081012 SUNDAY “Church At The Shed”


Stav’s fitness level requires a lot of record board maintenance. Here he’s just recorded his 30 rounds of Cindy. Should be up for a while.

DCF Workout:

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 rep rounds of:


Good mornings (men 20lb o/ women 10lb wb)

Double Unders

CF Main Page:

Seven rounds for time of:

75 pound Shoulder Press, 21 reps

21 Back extensions

Post times to comments.


Fun event today (thanks, Mark!):

“In the Palos Verdes Mall (Lunardi’s and Rite-Aid) is RAW Center For Strength. They are having an open house, tomorrow (Sunday). I talked to the head trainer (Tom), and he welcomed us to come down for their “Fitness Competition”. We’ll have the opportunity to compete in such events as Push Press, Sled Drags, Tire Flips and Farmer’s Walks. He said it would be similar to what we do in Crossfit, only HEAVIER! For example, they do their Farmer’s Walks with 100 pound dumbells. Even if you don’t want to do the competition, it might be nice to network with another group of trainers and oooh and ahhh over their pretty bars, racks and lifting platforms.”

“I told him to expect us at 11:30am (which is when they have their strongman demo). Fitness competition is at noon, but we need to be there around 11:30am.”

Marky L.


Article: Faith-Based Fitness

First Corinthians 6:19-20: “Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit of God.”

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  • Craig

    and, Stav, don’t forget to put your 2:42 Fran up….oh wait, nevermind.

  • Mark L.

    hahaha, Craig. OWNED!
    RAW was fun, today. I just left Jeremy who was entering the post competition hot dog eating contest.

  • J Jones

    I won.

    Repping DCF Baby!


  • Mark L.

    Nice trophy. Don’t laugh when you see it. It is supposed to be a golden “hot dog”.

  • luca z.

    Why should we laugh, what does it looks like???? I was there early today I’ve got to see Meg and her kids getting ready for their demo and they were having a bench press competition, I also saw some of the competitors for the strong man competition, those guys were huge

  • J Jones

    Later on we got to see Martin from “California Strength” clean and ‘almost’ jerk 200 kilos. . . that’s 440lbs for the laypeople.

    Another one of their guys front squatted 550lbs (I think).

    It was pretty damn awesome.


  • Craig

    Way to rep, guys. Heard Darren almost took the top spot.

  • Mark L.

    Darren was bested 12:08 to 12:30 only by a nationally ranked olympic team olympic lifter (who went last). Darren was first to go of the level 3 competitors. When they told Tom (the RAW guy) his time, he looked a little shocked. Apparently 18 minutes is a “good time”.
    Think if Darren went last, instead! Darren arrived in work boots and long pants (he just came from his home improvement project wearing safety glasses and didn’t expect to compete).
    That’s Crossfit, baby!
    As for me, it was all just a little bit too heavy. Next year!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Fun day…thanks for making it happen Mark. I was scheduled to be last to compete in the competition, but apparently they got short on time and I got scratched. Honestly I’m okay with it…it looked brutal.

    The most amazing thing I have ever seen in person was the 200kg C&J attempt, just awesome. I did see this video on You Tube, the world record C&J, 580#

    http:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOA5RbAQWA8

  • J Jones

    Stav – link doesn’t work.

    But I also have to thank Mark. We wouldn’t have showed up if it weren’t for him. Thanks.

    (P.S. I’ll be doing a write up of the whole event soon, so stick around).


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit
  • Mark L.

    Holy Crap! That looked EASY for him!