Dave hammers out some wall ball during his FGB performance.

Workout: “Push Up Annie”

Complete 50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of the following exercises for time:

Double Unders

Abmat Sit ups

Push ups

Post time to comments.



Performance Standards and Form by Mike Minium at CrossFit Oakland

. . .Why does this matter? It matters whether you care about competing or whether you don’t.

If you care about competing, then you want to make sure that you’re on a level playing field and that the competition is fair. If I were to challenge someone to a 400m run and then run 300m while my competitor runs 400m, then our performances aren’t really comparable (to say nothing of the fact that I cheated). In the same vein, if I challenge someone to max number of push presses in one minute, and then proceed to do push jerks while my competitor does push presses, then once again, our performances are not comparable. It’s apples and oranges. I wanna level the playing field.

If you don’t care about competing, but you do care about making improvements in the movements we do, then you’ll want to take note of our movement standards as well. If you have it as a goal to squat 250 lbs, you’ll want to know what the correct bottom of a squat is so that you can get it. If you load 250 lbs on the bar and then go down into a half-squat and come back up, then you really haven’t done a squat. . .

Mike really lays it out nice in this article. I couldn’t have said it better myself. -jj

Full article here.


Video – recently featured on The IF life:

Dr. Ron Rosedale talks about common cholesterol myths. (The video is a little quirky, as it is an audio discussion pasted over some film footage, but the talking points are great).

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  • Shannon Stornetta

    Amen to the video! In one of my human metabolism classes in college (I’ll admit it- I used to be a biochem nerd…)… we looked at cholesterol chemotaxis… (what the video was talking about when LDL attaches to a cholesterol molecule and an oxygen free radical forming an atherosclerotic plaque.

    The unfortunate thing in our society is that people are buying into taking multiple cholesterol meds (usually a “statin”) to control cholesterol. It gets worse- there’s a growing body of research that shows these meds actually damage the patient’s liver (long-term) and put him or her at higher risks for other pathophysiological states- like certain types of cancer (one study I read in the Journal of Epidemiology related the link of obesity and statins with increased prostate cancer). I’m not anti-medication… but I truly believe people don’t understand the consequences of taking a pill for everything nor do they understand the crucial role of diet and exercise.

    The bottom line- I used to be a major advocate for the food guide pyramid… however, (after seeing the results of crossfitters/ doing critical reviews of scientific literature on IF, zone diet, paleo diet, etc. ) I have to rethink my undergrad human metabolism thesis on substrate utilization and the effects on disease processes! I’m currently working up a topic for my grad thesis… and I’m contemplating looking at DISproving the food guide pyramid.

  • Mark L.

    Disproving the food pyramid: AWESOME SHANNON!
    I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but look who made the food pyramid. The Department of Agriculture.

    Their prime mission is to feed all the people and clear the markets. These are efficiency goals, NOT effectiveness goals. That is, it isn’t to feed us “the best diet”, at all, but to “do a great job getting us our diet”.

    If you could create a summary article, I’m sure it would go into the Crossfit Journal, and Robb Wolf might suddenly be your best friend.

    What might be another interesting question, probably more for an economist (Travis and I talked about this the other night):
    If mankind were to eat Paleo, would it even be sustainable, worldwide? That is, could the world even produce enough paleo foods (vegies, nuts, seeds and meats) to feed 6 billion? How many could we feed? Could China do it? India? How many of the developed countries could do it? Hmmm…

  • sakura

    So i’m in my protein chapter in Nutrition and it says that protein powder does NOTHING to promote muscle growth or gains in performance. What’s the general consensus on this because I think it helps.

  • Craig

    New Zebra tatoo & piercing shop opened in W.C. These guys been around forever in Berkeley. They’ve got a nice, clean modern shop on Broadway now – across from Maria Maria. SEE: MIGUEL! He did phenomenal work on mine.

    Article in today’s paper:


  • J Jones

    The scientists who are coming up with that sound pretty. Talk about some need for “evidence based science”!

    Try telling that to all the bodybuilders/strength athletes who practically live on the stuff (Velocity Diet, etc). I personally feel that protein powders are “2nd class” to real animal protein from ‘real food’, but they can help boost overall protein intake in a diet that is lacking.


  • Craig

    To Shannon’s point: my old marathon buddy stopped taking his statins and decided to change diet instead. His running performance improved dramatically – he said it was like he lost 40lbs. You see, statins limit cholesteral production in the liver, which is also the source of glycogen – a primary muscle energy fuel. So, his cholesteral numbers were down, but his ability to exercise was severely limited.

    It’s not so surprising that the “total” cholesterol number that docs use to prescribe statins is getting lower and lower every year: a lower “warning” or “prescription” number automatically means a lot more people buying drugs.

  • J Jones

    From Austin of the CF Unlimited Challenge:

    “On October 19 we will host the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” challenge. If you are registered for this competition, here are some things you need to know:

    1. Each athlete will be assigned a judge. Your judge will be strict with range of motion standards. There will be no meeting prior to the competition to explain these standards, so you are responsible for knowing them. You can find them here. If you have any questions please email me austin@crossfitunlimited.com.
    2. Athletes need to be at Unlimited at 9:15am to complete registration, payment needs to be cash.
    3. Athletes will be responsible for their own warm-up. There will be a warm-up room available.
    4. Athletes need to be in “The Cell” 5 minutes prior to their starting time.

    The three workouts each have a 10 minute time cap. “Fran” is first, “Karen” is second, and “Grace” is third. Here are the eight heats with start times:

    Heat 1 – 10:00a/12:30p/3:00p

    Sheena Corpus/Jan Areepitak/Veronica Villanueva/Ritu Riyat/Mia Scafini

    Heat 2 – 10:15a/12:45p/3:15p

    Daniel Burde/Kirk Wu/Laurent Frat/Dominic Asio/Christie Dacanay

    Heat 3 – 10:30a/1:00p/3:30p

    David Alcaraz/Mike Mathers/Lucas Robinson/Armando Arroyo/Jenn Carlos

    Heat 4 – 10:45a/1:15p/3:45p

    Dan Hay/Bruce Kaabipour/Daniel Hester/Craig Howard/Smita Jandaur

    Heat 5 – 11:00a/1:30p/4:00p

    Dalbir Atwal/Bryan Stornetta/Connor Banks/Gary Neil/Michaela Xavier

    Heat 6 – 11:15a/1:45p/4:15p

    Jason Luk/Moises Gomez/Stavros Kalogirou/Anthony Camacho/Shannon Stornetta

    Heat 7 – 11:30a/2:00p/4:30p

    Jeremy Jones/Paul Perez/Chris Stroud/Darren Rosten/Carry Warner

    Heat 8 – 11:45a/2:15p/4:45p

    Brandon Banks/Tyler Begiebing/Jason Khalipa/Herm Blancaflor/Will Blaker/Candace Hamilton


    Freddy Camacho/Wyatt Swindler/Connie/Chong Tseng/Shari Keener”


  • Shannon Stornetta

    To comment on the protein powders for Sakura… (I’m not sure if you’ve already gone over this your nutrition class… so I may be preaching to the choir)

    You have to first look at what proteins are: amino acids (N-C-C)- a nitrogen and two carbons. So the “old thinking” was that all consumed amino acids go into a “pool.” They are then either used for catabolic or anabolic purposes. Amino acids used in catabolism are those that are used for energy via the krebs cycle as oxaloacetate. Any left overs are used in the anabolic processes of building nitrogen-containing compounds, digestive enzymes, tissue proteins, immuno proteins, and plasma proteins.

    However (and again- this is from the old school of thought), any left-over amino acids (say- if you over-consumed protein… over-filled the amino acid pool)- would be broken down into their molecular parts: the nitrogen would be excreted out in the urine via the urea cycleas a byproduct orithine and the carbon molecules would be reconfigured into “carbon skeletons” that are essentially processed in the liver and stored as fat. And as we know- fat stored in the liver is much harder to get rid of than fat stored in the muscles, because of increased concentrations of “lipoproteinlipase” (a compound that helps “pull” fat for use). LPL is a hormone that is everywhere in your body- but w/ incr weight training and exercise- you incr your LPL in your muscles…

    So (according to the old theory) you would have to look at how much protein you are taking in and when. If you just worked out and you are taking in protein powder- the amino acids will be used for anabolic repair of tissue protein (repair muscle fibers) you broke down when you were working out.

    The tricky thing with protein powders is that many of them are very high in fats, extra sugar (for flavor) and sodium- it, like Jeremy said, isn’t like eating lean animal protein (a complete protein).

  • Darren

    JJ, Me and you in heat 7. I am coming for you…………………..

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    Hey guys. I was working on my c and j down here and was hoping for some feed back. Heres a lin k toi the vid.
    It’s 215#. Let me know how it looks.


  • Mark L.

    Mike… didn’t get the link. (?)

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Forgot to post my workout from yesterday, I did the Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk- 5X5 progression.

    SP- 95,115,135,145,155
    PP- 135,155,165,185,195
    PJ- 165,185,205

    Obviously my PJ needs work, 205 is a PR for me. I was pretty tired at that point. I know I have more in me. Today is a rest day.

  • Craig

    Mike here’s some feedback: Learn how to cut and paste.

    I read the heat listings and my palms literally started sweating and I got butterflies in my gut.

    I hate CrossFit & I love CrossFit.

    Know what I mean?

  • luca z.

    WOW!!! Shannon, I think we found our own female version of Rob Wolf, here at the Shed. Of course she’s much better looking. Great work this morning. I met Julie for the first time, that girl rocks, she’s as strong as an Ox ( a pretty Ox that is), I can’t wait to see her do Oly lifts, she’s going to kick butts. I’ve got a two words for my buddys Todd and Erik, STRETCH!!! STRETCH!!! You’re going to benefit so much from it, you’re to tight my friends, a little every day will go a long way.
    I’ll see you all on Tuesday

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit
  • darren


    Workout: “Push Up Annie”

    Complete 50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of the following exercises for time:

    Double Unders
    Abmat Sit ups
    Push ups

    Darren 14:13
    Denny (Captain) 14:20 Subbed 2 single JR for DU
    Dennis (Driver) Unknown Time but fininshed subbed 3 JR for 1 DU. First crossfit Workout.

  • Craig

    Push-Up Annie (great wod, Nate)

    15:37. Got my butt kicked by Rhodes.

    I think Chris Wong did a sub 10m!

  • Craig

    Mike: here’s some feedback below. Anyone interested in the C&J? Watch Mike’s video -slowly- and read the comments below.

    1. you are strong and can do a lot more weight.

    2. your starting position is good. bar in close, butt down, back flat, chest up and out.

    3. you start nicely, but, you begin your second pull too soon! bring the bar up to your upper thigh before you jump and extend your hips.

    4. because of number 3, your hips do not fully extend! watch the video – look for full hip extension.

    5. also because of number 3, you are now on your toes way too soon. keep your feet flat until that bar gets to your upper thigh (keep the bar close to your body!), then JUMP, extend the hips and shrug! Now you will extend on to your toes.

    6. you have a strong, quick split jerk.

    7. however, you are carrying the weight a bit too forward. when you drop for your split – your feet should be at the 1:00 & 7:00 position with the barbell at midline (just behind your ears). If it is midline, then you can move the FRONT foot back first, then bring your rear foot up for scoring.

    Strong lift brother. You get that full extension on your 2nd pull and you got some big lifts ahead of you. Come see me Saturdays at 12:00

  • darren

    I noticed too that you weren’t extending hips all the way. Losing alot of power. But the good thing is you still got the weight up relitivly easy. Couple easy fixes and Big numbers are on the way.

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    Thanks guys. I paused it at the moment my arms bent and I dropped way too early. I’ll work on that tomorrow. I’ll try to get a broomstick in my hotel room. On the Jerk I wasn’t aware that the front foot should come back first. But I suppose that if I was lifting a heavier weight then moving the back leg first would be near impossible.

  • Mark L.

    Evening classes, Pushup Annie (some subs for double unders–3 singles–Brian subbed over and back medicine ball jumps for double unders)
    8:19 Chris
    13:25 Carry
    16:19 Hylie
    19:10 Meg
    20:04 Brian
    17:59 Cobi
    17:42 Jenny V.
    18:46 Tanya

    18:38 Jamie
    19:10 Chanda
    22:12 Mitchy (Mitchel)
    25:48 Mike

    15:41 Mark
    18:08 Ryan
    22:12 Jared

    See everyone at 6am! =)

  • J Jones

    Did Nate today.

    17 rounds.

    Head to floor (with abmat pad for dome), MUs could have probably gone to ‘fuller’ extension at the bottom (and swing the rings out).