080916 TUESDAY


Everyone should come to at least one sunrise class (you might like it).


“Fight Gone to Failure”

2 rounds, counting total reps

1. Wall-ball, 8 ft target (Reps) to failure

rest 1 minute

2. Deadlift high-pull (Reps) to failure

rest 1 minute

3. Box jump (Reps) to failure

rest 1 minute

4. Push-press (Reps) to failure

rest 1 minute

5. Row (Calories) to failure

rest 1 minute

“To failure” for all the rep counting movements (everything except the row) basically means that if you have to rest for more than 3 seconds, the set is done. For the row you have to maintain a sub 1:45 minute 500m pace (look at the “/500” meter number) or less. When the “/500m” pace goes over 1:45 you are done. Look at total calories accrued at that pace.

Post total reps to comments.


Article from ‘The Fitness Spotlight‘:

Intermittent Fasting for Neurotic Athletes

Athletes are a persnickety, dogmatic bunch; we’re open to change in so long as it fits the narrowly constructed worldview that we perceive has brought us success. Be it training, diet, or mental preparation, we tend to bend ideas to fit into “our” box. So understand when I tell you that the idea of intermittent fasting (IF), while good in theory, didn’t quite fit into my athletic worldview. I was a skinny kid growing up and had worked hard for every pound of weight I had gained by eating large and often. I cared about being big and strong, not about longevity and gene expression! I was curious but had the nagging feeling that I’d lose all the muscle I had worked to gain. . .

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  • Mark L.

    As you can see, in the morning class, we actually do kettlebell swings WITH THE SUN!
    That’s 1.24X10^29 pood for those math geeks out there.
    I am missing my morning wake up on my break from workouts this week. The first hour at my desk is half normal speed without the 6AM metabolic conditioning shot to my dome.

  • Darren


    Do we need this at our gym?
    I might get a six pack.

  • J Jones

    1.24 x 10^29 pood.

    That’s hilarious.


  • Darren


    Maybe this one. I need a good bicep blaster.

  • Mark L.

    (actual mass of the sun used in calculation)

    Darren, here’s an important accessory that goes well with the biceps blaster.


  • Craig

    Funny reading this morning guys.

    For anyone annoyed by the lack of active links in our blog posts – links are not activated to eliminate junk posts, a major problem last year. You have to cut and paste.

    I confess to using the arm blaster in my bodybuilding days.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Worked out at 0630 this morning at the station;

    3 RD’s

    500m Row

    18:49 as RX’d

    The HSPU’s killed after all the cleans I did this week. All in all, hard workout to do by myself.

  • sakura

    Craig (or anyone else who wants to chime in) –

    I’m taking a Nutrition class this semester and I’m comparing different “diets” and supplements for a discussion. I was wondering if you have tried the Anabolic Diet and if so, what is your opinion on it. Also, do you recommend supps like Fish Oil, EPA’s, whey protein, etc.

    Also, what is your view on today’s USDA food pyramid?

    Thanks, guys!!


  • J Jones

    Sakura, I tried the anabolic diet for a few months. 90% protein and fat during the week, 10% or less carbs. Weekends, the opposite.

    I felt okay until I went to do a CrossFit metcon. Then I would burn out early. I could still finish, and finish okay. But my performances definitely went down. Just not enough carbs to fuel high intensity metcons I guess. I am back to the athlete’s zone with IF a few days a week. Much better for me.

    I think the diet might be alright for people who only lift a few days a week, and that aren’t doing much in the way of metabolic training.


    I place Fish oil over everything in importance (including things like multi vitamins). Everyone should be taking a quality fish oil supplement, unless they are eating quality fish and grassfed beef at every meal.

    Whey protein is a great way to supplement your diet. Key word being ‘supplement’. It should be added to a diet rich in healthy protein sources (animal sources like fish, turkey, chicken, grass fed beef, etc). It should not be your only source of protein.



  • sakura

    I totally had a post going and then Kaela attacked the key board…

    So thank you for the info, JJ. I have been exchanging some emails with Jen Heath about AD. Not only is it a good subject for class but I was curious…I’m going to be a guinea pig for my nutrition class on this.

    I was also interested in supps because I don’t know much about them. I was looking at fish oils today but realized there are so many brands/types. What is a good starting point? Also, I hear flax seeds are good. What are typical supps someone should take? I currently only take a women’s multivitamin.

    The gym…well, Ed just got his new sched starting Monday since he went back to his old city. So now we can really get things settled…at least until the end of the year. Why? Are you going to train me? Haha! Your wife looks AMAZING!! Please tell her. =]

    BTW….do you play lullabies for Jax? I just got Kaela some Rockabye Baby CD’s…U2 and Beatles renditions. I wanted Metallica but I have to order it online… Great lullabies–you can burn them if you want.


  • Mark L.

    According to Robb Wolf, Sakura, the Omegas in flax (or any plant source) don’t have the benefits as do the animal source ones (like you would find in fish oil), and they can actually be harmful to some degree. I think if you stick with the big brands and look for something on the label that says they have no harmful metals, you’ll be OK.

    I’ll repost some of Robb’s e-mail comments to me when I asked him about fish oil versus flax, since I used to take flax oil for omega-3s (Robb calls them n-3) and lignans:

    —FOLLOWING FROM ROB on 7/9/08—
    Hey Mark!
    Flax is an 18 carbon n-3 (omega three) fat source. We NEED 22 carbon (EPA) and 24 carbon (DHA) n-3’s. These are “essential fats” and we die with out them. Mammals can convert the 18 carbon fats to 22 and 24 length fats but it has less than a 2% efficiency…pour in a gallon of 18 get out a thimble of 22/24. That is issue #1.

    Issue 2 has to do with prostaglandin regulation which feeds into systemic inflammation. The conversion of 18 carbon FA’s (fatty acids) to 22/24 actually upregulates the production of inflammatory prostaglandins…the pathway the is delta 6 desaturase pathway if you want to geek out on that. Flax is actually a proinflammatory agent in this way as well as by mechanism #3

    Issue #3
    all of these fats are called (poly0unsaturated) which means they have multiple double bonds in the carbon chain. These double bonds are highly prone to oxidation which is a HUGE source of free radical damage. In vitro and invivo studies show high intake of 18 carbon FA’s to dramatically increase oxidative damage.

    Have a tablespoon or two of fresh FLAX MEAL if you want the lignans, I can see absolutely no reason to take flax as an n-3 source.

  • sakura


    Thanks, Mark! Glad I’ve been doing my Nutrition homework and reading or I don’t think I would have gotten through that!

    Ok. I’ve done my conversions for kcals to grams for the AD. Now I’m trying to find out a good source for fish oil mgs. Anyone know how to figure that or where I can find it? I saw huge bottles of 1000mg and 1200mg. I don’t want to take the wrong amounts.

    I want to take my protein from lean, white meats and less red meats because of my GI issues…yet to be resolved. I understand that whey is a decent supplement but from what I understand, liquid meals shoot up your insulin. If I were to use a shake, is there a “best” time of the day to do it or perhaps post-WOD? I was told a liquid breakfast isn’t the way to go–even if Zone.

  • J Jones

    Sakura, Rockabye lullabyes are great! I have the Metalica one already. Let me know and I can ‘loan’ you a copy. . .You just have to come to the gym to pick it up!

    I told Jamie. She said thanks.

    Jamie and I both take Kirkland Fish oil (the costco brand). It is the ‘eneric’ coated kind that are supposed to limit fish burps. They are about $15 per bottle of 200 pills. I take about 12 pills a day (with food).

    . . .

    Did Fran on a whim tonight. No warm up, had a headache, hadn’t eaten enough today. . .


    PR by 1 min 23 seconds. Didn’t realized that I was that close to sub 3! I might have taken a few less breaths.


  • Jared Ramirez

    Sakura, if you have GI issues I would approach whey protein on the conservative side. Even people who have fairly well functioning digestive systems have intolerances to whey protein supplements (e.g. gas, bloating, constipation, etc..). I personally have had much better luck with egg white albumin extracts (powder) over whey, but the best thing is to “listen to your gut,” so to speak.

    As for liquid meals jacking your insulin levels, that has more to do with the ingredients rather than the meal being liquid. Most pre-packed shake formulas that are sold in health food stores contain cheap ingredients like maltodextrin, sugar, etc… which definitely mess with your insulin levels. Even the shakes you would make at home will most likely contain carbs that elevate your blood glucose faster than you would eat in a normal meal (i.e. fruit, milk, etc…). That being said, a well rounded meal with slow digesting complex carbs always trumps a shake. In my opinion, breakfast would definitely be the worst time to take in a high glycemic index liquid meal… you need some good slow digesting carbs in the morning from your body being starved through the night. They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing! =)

  • Darren

    WOW. a 3:01 fran

    Great job. I am really impressed.

    Now I have to do it again. I hate the gym.

  • Rodil San Mateo

    Sakura – I use the Trader Joe’s brand odorless fish capsules. About $9 for 90 capsules, each one contains 600 mg of Omega-3 (EPA/DHA). No fish burps so far.

    You might want to check out the free Crossfit Journal articles on nutrition or the Nutrition message board at the HQ website. Tons of information there. You can search for anabolic diet to see if anyone has written about it.

  • Mark L.

    I held the watch for JJ, tonight. Every rep was complete and legit. It was freakish.

  • Mountain

    I was inspired by the Virtual Fran idea on the CrossFit website, and tried my own version with PVC pipe thrusters & jumping pullups. It still took me 1:54 & I was pretty winded. No real muscle fatigue, but I was clearly less explosive by the third round. Long way to go. Maybe I’ll include that in my warmup until the next time Fran comes up.

  • Craig

    3:01 Fran!! Just think what you your time would have been with the 3 Muskateers* shouting in your ear.

    *Nate, Jorgy & Rick.

    Awesome JJ.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit



    That is very impressive. Strong work JJ

  • J Jones

    Yes, I did it without aids*

    *(I did not use: NO Xplode, Redline, tape for my hands or my wrists, I cleaned it from the floor each round, and did not have people yelling at me).

    That is what I call “Legit”.


  • Moises G.

    LOL!!!!!! GREAT JOB MAN, Fran really sucks. Very impressive JJ.

  • sakura

    thanks for all the info, everyone. most helpful.

    When is a good time to stop by? I can bring the lap top and copy it. Do you want copies of U2 or the Beatles? Haha!

  • J Jones

    I won’t be there this evening, but I will be there Thursday and Friday evenings.

    That would be great if you brought your laptop.

    Beatles would be great!