081006 MONDAY


Mike with his game face on before FGB III.


For time:

Run 800m

100 push ups

Run 400m

100 sit ups

Run 200m

50 push ups

Run 100m

50 sit ups

Post time to comments.

Afterward, Strict Press working up to max single.

1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Post loads to comments.



Research team discovers brain pathway responsible for obesity

. . . The research stems from recent explorations into the problem called metabolic inflammation, a by-product of too much food or energy consumption. Unlike the classical inflammation typically observed in infections, injuries and diseases such as cancer, the metabolic inflammation seen in obesity-related diseases is much milder, doesn’t lead to overt symptoms or cause tissues damage.

“Metabolic inflammation is a chronic, low-grade condition consisting of inflammatory-like responses at the molecular level. It has many downstream consequences,” says Cai. “It causes cellular dysfunction, which can decrease the regulation of several physiological processes, including metabolism.” . . .

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Mark L.

    TEAM SIX (Results)
    We did the DCF site WOD (minus the max push presses which were a lot to ask after 150 pushups at 6am!)

    Nancy 23:58
    Alan 25:48 (needed wife to help him off floor at end)
    Judy 26:50 (used tall box for pushups, skipped hill on runs)
    George 27:13 RX’d! Look out for this guy, he’s just starting up!
    Dave 24:16
    Mark 21:44
    Dan 24:02 (he’s back!)
    Josh 26:35

    Afterward, my big mouth got me into demonstrating bar dips with the 70# kettlebell around my waist for a quick 9 1/2 reps. Will I have anything left for the WOD I have planned for 11:30?

    Carry arrived slightly late, and she was in the bathroom when we did the 3-2-1, so she practiced for Girls Don’t Cry barbell stuff. Sorry, Carry!

    Jeremy-I forgot to grab the cones until after I locked up, so I have 2 of them in my car.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Jeremy- can we set up a time when we can work my sister over on Thursday? She’s a naturally gifted athlete (swam Div 1 in college and swam at on our USS club’s national team)… but I think we can bring her down a notch 😉 Her flight gets in Thurs am- so I was thinking Thurs mid-morning or early afternoon…?

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    Hey JJ, I made an interesting discovery yesterday. Doing Standing broad jumps for distance…say 25 reps with rest as needed takes a terrible toll on pretty much the entire body, abs especially.
    $4.00 were on the line for anyone who could make over 8′. I pulled 8’1″ after a day of trying and now I’m paying for it.

  • Sparky

    Chronic Inflamation? Sounds like Dr. Sears and the Zone Diet were right on! Oh… but we all knew that already… too bad Doctors and Nutritionists weren’t open minded enough to listen to and learn from each other.
    Oh well, 3, 2, 1… Go!

  • J Jones

    You got it Sparky.

    Chronic Inflammation and insulin resistance (which is related) are being implicated in more diseases every day (see the link about arthritis from a few days ago).

    Zone proportions, Paleolithic foods, Lots of Omega-3s, and exercise . . . seems to be the answer.

    Shannon – Check your email.


  • J Jones


    Broad jumps are a great tool. We haven’t done them in a while at the gym, but they used to be a staple of ours (especially during the Park days).

    You bet you will see them here in the next week or so. Thanks.


  • Mark L.

    Thanks Mike… for a new way for me to procrastinate mowing the lawn on Sunday! The best part is that I can do broad jumps in front of a TV in the garage with the NFL playing. SUNDAY PERFECTION!
    By the way, we need a 103″ plasma for the shed for UFC and Football season. Since I’m asking for the moon, add Sunday Ticket, also (some of my fantasy teams draw from pretty deep on the depth chart).

  • sakura

    Mmmm…I have some um….BB-related questions. Is there anyone I can ask?

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    Craig has a pretty solid base of knowledge in all the barbell lifts. Whether it be power lifts of oly, he’s probably a good person to ask.

  • Craig

    Trainer wod at 5PM today. Sorry I missed you guys today:

    AMRAP 20min
    15 Thrusters 45db
    15 Pull Ups
    6 Clean & Jerks 135lbs
    25 WBalls 20#

    3Rounds +15thr +15pu +6cleans +12wballs

    I had more than 1min to finish my 25 wall balls for 4 complete rounds and could not get it done. Just failed. Brutal wod. Thanks Nate for the push.

    Nice work Stav (4 rounds).

  • sakura

    Another thing–I know Saturday is Oly day at Diablo…but what about other days? Can I lift during open gym? We don’t have bumper plates yet and I don’t know when/if we’ll get them at home. I want to start lifting more than I already do at home but we don’t have a squat rack. I also would like some coaching for form and basic knowledge. A spotter would be nice too. =]

  • Craig

    Sakura: you’re asking for personal training. We provide PT at a very reasonable cost. I’m available for some Oly and BB PT.

    Go to http://www.diablocrossfit.com/costs.html

  • sakura

    Sweet. Thanks, Craig! I’ll have to consult the sexier half to see what we can do.

  • J Jones

    You both can share PT time so that you both get the benefit from Craig’s training.


  • Dan G.

    Nice to be back at the 0600 class this morning! Had a jacked up schedule the last month or so, but ready to get back to my normal routine. I still heart the 0600 class!!!

  • J Jones

    Forgot to log my time on this WOD.


    Sometimes I really like being good at push ups and sit ups.