“Super Shannon” took the women’s title at our Fight Gone Bad III workout with a score of 290!


Overhead Squat 5, 5, 5

Front Squat 5, 5, 5

Back Squat 5, 5, 5

Add weight each set. Finish all Overhead squats before moving to Front Squats. Finish all Front Squats before going to Back Squats.

Post loads to comments.



During Exercise, The Human Brain Shifts Into High Gear On ‘Alternative Energy’

“Now that we know the brain can run on lactate, so to speak, future studies should show us when to use lactate as part of a treatment,” said Gerald Weissmann, MD, Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “From an evolutionary perspective, the result of this study is a no-brainer. Imagine what could have or did happen to all of the organisms that lost their wits along with their glucose when running from predators. They were obviously a light snack for the animals able to use lactate.”

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  • Craig

    I’m thinking we should start scoring FGB with a weighting for power output:

    PP = .5
    Box Jumps = .5
    Wall Balls = 1
    SDHP = 1.5
    Rowing = 1.75

    Thus a FGB with high BJs and PP might look like this (avg reps x #rnds):

    pp: 40×3 = 120 x .5 = 60
    bj: 37×3 = 111 x .5 = 56
    wb: 25×3 = 75 x 1 = 75
    sdhp: 20×3 = 60 x 1.5 = 90
    row: 12×3 = 36 x 1.75 = 63

    Old Score: 402
    Power Adjusted Score: 344

  • Mark L.

    So, by your math, each row calorie is power normalized to (1.75/0.5) = 3.5 box jumps.
    I think to really figure out the factors, though, you need to factor in bodyweight for things like box jumps and wall ball, since power output per rep is higher for big guys than ballerinas (and not insignificant).
    Nice concept. Sort of like a Crossfit VO2 Max!
    I think you’re going to wake up the nerd gallery with this one, Craig.

  • Craig

    FGB is turning into a PP/BJ workout as CF’rs game the scoring instead of maximizing power output.

    Two things that trouble me (and I’m guilty):
    1. Walking away from an exercise before the minute is up.
    2. Low output goals for high power movements.

  • Darren

    So says the guy who gets a 350.

    Get above 400 then you can change the workout. Till then get some rythm and learn to box jump faster.

  • Darren

    FGB was designed with the world of mix martial arts in mind. Watch any fight. They do not go all out to every second of the fight. Alot of the fight might be spent on the ground attempting moves but also resting. I think FGB is a strategy WOD, much like some of the other WOD’s we have out there. If you push it too hard in the begining of Filthy Fifty you will have nothing left for the burpees. If you pin it durning your run for Helen, good luck keeping thaqt pace. Get 25 squats your first round of Tababta and see what you finish with. Just depends what you are gong for. Max effort of a Personal Record. Most times you do a named WOD it is with the intent to set a PR. The other WOD’s are usually set for max effort. At least that is the way I do my WOD’s. I like to see progress and one way to do that is to use a little strategy. Crossfit is my sport, and with any sport Strategy is at the very foundation.

    I like to think of Named WOD’s as game day, and others as practice.

  • Craig

    353, bastard.

    I got your fekkin rythym, right here.

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Many of the ‘benchmark’ wods have a strategy aspect, but I think that FGB has one of the strongest (if you allow people to start where they want).

    I think Craig’s idea would be an interesting comparison, similar to “Fight Gone to Failure” and other variations.

    As far as the MMA thing goes. . . There is a WHOLE LOT LESS resting in a fight than FGB. If you try and rest as much as some people do on FGB (myself included), you’d get your ass handed to you. A better model would be having to skip rope, holding a plank position, or even hanging on a bar when you are “resting”.

    FGB is a great workout, and a great measure for fitness, but not directly correlated to an MMA match


  • Mark L.

    “If you push it too hard in the begining of Filthy Fifty you will have nothing left for the burpees.”

    Speak for yourself, dude. I’m actually thinking of developing one or no armed burpies for use in my next filthy 50 to make the end more challenging.

  • Anne

    SHANNON ROCKED FGB!!! She’s my hero 🙂

  • Mark L.

    There’s a great pic of you two cooling down, afterwards, on the flickr site, Anne.

  • theresa

    Looking strong, Shannon! Sorry I couldn’t make it to PT today–personnel issues! 🙁

  • Mike Erickson

    “no armed burpees”…
    Trying to imagine that. Land on your chest w/ back arched, roll back to your knees, knee hop to squatting position then jump! Anyone want to put on a face mask and give that a try? Jorgy? Nate? Rob!! Rob’ll do it! Even without the face mask.

    It would be tough out in the parking lot for “mile-o-burpees”.

    (Don’t even ask me. I’m too old).