Our very own Stavros and Darren are down fighting the fires in LA (as well as DCFer Julie D, and others – not shown obviously). Stay safe down there everyone!


As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes:

5 Handstand push ups (head below your hands at the bottom if possible)

10 knees to elbows

20 double unders

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.


Pictures from the “Raw Center for Strength” Fitness and Health Expo are up in our Flickr Page!

Here are a few highlights:


Darren Scored the best of the DCFers with a 12:32 (the top scorer Donny Shankle got 12:08, and he had completed a form of the course before). You can also see DCF’er Chris W watching in the background.


And yes. . . you might have already seen the trophy at the Shed. You are looking at the 2008 RAW Center for Strength Hotdog eating champion – Jeremy Jones. CrossFit prepares you for everything.

And here is a video of the final “eat off” of two hotdogs as fast as you can (to break a 3-way tie):

More Pictures and Videos can be found here.


Here is also a bonus Video of California Strength’s Martin Pashov Cleaning and ‘nearly’ jerking 200 Kilos (440lbs) after a brief warm up (i.e. he did it as a quick demo). Martin is lifts in the 105K weight class (230lbs)

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  • Craig

    Congrats JJ, too funny. The trophy is the best.

    Good luck to our Firefighters!

    And finally, to our men & women in Iraq, “NICE WORK!”:


  • Craig

    And great oly vid! Watch the clean – slow start until weight over knees and then – POW! – full hip extension and a very fast drop under the weight. Nice work.

  • sakura

    HOLY COW! A hotdog champ? Congrats!

    And great video of Martin. It’s a great way to start of today for me. Going to work on my C+Js today.


    Stay safe all you firefighters. Lookin to see you guys soon.

    Craig- That’s great!! I have friends over there right now that are gettin it done!!
    It’s tragic however that the Iraqi Christians are being targeted. Al Qaeda thinks they’re going to provoke the Christians into fighting, but it just won’t happen.

  • Mark L.

    Sometimes the battle behind the battle is the one that really matters.
    Stay safe you firefighters! Thanks for being our shield!
    I like how after he won, Jeremy grabbed one of the leftover hotdogs from his competitor’s pile because he was still hungry… OUR WARMUP IS YOUR WORKOUT!

  • Mountain

    Thanks to all the DCFers down in Southern California fighting the fires. Stay safe and get the job done.

    I did a little mini-metcon today after the CF For Girls class. Five rounds for time of:
    5 pullups
    5 pushups
    5 situps
    5 squats
    5 box jumps

    The jumps were only about 15″. I was at ClubSport, and the jumps were onto the bench for the lat pulldown machine. I got a lot of stares, and five rounds done in 3:57.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Nice work Mountain. Now go and start recruiting people who look more interested than scared!