080905 FRIDAY


Steve from CrossFit Marina (in Huntington Beach) made sure our Luca had a good time on Labor day (and what Luca is looking at, we can only guess).


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

10 Handstand push ups (or modified versions if needed)

30 box jumps (20 inch box)

Post number of rounds to comments.



Exercise helps with memory function

Some volunteers were asked to complete three 50-minute sessions a week of moderate physical activity, such as walking, for 24 weeks. Others were not asked to increase their exercise levels.

At the end of the study, the people in the exercise group achieved better scores in tests of their cognitive function, and lower scores in tests to determine signs of dementia.

Follow-up showed that the benefits persisted for at least another 12 months after the exercise programme was stopped.


Fasting Articles from Scott Kustes at Modern Forager

What happens to your body when you fast Part 5 – Exercising and Rest

What happens to your body when you fast – Q and A

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  • Craig

    I love that hspu with the bands! Great idea. Frankly I think thats a better way go than trying to frantically kip a hspu.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Great find on the IF stuff Jeremy!

    I will read through and comment later, but on a personal note. On Wednesday I was in the middle of a fast, well, actually at the tail end of a 18 hour fast. The bells went off, and we had a working structure fire. It was 95 degrees outside, we were in full gear, and working hard. I hadn’t eaten since 6pm the night before and it was 1100 hrs. I was again amazed at how I felt during such rigorous activity. Our bodies are amazing machines! Viva la fast!

  • Josh Neil

    Great way to start a Friday.

  • Darren

    I love that JJ posted the assisted HSPU video. I was trying them the other day when I saw the video. and everyone at the shed was saying “what is this idiot doing. get those bands off your shoulders”.

  • Mark L.

    Hi Josh! Great work this morning!

    9/5 1730, 1830 and 1930 classes
    We did a mini-metcon that lasted about 4 to 7 minutes, then we moved onto deadlifts (3, 3, 3, 3, 3).
    Rhodes PR’d at 325, and Hardway Brian PR’d at 385. T.Va (Tony) also pulled a 365.
    Meg had to keep adding weight to the bar, and was surprised by her own abilities. Everyone logged it.

    9/6 0600
    AMRAP 20 Mins (count rounds)
    [10 HSPU
    30 Box Jumps]

    Alan 5 1/4 rounds (elevated HSPU)
    Nancy 5 3/4 rounds (25lb/15lb db)
    Dave 6 rounds (elevated)
    Dan 7 rounds (45lb db/elevated)
    Josh 6 rounds (35lb db)
    Jorgy 6 rounds (30″ box)
    JJ 4 3/4 rounds (30″ box)
    Mark 7 rounds + 5 extra HSPU (no kip, plate on top of box)

  • Craig

    Can’t believe how many people are rallying at 06:00h. Glad to see you back JoshN. Nice work, Mark. 75 HSPUs is impressive.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    DCF WOD today at work. I’m starting a 72, be back at the Shed on Monday. On a cool note, I have been trying to figure out what to do box jumps on at the station, and found out that our hose rack(where we dry out hose thats been washed) is 24″ high and sturdy enough to be jumped on.

    AMRAP 20 mins.

    10 HSPU (as RX’d)
    30 box jumps (24″)

    8.5 RD’s as RX’d

  • Darren

    Second rest day in a row.

    Going to Cert. this weekend at One World. Been resting as much as possible so I can represent DCF to the best of my abilities.

    Check the main site in a couple days to see me throwning up the HORNS.

  • CraigH-Diablo CrossFit

    Nail it D! Enjoy. Props & hellos to Freddy, Jolie and One World Crew.

  • lucaz.

    I just finished my wod and I was still spaced from it. Steve and Denise are great people and I hope to visit them again soon

  • artburro

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