080909 TUESDAY “Rowing with the girls”


Abby Kalogirou (bottom) shows Paula and Christine good rower form.


(for those of you who missed it)

“Rowing With The Girls”

Row 500m with “Fran”

21 Thrusters 95

21 Pull Ups

Rest 1 min

Row 500m with “Helen”

21 KB Swings (1.5p)

12 Pull Ups

Rest 1 min

Row 500m with “Nancy”

15 Overhead Squats 95

9 Pull ups

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Exercise blunts ‘fat gene effect’

They found that while the expected link between the number of copies of FTO carried and increased body mass index could be seen in less active volunteers, that link was broken once in those who recorded high levels of activity – equivalent to three to four hours of moderately intensive activity.

Dr Soren Snitker, who led the research, said: “Our results strongly suggest that the increased risk of obesity due to genetic susceptibility can be blunted through physical activity.

“Some of the genes shown to cause obesity in our modern environment may not have had this effect a few centuries ago when most people’s lives were similar to that of present-day Amish farmers.”

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Many of you have commented that they would love to experience some extra gymnastics work. Now is your chance.

Andres “Tortuga” De La Rosa from Crossfit Marin is running a ‘workshop’ in our area. Read his comments for info:

I will be hosting/coaching a Gymnastics and Parkour Seminar on Sunday, September 21st from 5:30pm-8:30pm with an optional “skill request session” from 8:30pm-9pm at Gymtowne Gymnastics in San Bruno, California. The skill levels of gymnastics will range from complete and utter noobies, to intermediate athletes (a “noob” is considered a level or two below a “rookie” and has perhaps never done a roll in his/her life- so no excuses!). I will have several guest coaches in attendance, including CrossFit Marin’s Roger Harrell, the gymnastics writer for CrossFit, and Russell Bruel, our resident “Kinesthetic Freak”.

Attendance will be limited to 32 athletes, as we wish to have a coach to student ratio equal to or better than 1:8. There will be three or four head coaches and a couple of junior coaches. Among the events covered will be floor (basic gymnastics positions, skills, and tumbling), pommel horse (mainly swinging elements and leg cuts), beam(basic jumps, mounts, & balance drills), bars and rings (swings, glide-kips, back-hip circles, strength moves), parallel bars (swings, walks, kips, etc), vault (run, hurdle, squat-ons, handsprings), and basic parkour (shoulder rolls, side/speed/Kong vaults).

Gymtowne Gymnastics features approximately 9,300sq ft of space and gymnastics equipment, including but not limited to a full size gymnastics floor, vault runway, 5 beams, 2 ring towers, 3 uneven bars, 2 High bars, 3 sets of parallel bars, and a couple of pommel horses. Attached are a few images from the first official CrossFit Gymnastics certification coached by Roger Harrell at Gymtowne in March 2008, illustrating some of the equipment available and skills to be covered.

Please email us if you are a regular and we might be able to broker a deal for a cheaper rate (the cost is $100 if you are not from an affiliate). Do it right away otherwise we may not be able to help you out. -jj

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  • Mary

    Rowing with the girls, awesome! A major metcon beast & at my gym, a flight of stairs between the rower & weights!

  • sarah

    Awesome pic!! I wanna be just like Abby!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Thats my little girl! Yesterday during the 1730 class, she was in the middle with a PVC pipe doing “squats and dips” (those are her words exactly). Then the group went on a warm up run and she took off running as well. She was broken-hearted when I told her she had to come back. To make it up to her, Daddy and Abby went on a 200m run together. When we got home, she said she wanted “running shoes like Meg, and gym pants”.

    Today is her first day of pre-school (she’s there right now). I am beyond excited that my daughter, who is barely 3 years old, feels SO comfortable in a gym and already knows what a squat, a dip, how to row, and run. It took me 32 years to figure this stuff out. Viva Crossfit!

    Darren, Craig, and myself did this solid WOD yesterday at 1600, here’s the repost with correct times;

    Stavros- 13:08
    Darren- 13:18
    Craig- 14:13

  • Darren

    I heart DCF. In case anyone was wondering.

    Community thats is developing is an amazing thing. Being there when Abby was born now she is a Rowing master and will soon be dominating Pre-school for time.

    Love it

  • Bryan Stornetta

    3 rounds of “Heavy” FGB this am and I am done for the day. Thanks for a great class Luca.

  • Carry

    Bryan, you forgot about the Turkish sit ups with 1/4 of your body weight! He always has something to throw in at the end. Thanks Luca 🙂

  • luca z.

    Watching you guys sweat it out is always a pleasure, just trying to keep it interesting, hope to see you all on Thursday

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Did “Grace” at 1600

    135lb Clean and Jerk, 30 reps for time.


    a PR by about 1:30, felt way better, and much less tired. I think sub 3min is within reach for me.