thrusters the second minute, 3 thrusters the third minute and so on until you can no longer complete the number of thrusters in the allotted minute.

advanced: 135lb, intermediate: 95lb, beginner: 65lbs

Post load used and number of rounds completed to comments.



Blackberries slow cancer by altering hundreds of genes

The carcinogen affected the activity of some 2,200 genes in the animals’ esophagus in only one week, but 460 of those genes were restored to normal activity in animals that consumed freeze-dried black raspberry powder as part of their diet during the exposure.

Post thoughts to comments.



Below is a link to the Diablo CrossFit Fight Gone Bad Team web page. People wishing to participate at The Shed should register on the ‘Athletes for a Cure’ website and sign up for the DCF team.

Athletes for a Cure Website for Diablo CrossFit Link

Do it right away so you can invite lots of your friends and family to contribute to the cause. Spectators for the fundraiser are encouraged and there will be prizes and food as well as the event itself.

Make sure you mark your calendar on Saturday, September 27th!

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Dude, thats my wife! It’s a pretty awesome day when your wife is the cover shot for a Crossfit gym. Great job Jaz, you really are doing an awesome job.

    Craig, STELLAR time on Isabel. Wow, thats really flying.

    I did a non-RX’d “Nasty Girls” tonight at work, after a WAY too huge helping of chicken enchiladas. I subbed 28 pull-ups for every 7 MU’s.


  • sarah

    Jasmine K. ROCKS!!

  • Craig

    Killer, Jaz! Donna is next – she’s got the gumption and technique is almost there.

    Big difference in my lifestyle that has led to a performance improvement?:


    I’m getting 8 hours a night more consistently. I’m taking a little melatonin – I think its working.

  • Mike Erickson

    Great picture! I love that “I’m gonna KILL these pull-ups” look.

    Craig, love the extra equipment at the shed. Did I read you’re planning a fourth rower?

    Question: Is losing your temper and yelling at people a sign of overtraining?

  • Jasmine Kalogirou

    My first official pull up.. right after pain storm nonetheless! In my wildest dreams I never thought I could do this, or that I would want to 😉

    I waited a long time to come in to the gym thinking that I would only be discouraged in my lack of ability and fitness. Turns out that every time I come I am more and more encouraged and amazed by what my body is able to do. Thanks for all of the encouragement and excitement along the way. You guys all believed for me before I could believe for myself. Community goes a long way in this life 🙂

  • Darren


    30 snatch 135 for time.

    Darren 4:22
    Rick 4:29

    Then we did Annie

    Rick 8:01
    Darren 8:45

    Everyone else did Running/ Rowing Annie
    50/50 Double Unders, sit ups
    run 400
    40/40 Double Unders, sit ups
    Row 500
    30/30 Double Unders, sit ups
    Run 400
    20/20 Double Unders, sit ups
    row 500
    10/10 Double Unders, sit ups
    for time.

  • Darren

    We did Power snatches, I didn’t know Craig did full squat snatches. Good job, but no longer the DCF Record.

  • Craig

    D&R: You couldn’t let me have the board for one day??

    But, I think Isabel is full snatch – floor to o/h.

    It says “30 Snatch for time” and “Snatch” is not a power snatch.

    Time stands….for now.

  • Darren

    Grace says 30 Clean and Jerks for time. But if you watch every video out they are not squat cleans, there are doing power cleans. Floor to overhead.

    Power is to the standing position form the ground with slight to no knee bend

    Hang is from the hanging position to squat.

    Hang power is from hang position to slight to no knee bend.

    So I am pretty sure Isabel is a floor to overhead position. ie power snatch or full snatch, up to the Crossfitter. Power snatch is a more efficient movement, but you need quite a bit of explosion to get the Bar that high, especially with 135 lbs on the bar.

  • Craig

    Damn. Bastards.

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    My opinion:

    There are two types of Isabel, “full squat” and “power version”.

    They are related but not directly comparable. FWIW I believe the “power version” is the sissy version.

    Craig’s time stands. Do the squat version, sissies.


  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Also –

    Donna got her first pull up this morning! Good call Craig.

    Sleep – I have lost more than 10 lbs of fat from getting enough sleep. I can also recommend melatonin in the ‘sublingual’ form. I got it at Whole Foods for about $13. It is a dropper you put under your tongue. I find it much better than the pills because I don’t get a melatonin “hang over” because the pills haven’t been completely dissolved the next morning.


  • Darren

    Well Craig, do the power version and I will do the “Real version”