080925 THURSDAY for “DAD”


My Dad: William F. Chittenden b. 7/19/33 – d. 9/24/08

My Dad passed away yesterday (Wed) at the age of 75. He is survived by his wife Mary Ann and his children, Scott, Todd, Craig, Erik, Kellie and Karen. He was a good man and lived a full life.

I created this workout, called “DAD” to honor my Dad. Each component represents an important part of his life, beginning with the rowing (Navy). Corner me in the Shed and I’ll tell you the rest.

Thanks, Dad. Your son, Craig.


Row 500m

40 Thrusters (m45# / w25#)

40 Double Unders

Run 400m

20 Pull Ups

20 Kettle Bell Swings (1.5p / 35lb)

Post time to comments.

GRANDDAD: Rest 2 minutes and complete “DAD” again.


Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser Details below. . .


Diablo CrossFit Team Website (click here)

Event Details:

– We plan on kicking off at 11am with the food and the beer.

– First heat of competitors will start at approximately 11:30.

– We hope to be finished by 2 or 3pm.

– Please bring some food or a desert to share if you’d like


– Compeditors can collect cash or checks from donors and then put the payment in manually using the Athletes for a Cure website. If you can’t figure it out, don’t worry about it, collect the money and bring it on Saturday and we will get it all straightened out.

Click “Continue Reading” below for all the details regarding the rules national event.

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  • Stavrros @ Diablo CrossFit


    Thanks for sharing with us. I’ll be doing this workout at the station tomorrow in memory of your Dad.

    RIP William.


  • Jason Khalipa

    I am truly sorry to hear about your father. I will offer this workout next rest day at my gym in memory of your father.

    Jason Khalipa

  • Mark L.

    OK, bro, today was my rest day, but f^*% that! I am going to kill “DAD” AND “GRANDDAD” both, since my own father (also a William, aka “Bill”, born the same year just a few months before) is just waiting in the wings with us all, right now.
    Any WOD named “DAD” honors all our abba fathers (though yours, Craig, is extra special, today).
    Rest In Peace, William F. Chittenden!
    I teach tonight (Thursday evening, all classes). This is what we’re doing (Granddad optional). Let’s rock this one!

  • luca z.

    Hey Craig, terribly sorry to hear about your loss,condolences from my family to yours

  • jorgy

    I am sorry to hear about your loss, I hope that you take comfort in the community that we have and the camaraderie that we all share at DCF. I’ll see you soon brother

  • Jenny Verschuur


    I pray that in the midst of the sadness you can also celebrate the life of your father and rejoice in the knowledge that as you said he lived a great life. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

  • Jenny Verschuur

    I pray that in the midst of the sadness you can also celebrate the life of your father and rejoice in the knowledge that as you said he lived a great life. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

  • Anne

    Dear Craig, my heart goes out to you and your family. He was obviously a good man because of the wonderful son he has produced.

    Expect a big hug from me, Anne

  • Mike Erickson

    Terrible news. Karen and I send our condolences. I know he had a good life and was very proud of his kids. Great picture. RIP William F. Chittenden.

  • Darren

    Sorry for your loss Craig. Lots of work will be done in your dad’s honor.

  • Craig

    DAD: 10:33 as RX’d
    GrandDad: 26:33 (incl 2min rest)

    Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. Building the workout & web post and then doing the workout were very theraputic for me. And, your comments are healing for family.

    The DCF & CF Community is an amazing group. I love it and am very grateful to be a part of it.

    Thank you again.

  • Carry

    Luca had us do “Dad” this morning after our lifting. It’s a great work out! I’m sure your father was a great man. Take care of your family and we’ll see you Saturday.

  • J Jones

    I can’t wait to do Dad and Grandad tonight at 4pm in honor of Mr. Chittenden.


  • Mountain

    Craig, sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. It sounds like it was a life well-lived, and I’m sure he’s on to bigger and better things now. Thank you for honoring him with this workout.

  • Jacob Tsypkin


    Truly sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. Stay strong, brother!

    -Jacob from CrossFit Monterey

  • Jasmine

    What a handsome man your father was. I wish you and your family peace and comfort as you attempt to begin life without your father. Regardless of the circumstances, loosing a loved one is so painful. Thank you for allowing us to walk through this with you in a small way. I will be praying for you and your family and take this as a reminder to be thankful for the family I do have.

    Peace to you,

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Just completed “Dad” and “Grandad”

    Dad- 9:09

    Grandad- 23:10 (w/2 min rest)

    Great WOD, had to really push to finish Grandad. Rowing pretty much dominates me.

  • J Jones


    Don’t forget to send out email requests for donations one last time before Saturday. Most of the money for these is generated on the last day or two, so now is the time to remind people of the effort you are going to put forth on Saturday.


  • Shannon Stornetta

    Craig- Bryan and I were so sorry to hear about your loss. I’m getting geared up for “Grandad” in less than an hour.

  • Laura

    Craig, very sorry for your loss. It is unimaginable to me. The workout you created is a great way to honor your father’s life. I’m dissappointed I am unable to participate with the DCF “family” this evening, but will be there in spirit! ~Laura Renno

  • sakura


    Our family sends our love to you and your family. Dap and I will be doing “DAD” to honor your father.

    The Barrientos Family

  • Darren

    Just finished Dad and Grandad. Craig your Pop was a hard hitting son of a gun. This WOD dominated me. The last Leg of the run, along the back side of the shead I was saying “Come on, Help me Bill, Help me Bill” I promise I was saying that.

    Dad 8:14
    Grandad 20:41

    Again Sorry for your loss,

    Love yah.

  • Darren

    Shed Not “SHEAD”

  • Rodil

    Craig – my family sends our condolences to you and yours for your loss. I’m going to suggest to Sarah that we do your Dad’s WOD for tomorrow’s class.

  • Mike Erickson

    Tried “Dad”: 16 minutes.
    Had to sub 25 calorie Airdyne for the row and run. This was a hard one, haven’t done DU’s for awhile. Not enough left for “Grandad”. Hope to do a better job as Rx’d at the shed soon.
    Best wishes.

  • Sakura


    Ed and I both completed “Dad”. Ed did it at home, subbing in SDHP’s for the row. I came in to the Shed at 1930 and used the band for PU’s. Came in from the run with someone saying, “Now pull ups…” All I can remember is saying, “FUDGE!” in a much more colorful way and pressing on. 12:18


    p.s. Thanks for the pointers and conversation today, Mark!

  • sakura

    ..perhaps 14:18..mark?

  • Craig

    I stopped by the Shed today and watched Moises, Mark, Ramon and Shannon (20:11!!) toil through GrandDad – it was awesome and my Dad is smiling, wait, check that, he’s probably laughing at us for suffering so much at his expense. He was very humble.

    Thank you everyone for your work in his honor today and your kind words of support, love and friendship. This is the best medicine.

    I’m gushing now, I know, but consider how I’d be feeling if I had kept this to myself.

    I love DCF. What a cool place. Thank you.

  • KG

    I’m sorry for your loss. I’ll do this WOD on the next rest day for your father.

  • Justin McRoberts


    I’m in Tenn for the next couple days, just drove in from Athens, GA. I’m going to take a few of these rock-star slackers here in Nashville out in the AM to do DAD.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Meg

    Craig, it was an honor to do a workout for you Dad today!!! He sounded like a great man and it’s not surprising he has such a fabulous son! Thanks for sharing your Dad’s life with us and allowing us to help celebrate his memory with you. 🙂

  • Mark L.

    Sakura, you got that time right, and thanks for the visit!
    Darren actually sandbagged his granddad time, though. His real times were 8:14 and 19:41 (ten minutes after JJ posted the granddad best of 19:55–held by Shannon at 20:11).
    I’ll post the whole list of times first thing, tomorrow.
    That was hella fun!
    Craig, you’re going to love tomorrow’s pic! I won’t ruin the surprise.

  • Moises G.

    Craig, it was truly an honor to do a workout remembering your dad. I know he is very proud of you and you make him proud. Thanks Craig it was my pleasure, your dad kicked my ass!!!!

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    I’m terribly sorry to hear about your father. A loss like that is never easy to face.
    This is one challange that, like LINDA, is a rough one to try “for time”. Take it one step at a time and you’ll grind through it.
    Just know that we all love you and are there for you when you need us.
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Godspeed and rest easy.