080930 TUESDAY “Elevation”


Donna hitting the 8′ mark during her fight gone bad wall ball.


Workout: “Elevation”

In 20 minutes, try to accumulate as many feet of “Elevation” as possible using the following exercises. Next to each exercise is the number we used for distance at the SHED. If you are doing this at on your own, you may change the values to what you have to work with. We also gave two different scores based upon height (over 6 foot is on the left, under 6 foot is on the right).

Rope Climb: 6 foot and up = 11 / 6 foot and under = 12

Muscle Up (bar or rings): 5 / 4

Pull Up: 2.5 / 2

Ring Dip: 2 / 1.5

Box Jump (same for both heights): big box = 3, med box = 2, small box = 1

Step ups (same for both heights): big box = 1.5, med box = 1, small box = 0.5

Post total number of “Feet” accumulated in the 20 minutes.


Article from Scott Kustes at Modern Forager:

Eight ways to lower your testosterone

. . .For those wondering what role testosterone plays in the body, here are just a few of the irritations brought about by this hormone: enhanced libido, increased energy, increased production of red blood cells and protection against osteoporosis. And who would want all of that stuff? Not me! Read on to learn the ways you can make sure you keep your testosterone levels as low as possible, ensuring a lack of sex drive and low energy levels. . .

Full article here


CrossFit One World does “Century Gone Bad”. I am so jealous.

(Video may not be WSFS. . . I guess it depends how your work feels about people doing pull ups, drinking beer, and yes, vomiting.)

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  • Craig

    Awesome pics of the FGB event on our Flickr site – just click the pics to the right and then go to the slide show! Thank you everyone, esp Carry’s sis. for the great pics.

  • Mark L.

    Great job on pullups, Jenny! It’s awesome when you can get such a clear “measurable” in a training program. I’m sure this will pour gas on your fire for months to come.
    That elevation workout looks interesting… I see that I get a penalty for being under 6 feet. Just out of curiosity, who wrote these specifications… someone over 6 feet, maybe?
    For consistency, shouldn’t box jumps & step ups have a bonus for people under 6 feet since they are jumping a greater percentage of their height? I think even the low box comes about to my chest.

    “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were
    a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”
    – Mark Twain

  • J Jones

    The height requirements have to do with arm length. Most people don’t know how long their arms are, so the 6′ height is just for easy reference.

    Boxes are the same height for everyone. It may be more % of your height, but shorter people generally have less weight to lift so it balances out. 😉

    You will also notice that climbing the rope gives people below 6′ more ‘feet’ than it does for people over 6′ (because they start higher up to the top).


  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit


  • Mark L.

    Elevation. work = force X DISTANCE, so there’s an adjustment for the “pull length” for long armed people (with bwt being considered neutral since we’re going for distance you pull your “self” through). AWESOME METRIC! Can I wear my helium vest?

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Just wanted to thank Luca for another great 0800 class. I was laughing while running during the last few sprints, because my glutes and legs were on fire! Carry and I both PR’d deadlifts- 195#s x 5 reps. Guys of the gym: we’re catching up to you.

  • sakura

    so in order to increase my hotness level, i HAVE to get pull ups. haha! where might i purchase a band to help me do so? also, i forgot…do you remember which band i used for “DAD”, mark?

    another question. i was doing power cleans yesterday and my left wrist wasn’t happy. if you look at your left palm, just to the left of center is where i felt it. felt kinda like a pull. doing everyday activities doesn’t make it hurt and neither did stretching it–only when lifting did it feel weird. any ideas? should i tape up? the funny thing was i was only doing 65# and it didn’t stop tweaking until i just went with the bar.

  • Mark L.

    Sakura, you used the green band. =)

  • J Jones

    The new green or the old green?

    They are both pretty different.


  • Mark L.

    New, less tired and more helpful, green.

  • sakura

    omg. green?! i have some work to do. would you happen to know where i can get a band like that–we need to bring sexy back ASAP.

  • Stavros@DiabloCrossfit.com

    Hey everyone, don’t mean to bring down the vibe but I want to keep it real. Check out the affiliate blog, there’s a story about an affiliate in Eugene, OR. It’s heart wrenching, but should be read. I may try and to the workout “Caleb” in the baby’s honor tonight…

    Here’s the link the their gym and the story;
    http:// http://www.ecrossfit.com/home/2008/09/caleb-elijah-stecker.html

    RIP Caleb

  • luca z.

    Great work from all of you this morning, and yes guys beware the ladies are coming up strong, Shannon and Carry together are an amazing force to watch, great work from Brian too, lifting 300lb for 5 times, nice work to Todd an Craig too, looking forward to see you all on Thursday for more pain.

  • Carry

    Thanks for the push to the PR!
    Love the mini met-con at the end 🙂

  • sakura

    Thank you for sharing that, Stav. Such a sad story. I don’t know what I’d do without baby Kaela and I can’t imagine what pain his family is going through. I’ll be doing “Caleb” tonight at home.

  • Stavros@DiabloCrossfit.com


    8 Rounds

    400m Run
    8 Lunges
    8 Box Jumps (32″)

    19:08 as RX’d

    RIP Beautiful Child.

  • Mark L.

    Those boxjumps alone translate into an elevate score of 192!! Impressive work, Stav!
    Poor Caleb. God bridges that gap of pain and perceived injustice, though (still a mystery, how).
    No amount of boxjumps 32″ or not can bridge that gap… feels good, though, somehow…

  • J Jones

    Hey Luca. . . I think his name is “Greg” not Craig.

    (If it is the same tall fellow that I taught).


  • sakura

    Caleb. 22:19 as RX’d, 20″ box.

  • J Jones

    Nice work Sakura.


    585 (I think, I might have done the math wrong though).