080921 SUNDAY


Eddy C push pressing to failure.


Overhead Squat: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Warm up with some lighter overhead squats to see where you are at weight wise. Each set should be near failure. Add weight each set if possible.

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Testosterone, Cortisol and Market Crashes?

They took saliva swabs from 17 male traders at a London stock-dealing firm twice a day and measured the samples for two hormones.

These were testosterone, which is associated with male aggressiveness and sexual behavior, and cortisol, which is summoned by the body to deal with “fight or flight” emergencies.

When the traders were in profit, their testosterone levels surged. But when they were in loss, or in fluctuation, it was their cortisol that rose sharply.

Testosterone encourages confidence and risk-taking, and has an accumulative effect, which could explain winning streaks in sports teams, for instance. . .

And if you think that is interesting, go and read Nicholas Taleb’s “Black Swan” (Black Swan theory here) -jj

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  • Mark L.

    That’s my boy Eddy (of Eddy and Jenny C. fame!)

  • Mark L.

    That’s my boy Eddy (of Eddy and Jenny C. fame!)