080901 MONDAY – Happy Labor Day



From left to right: Brian Nesmith, Jeremy Jones, Jax Jones (being held), and the great Dan John at the 2008 Highland Games in Pleasanton.

Dan imparting some wisdom upon Jax and I:


And this is me enjoying some Haggis:


Workout: “Manual Labor”

Perform as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:

100m Farmer Carry (45lb dumbbells for men, 25lb dbs for women)

20 Sledge Hammer swings (16lb sledge for men, 10lb sledge for women)

20 Virtual Shoveling over 1′ barrier (45lb bar +45lb plate for men, 25lb plate for women)

50m tire flip (men – large tire, women – smaller tire)

50m sled drag (tire sled on asphalt, men – 53lb, women – 35lb)

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.



Children in Great Britain are rewarded at Fitness Camp.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Mark L.

    Nice farmer tan, JJ! 🙂

    I’ll be posting the download from the Crossfit Kids cert in the next couple days. What an amazing program they have down at Crossfit Brand X. Interestingly, Jeff and Mikki Martin didn’t take their gym full time until the last year or so, and it was simply to accommodate the kids program.
    All their martial arts classes and adult Crossfit classes didn’t warrant the full time aspect of the gym… and don’t forget that Brand X was one of the first 3 Crossfit gyms in Cali!
    Crossfit Kids is great!
    Most of my hangtime was spent with Bill and Kallista Pappas. Kallista was taking the class to help her with her gymnastic coaching. She just started teaching some very young kids gynmastics a few weeks ago. She was SO excited to get her first paycheck (in her life) last week!
    Again, more to come.

  • Brian Nesmith

    Please note that Dan is big. We are small. Those shoulders are thick up close. Dan was fairly light compared to the competition. We felt very small that day. We got to watch him set a new field record ‘putting the stone.’ He won a mess of stuff.

    A sampling of imparted wisdom Dan gave me: work up to 100 lbs. dumbell farmers walk. That’s walking around carrying 200 lbs. About the highest return exercise you can do. Your done in five minutes and you spend the rest of your time recovering.

    Dan is from South San Francisco originally but has spent most of his time in Utah and is a Coach of Olympic Weightlifting and throwing sports. If you haven’t been reading his valuable training knowledge, go to danjohn.org and nose around. You’ll likely get hooked on the hundreds of pages of free, refreshingly useful and down to earth advice there.

    JJ/Jamie/Jax, a beautiful family! Thanks for coming!

  • Craig

    Huge turnout today prompted us to add a 2nd Saturday class!

    See our new schedule – class times have changed. Two classes on Saturday! Plus Oly techniques.

  • Craig

    Brian – ! great to see you on our site again. Glad you came down for the open house – thank you very much for the awesome beer that you left behind!!

    Dan John is a cool dude. Read his stuff.

  • Rodil San Mateo

    JJ – Is haggis Zone-friendly? 🙂

    I recommend Dan John’s e-book “From The Ground Up” on his website. Lots of good lifting instruction and helpful pictures. If anyone’s interested in listening to a Dan John interview from CrossFit Live (now shut down, unfortunately) let me know and I’ll leave a CD copy at The Shed. (The mp3 file is too big to email).

    Mark – Looking forward to see what you learned at the CF Kids Cert.

    The new schedule looks great! The 10 AM Saturday class is going to be a lot more convenient for me. I think I’m going to give Sarah’s class a try on Wednesdays. Weekday afternoon classes are a lot more difficult for me now that my kids are back in school.

    Does anyone know a local source for bumper plates? I’m looking to start with a pair of 15 lbs bumpers, then ordering a set later.

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Rodill, from wikipedia:

    “. . .following ingredients: sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally boiled in the animal’s stomach for approximately three hours.”

    Seems pretty ‘zone’ to me. I do know I need to eat more organ meats anyway.

    As for bumpers. I am not sure where you can get them locally. The last place I saw them was in Sacramento.


  • Mountain

    Hello, DCF family. Jasmine, congrats on the first of many pullups. Jeremy, congrats on the farmer walk & the farmer tan.

    After spending the weekend resting at a friend’s cabin at Lake Arrowhead, I thought today would be a good day to catch up on Saturday’s mainpage WOD (4 x 400m, with 2 mins rest between each run). Last time this WOD came up, I ran it strategically, trying to keep my splits as even as possible. I ended up running 70, 69, 71, 71– for a total time of 4:41.

    This time, I decided to run it as though each 400m were my last. And here’s what happened:

    63.59 (new PR– never run under 64 before)
    66.91 (slowing down against my will)
    70.62 (slowing down even more)
    75.23 (total time of 4:36.35– 5 seconds faster than last time)

    Afterwards, I spent a long time sprawled out on the turf, hoping not to pass out in public. This one hurt so much more than the last one, but was so worth it. Hopefully, I can make up Sunday’s WOD tomorrow, ’cause there’s no way I’m doing it tonight.

  • Mark L.

    Mountain… I like that you mixed up your repeats in a different way this time. There’s two ways to do workouts. Pace yourself for overall time, and go all out in each moment. Personally, I try to do the second. I think if you’re going for the “training effect” instead of the PR, going all out is the way to go.
    Because you were able to PR by going all out, that you’ve likely improved your overall fitness pretty significantly (the single split PR is definite evidence of that, too).
    I’d be willing to bet that if you paced at 67-68 seconds per quarter, you could probably PR again by Wednesday when you’re mostly recovered. 😎
    I always found it strange that doing things like pullups and kettlebell swings could improve my 5K time, but it’s happening!

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Labor Day WOD Results:

    Unfortunately the Monday Labor Day group class grinder got erased before I could get a copy of it, but I did get the results:

    Tom G-28:23
    Jenny V.-34:00
    Shane- 34:09
    Jenny P-39:54
    Danny- 37:58*

    * = DNF

    “Trainer’s Crazy WOD”

    10 “Khalipas” (Squat clean + thruster) 135lbs
    15 30 inch box jumps
    20 ring dips with 15lbs added

    Stavros-11:54 (used 20lb weight vest for dips!)
    Jimmy-15:08 (two rounds of 20 box jumps!)