080903 WEDNESDAY “Nicole”

+++No Muay Thai This Thursday!+++


Our very on Mark Lind just got back from the CrossFit Kids Certification run by Mikki and Jeff Martin (left and center spots).



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

Run 400m

Max reps pull ups

Post number of pull ups each round to comments.

CrossFit explaining the kipping pull up Video:



Taking the stairs may prolong life

Banning the use of lifts and escalators led to better fitness, less body fat, trimmer waistlines and a drop in blood pressure, a study of 69 people found.

This translates to a 15% cut in the risk of dying prematurely from any cause, calculate the University of Geneva team.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Rodil San Mateo

    5 x 5 deadlift this morning. My first day on the Max Effort Black Box (MEBB)/CrossFit schedule Luca and I put together last week.

    45 lbs warmup
    135, 155, 185, 205, 215

    First work set felt shaky. Next time I’ll do another warmup set at 95 lbs.

    I’ll see Sarah and her crew tomorrow morning.

  • Mountain

    Caught up on Sunday’s WOD (7 x 1 weighted pullups):


    I’d never done weighted pullups before, and was delightfully surprised by the weights.

    Also did today’s push jerks (5 sets of 3):

    95-115-125-125-125 (only got 2x on that last one)

    Again, stoked with the weights. Gotta work on my push jerk form, though, since they were pretty much just glorified push presses. Guess I need to make it to the Oly lifting class one of these days.

  • Mark L.

    We had a great time last night baptizing people into Fight Gone Bad, last night. I think almost everyone was trying it for the first time, except the vets like Anne, Travis and Dustin. We had at least 20 people “get some!” I was a little bummed since I did not break 300, again (I went, myself, after Josh took the reigns later in the evening). I did get one more point on the radar that might make 300 a possibility come our FGB fundraiser on September 27th. People have also been good about logging their efforts in the little performance log box.
    I did learn from experience that one person trying to track 4 to 6 people’s scores was not a good plan and the whole partner thing is way more useful than just having a personal cheerleader, strategist and rep counter (especially with the time bound nature of the WOD).
    ALSO, stay tuned for the full download for the Crossfit Kids cert which I will post later today. I already had one kid come up to me, personally, last night, and let me know that I had better be including her when we finally launched it. Buzz factor among clients with kids seems to be a 9 or 10 right now! My personal dial actually goes to 11.
    Keep in mind that Mikki and Jeff (pictured above) of Crossfit Brand X (one of the first 3 Crossfit gyms in existence) didn’t go full time until their kids program got into full swing. They do almost all family memberships, and have a great reputation.
    We do have some business items we need to get sorted out (insurance for one), but this might really blast DCF into the stratosphere.
    It goes without mention that Jeremy’s full time efforts are paying huge dividends in the area of member retention and full buy-in from new clients. Last night was a great indicator of that.

    Tarnation, Ma! Someone done went and lit the fuse on this powder keg! =)

  • Luca Z.

    Rodil from 45# to 135# was a big jump, I would definitely add a 95# in there, let me know how it goes and I’ll see you on Thursday

  • Bryan Stornetta

    Good workout today…Got to watch my wife do 64 kipping pull ups during NICOLE. That was awesome!

  • Craig

    Nice Shannon! 64 pull ups – did you ever think?

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit