080904 THURSDAY “FGB III Details”


We had a great turnout for our Labor Day class. Results are posted on Monday’s post. Nice work everyone.

Workout: “The Exercise” (inspired by Coach Dan John)

Hang Power Snatch, Overhead Squat


Work up to your 5 rep max

Post loads to comments.

Sage Burgener demonstrates some Power Snatches:


Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser Details below. . .


Diablo CrossFit Team Website (click here)

Copied directly from the the Fight Gone Bad III website, you can find out rules, weights, scaling, how to get a shirt, and how to win our gym $2500 in equipment!

Also, here is the

Athletes for Cure Donation Printable PDF Form for people to use for their family and friends who don’t know what the ‘interweb’ is.

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  • Craig

    The video is a Velocity commercial.

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Craig is right. The first video was pretty lame. I realized that it literally had more advertising than actual information.

    I booted it for a better one.


  • Mark L.

    So, here’s the skinny on the cert. I’m going to try to keep this short as possible, since this is a blog comment, so if you want more details, feel free to click the link to my e-mail at bottom, and I’d be glad to expound.
    The bulk of the cert had to do with how to teach kids, both generally, and specifically the crossfit movements. The secondary part of the cert had to do with programming, and the last part was about the personality type of trainers (which, unfortunately, is not learned as much as pre-existing), and child psychology and physiology.
    We learned “cues” in teaching movements that have been tested and proven such as the “Angry Gorilla”, “Zip Up”, “Line up Feed With Thumbs”. As one of the trainers said, “we’ve thrown out more cues than we’ve kept over the years”. These are proven methods with safety at the heart of it. They WORK, and are safe!
    We were able to sample and test several “classes” which went on while we observed and participated. I was amazed at how the jazzed the kids were about learning lifts with PVC (Squat, Push Press, Push Jerk, etc.)… but what they really loved were the games and relays!
    We spent some time, also, talking about growth spirts, child psychology, parents and the new standards for weightlifting for kids (now deemed completely safe, “Pediatrics” Vol 21, No. 4, Apr 2008). That “growth plate issue” was finally debunked for good.
    The session was capped with an FBI child crimes forensic guy who was there to scare the bejezus out of everyone. All of us had background checks as part of the cert, and this talk showed us exactly why…
    That’s it. E-mail for more info!

  • Carry

    So glad you got your kids cert. I think all of us with kids would love to get our families more involved with Crossfit. Can’t wait till you can get started!

  • Mark L.

    (MINI-metcon + skill/strength work)
    5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm

    Warm-up (finish by X:40pm)

    MINI-metcon (capped at 12 mins)
    3 rounds for time
    200m run
    5 Pull Ups
    5 Push Ups
    5 Dumbbell Thrusters (35 men, 20 ladies)

    Skill/Strength Work
    Deadlifts with PVC Pipe Demo

    Deadlifts (stretch those hammies!)
    3, 3, 3, 3, 3
    (start light, increase as you progress, note weights used in your performance log)

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    1600 Workout at the Shed;

    Hang Power Snatch(5X5)-

    75-95-115-135(new PR)-155(failed)

    Craig helped with some form. Felt like I improved a lot on this lift, but obviously still need work. Ran out of time for the OHS.