081013 MONDAY


Team 0600 does a ‘few’ box jumps.


4 rounds for time:

7 muscle ups (or 21 pull ups, and 21 dips)

100 feet of walking lunges with 35lb dumbbells in each hand

400m run

Post time to comments.



Art Devany comments on Nassim Taleb’s “Black Swan” theory

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    Great pic today! So, how cold was it in the Shed this morning?

    Central heating system kicked on right?

    Oh, wait…we don’t have heat.

  • Mark L.

    I actually missed it, this morning (still sore from a bunch of back to back PR deadlifts for time). I actually like the variable temperature aspect of our setup. I consider it part of my training.

  • Mountain

    Maybe it’s a little early to ask, but is there any chance we’ll do the Turkey Trot this year? Ya know, the Briones hill climb one from 2006 (I was digging through the archives). I believe there were 70 Burpees involved. I was unaware of Crossfit at the time, but that sounds like the best Thanksgiving ever.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    Funny you mentioned the Turkey Trot. A few of us were just talking about it a couple nights ago. I, for one, am in for sure. It’s on Sunday, Nov. 23rd at Briones.

    Here’s the info;
    (looks like there’s no 30-39 mens division, I guess I’m not in..haha)

  • Craig

    I think Mountain is referring to our Diablo Turkey Trot, not to be confused with any other weakling event.

    We did not do our TT in 2007 for whatever reason. But I would love to reprise it for 2008!

    See: http://www.diablocrossfit.com/archives/112806_turkey_trot_captured_in_moments.html

  • Mark L.

    Based on that old post gallery, it looks like dogs are welcome! If I’m in town, me and Cody (my Ridgeback) are definitely up for it.
    Cody’s burpies look a lot like Craig’s, so he’ll fit right in.

  • Craig

    Ok, I resemble that remark.

  • Mountain

    I was, in fact, referring to the Diablo Turkey Trot of 2006. I definitely want to do that one this year. If Stav beats me (a very real possibility) at the short & steep one, I would then feel compelled to run the 8.4 miler on Sunday in the hopes of redeeming myself.

    Speaking of running (and Acalanes), is anyone interested in getting together for speedwork at the track at Acalanes High? I was thinking mainly 200m and 400m intervals, but maybe something as short as 100m or as long as 800m.

  • jorgy

    Craig and I are always lookin for people to train intervals with at Alcalanes. So lets get some sort of deal together and we’ll make it happen

  • Jasmine

    Our boys are off! Darren and Stav both left on strike teams for Southern California this evening. They were called out separately while on shift at work and will be at different fires for up to two weeks. Most likely they will be home sooner… oh, I hope so!

    Just thought I would let you all know in case you start to wonder where they are. I’m sure they will be using their crossfit skills and if I know them well, they will probably end up running make shift workouts for random people they meet 🙂

    We will miss you guys! Have fun living your dream…and come back safe to us soon!

  • Craig

    Mountain, what days/times are best?

    I can do:

    M-F @ 4:00PM

    Occasionally M-F @ 6AM