080922 MONDAY


Shane fertilizes the bushes after “Fight gone to Failure”


Perform 1 thruster the first minute, 2 thrusters the second minute, 3 thrusters the 3rd. . . continue until you cannot complete the number of repetitions in the allotted time.

Choose a weight that you will be challenged with (starting with your 3-5 rep max strict press is a good idea).

Post load used, and number of rounds completed to comments.



How gut bugs could trigger cancer

Our guts provide a home to dozens of different types of bacteria, many of which actually provide a useful service, helping break down indigestible sugars in food by fermentation, or even “training” the body’s immune system.

However, in recent years, scientists have suggested that in certain, susceptible individuals, these bacteria can actually do harm.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    Good wod! I was going to try 100 Thrusters at 135lbs, but I’ll do this instead. 135lbs at 4PM today anyone?

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Craig…I should be there at 4. BTW, I am still sore from the 400m lunges I did at the girls class on FRIDAY.

  • Mark L.

    I think I will be there shortly before 4pm. I had to work at 6am, so I missed the morning crew.
    Thrusters is one of my weaknesses, so this is right in my wheelhouse!
    135lbs sounds perfect (my strict press is 165). If it’s too easy with n=(n+1), I’ll switch to a Fibonacci sequence.

  • Craig

    Stav, Yvonne was sore all weekend.. I had fun laughing at her.

    Mark: Have you done the pull up ladder yet?

    At 135, I predict the first 5-7 mins may be “easy.” The next 10 – 15 mins will be hell (assuming anyone gets that far).

    Anyone care to guess on number of minutes they can go?

  • Mark L.

    By minutes, getting through 15 minutes assumes you’ll be doing 15 thrusters in the space of less than 60 seconds for that set. This being in the wake of doing 105 thrusters in the sum of the previous 14 sets with almost no rest in between on the later sets. (total done=(n^2+n)/2 where n=minute you’re on)
    By the numbers, I’m guessing I’ll be out in something like 11 minutes (66 total thrusters). After I’m done with the thrusters and fertilize the bushes, I can do the pullup ladder before I have to leave and pick up the kids!

  • Darren

    Funny. I saw thruster ladder and said to myself, 135 lbs. Then I wanted to do the pull up Ladder.

    I am excited.

    Let you know,when I am done. I think 12 or 13 sets.

  • Craig

    D&M: thats an awesome combo – thruster ladder + pull up ladder.. may try.

    My goal: 14sets on thrusters, which puts me over the 100 I was thinking about doing (105).

  • Rodil San Mateo

    Mark – I say this as a former engineer: You are way geeking out there :-). Is your strict press max (165 lbs) over your bodyweight?!

    If I can escape for a few hours from getting a torturous purchase loan through underwriting, I’ll be there around 4:30 for the thruster WOD.

  • Darren

    Just did thruster ladder at station 5.

    135 lbs.
    No rack available so had to do power dleans form the floor.

    8 Rounds. Could have gotten 9 and probably 10 if I had a rack. Just breaking them up is so much harder from the ground. On my set of 8 I had to drop it at 6 then had to re group and do 2 more. By that time I had 4 seconds left in the round. No way I could Do a set of 9. So I took a break and started the ladder downward. 7/6/5/4/3/2/1. So total of like 63. Hard one. Thrusters are my hardest lift.

    Going to do the pull up ladder later today at the station.

    Craig if you get 14 sets at 135 you are a bad ASS.

  • Mark L.

    Rodil, I waiver between 158 and 162, so it’s just barely over my bodyweight. Unfortunately, my squat and deadlift are not that impressive, so some of these Crossfit benchmarks like Diane (that I should be able to fly through) don’t go as well as they should. Crossfit is taking care of that weakness.
    As for geeking out…
    Why do programmers always get Christmas and Halloween mixed up?
    Because DEC 25 = OCT 31
    (we’ll see if anyone gets this one)

  • Mike Erickson

    DECimal 25 = OCTal 31

  • Craig

    Damn, D! Thought this might be tough. Rack 4 me 4 sure!

    mark/mike: still lost.

  • Mark L.

    Nice, Mike! Your prize is that you can count your reps in Octal (aka. base-8, Craig, used by computer people as shorthand for binary triplets–something us OLDER computer people used to need to know).
    I’m definitely using a rack. Stav doing power cleans between his thrusters sounds a little too fire-manly for me.
    I am excited to be finally off my rest week!

  • Mike Erickson

    Cruel emphasis on OLDER…

  • Darren

    Mark you got me and Stav confused. I am the younger, better looking Fireman.

    Wait for Stav’s response………….

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    HAHAHAHA, this is the best discussion I’ve seen here in a while. I’m gonna do this with the 50# DB’s they have at the hotel. I’ll probably make it a good few minutes which sucks. I HATE dumbbell thrusters.

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    ugggggg. 14 rounds +8.
    Ran out of gas at round 11 and new the end wasn’t far off. Man, I got some work to do.

  • J Jones

    No Rack Mark. From the floor every time.

    6am had Bryan S do 11 rounds with 115lbs.

    10am Girls class had Jaz do 15 rounds with 45lbs.

    The key is to rest with the bar on your shoulders. . . and going lighter isn’t necessarily easier (it means you’ll be doing more rounds, and sucking wind like a leaky bag pipe with a 300lb drunken Scot squeezing the life out fo you).


  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    True that JJ. 50# DB’s was just what I expected…miserable. That brick wall feeling is the worst. Where you’re going good and then BAM!!! You start the next round and have to break half way through.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    1600 DCF WOD;

    Craig(135#)- 9+2
    Stavros(135#)- 8+2

    1630 Pull Up Ladder WOD
    Rodil 7+2
    Mark 13(ripped hands)
    Stavros 16+2

    Craig(dip WOD) 12+3

  • Craig

    Brick wall it is. Mental for me. With Stav, Rodil & Mark out, I lost the will to press on. Mark and Stav were probably doing 75% bw – impressive.

  • J Jones

    135lbs, 9 rounds and 6 reps using the rack (had to use the rack to compare myself to Stav and Craig).

    I wasn’t going to workout because of my cold, but then Jared was the only person at the 6:30 pm class, and it is just too sad to let him workout alone.


  • darren

    You all should have done it from the floor.

    Wow what a creeper. That Wod came out of no where and handled everyone.

    Did the Pull up ladder after dinner.

    17 rounds + 1

    Stopped due to beging of a rip. Might have had a couple more rounds in me. But hit the “Wall” around the round of 14’s.

  • Craig

    Nice jj. Now I know where that 3:01 Fran came from.