Mark, JJ and Darren all competed in a fitness event hosted by the “Raw” Gym here in Walnut Creek. Pics and an article should be up soon.


5 rounds for time:

10 Overhead squats (95lbs)

15 Kettlebell swings (1.5 pood, 54lbs)

20 Wall ball (20lb ball, 10ft target)

Post time to comments.


Article from Scott Kustes at “Modern Forager”:

Does Red Meat Cause Colon Cancer

I was involved in a discussion recently where the statement of “red meat causes colon cancer” was spoken. Figuring that to be a gross over generalization, I decided to do some sleuthing and see what the record shows regarding red meat and colon cancer. I meandered over to Google, typed in “red meat” and came up with a screen full of search results. Of the first five hits, four are irrelevant (a comic strip called “Red Meat” and a honky tonk band called…”Red Meat”) and the fifth is to Wikipedia. . .

Post thoughts to comments.


Diablo CrossFit Halloween Party!

DCF is co-sponsoring a very ‘exclusive’ Halloween party on Friday Oct 31st at “Class” (1321 Locust St). The party will run from 7pm to midnight.

More details to follow soon (a lot of promises today huh? -jj)

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  • Darren

    Yo Crossfitters,

    Greatings from LA. Myself, Stav, and Julie are all down here for the wildfires with our respective departments. We all left last night from the Bay Area and arrived here in Simi Valley at around 4 am. We are all waiting to get deployed to the fires.

    WOD for today.

    Run up hill
    Put fire out
    Eat sack lunch
    drink a bottle of water

    50 rounds for time.

    yah right we will be lucky if we even see any fire. See a week.
    50 rounds

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Stay safe guys and girl… 🙂 Ps- today is my husband, Bryan’s, birthday! Happy Birthday! (And thank you, Luca, for Bryan’s “nice” birthday workout. Ugh.)

  • J Jones


    And. . .50 sack lunches would be a lot.


  • Craig

    Good luck guys! Be safe and put ’em out quick.

    Love the wod. I’m sure jj will cook something up to show our support.

  • luca z.

    God’s speed guys, be safe and we’ll see you when you get back. No strength WOD today, Brian, Shannon and Carry were still fatigued from yesterday Bear complex, so we did a nice cipper, Happy Birthday again Brian, nice work all.

  • Mark L.

    Happy Birthday, Shannon’s husband! Birthday’s are important in our increasingly busy lives where we often put ourselves last. This is YOUR day, Bryan!
    Be careful in those fires, guys (and ladies). I have a couple other friends that were deployed, yesterday, too. Prayers go with you!
    Cool party on Halloween! It will be my big 4-0 (born 12:02AM 10-31-1968)! I’m pretty sure I’ll be in town, but we’ll do Trick-or-treat, first. We give out chunks of dried meat wrapped in cellophane at my house.

  • Mountain

    Hey Craig,

    Weekends work better for me– Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I start work most weekdays around 3, so 4:00pm won’t work for me. I also work weekday mornings, but I might be able to do an occasional 6:00am weekday.