Saturday class claims another victim.

Workout: “Number 2”

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

10 wall ball (20lb ball, 10 ft target or 14lb ball 8 foot target)

10 sumo deadlift high pull (95lb, 53, 35 or 26 depending on skill)

10 ring dips (or ring push ups)

10 double unders

Post number of rounds and fractions of rounds to comments.



Study Finds Longevity, Cancer and Diet Connected

Scientists studied a gene called TOR, which regulates cell growth and plays a role in the development of cancer. “In C. elegans, the tiny roundworm that our lab studies, as well as some other animals, a loss of TOR has been shown to slow aging. Our work with C. elegans reveals that TOR depends on a second gene called pha4/FoxA to control the aging process,” says study co-author Susan Mango, PhD, HCI investigator and professor in the University of Utah Department of Oncological Sciences.

The study also reveals calorie restriction plays a role in how these genes work. “When there’s lots of food, TOR gets active, which decreases the action of pha4/FoxA down the line, and that in turn shortens the lifespan of C. elegans,” says Mango. “When there’s little food, there’s little TOR and more pha4/FoxA, and that results in a longer lifespan.” In short, a low calorie diet can affect the TOR and pha4/FoxA genes in worms, slowing the progression of aging.

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  • Carry

    This morning’s gut buster was very cool. Thank’s Nate! We need more ab WODs 🙂