Jeremy goes in for some tire flips while Stavros provides encouragement (and Jamie and Jax yell from the sidelines).


With a continuously running clock, perform 1 sumo deadlift high pull the first minute, 2 sumo deadlift high pulls the second minute, and continue adding one rep each minute until you can no longer complete the allotted reps in the minute.

The weight should be fairly heavy. If you are unsure about the weight, intermediate/advanced men should use approximately half their body weight, intermediate/advanced women should use about 1/3rd.

Post weight used and number of complete minutes and additional reps to comments.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull Video:


Article from the Fitness Spotlight:

Do our ancestors tell us everything we need to know about diet and health?

I have been following the Palaeolithic lifestyle for nearly a year now. You may know it as the ‘caveman diet’, although this does not do justice to the concept.

The premise is that by eating what our ancestors ate and exercising as they exercised, we optimise our health and fitness. Since they ate like this and exercised like this for hundreds of thousands of years, natural selection dictates that our bodies will be designed to function best under those conditions. . .

Post thoughts to comments.


The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” Competition is THIS SUNDAY. Please post below if you are going to be able to swing by and cheer some of our own as we compete against other top CrossFitters! (There is also a few open slots, so let me know if you are interested).


Local Fundraiser Today!

Rocco’s Pizza and Beer for a Purpose:

Download Flyer Here: Download file

From Michelle Rooney:

“For those of you who don’t know, I sit on the board as a medical advisor for a local non-profit melanoma foundation, SCARF. SCARF was founded in honor of Sherri Tennant, a nurse who worked with us at Diablo Valley Oncology. She was an amazing and courageous woman who unfortunately lost her battle with melanoma in 2006. SCARF’s mission is to educate the community about prevention and early detection of melanoma. Rocco’s pizzeria is hosting a fundraiser for SCARF on Thursday, October 23rd. All you have to do is either dine in or order take out from Rocco’s anytime on the 23rd, mention SCARF, and 25% of the net proceeds go to our NPO. I will be there most of the evening, eating pizza, probably drinking beer, and pretending to watch the world series…I would LOVE to see all of you. Please bring family and friends!”

If you don’t come to the Shed tonight, I expect you to swing by Rocco’s and support such a good cause. If you do come to the Shed, I expect you all to have some post workout nutrition at Roccos. DON’T FORGET TO MENTION SCARF! -jj

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  • Jeremy Jones

    BTW here are the results from the FGB III Fundraiser:

    “Dear CrossFit Community,

    We apologize for the delay in posting the high scores. There was a rule implemented this year that required a video record for high scores and we needed to give everyone who had them the opportunity to get them in.

    The rules for eligibility:

    “To be eligible for the individual scoring award the facility must submit an uploaded YouTube video of the designated scorer’s September 27th FGB no later than 7 days post event, and email the link to info@athletesforacure.org. Winners will be judged by an anonymous panel of Crossfit judges. Any potential winner who fails to meet the Crossfit standards for FGB will be ineligible for awards.”

    The rules were the result of a number of requests from the community after last year’s event. We will strive to simplify the rules and video up-loading process for next year, to make sure that all scores can be more easily submitted.

    Based on the videos that were submitted (and not all made it to YouTube), we are awarding the high scoring titles to the following individuals:

    Class A:
    1. Male: Herm Blancaflor- 432 (Crossfit Los Altos)
    2. Male: Zach Miller- 414 (ThreeRivers CrossFit)
    3. Male: Bryan Diaz- 393 (Alamo CrossFit)

    Class B
    1. Male: Glenn Waters 385 (Crossfit Cincinnati)
    2. Male: Peter Roberts: 368 (CrossFit Toronto)

    1. Female: Ashley Smith- 317 (Alamo CrossFit)
    2. Female: Angie Starmer – 293 (CrossFit Iowa)
    3. Female: Melissa Popovich-287 (CrossFit HB)

    Class C:
    1. Male: n/a

    1. Female: Kshipra Pitre – 260 (CrossFit Iowa)

    Class D:
    1. Male: n/a
    1. Female: n/a

    These individuals will be awarded the FGB handmade sterling silver dog tags.

    High fundraisers ($2500 gift certificate to Bigger, Faster, Stronger):

    >25 Petranek Fitness with $51,293.40

    $10,000 (owner of a facility gets custom dog tags):

    Petranek Fitness
    Andy Petranek

    CrossFIT Los Altos CA
    James Noriega

    CrossFit Central
    Jeremy Thiel

    CrossFit Boston
    Neal Thompson

    CrossFit North Carolina
    Sue Fathi

    Capital Jiu Jitsu
    Thomas Meehan

    CrossFit Oakland
    Nicole Okumu/Mike Minium

    HyperFit USA
    Douglas Chapman

    We thank each of you for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you again next year for Fight Gone Bad IV.

    Best regards,
    Athletes for a Cure”

  • Bryan Stornetta

    Based on the scores above, Shannon would have placed 3 among all the girls. Nice job wife!

  • Mark L.

    Darren would have been #3 as well, I think, for class A. (411?)
    I also noticed that in the awards section, it says, “Any participant who raises $150 or more will receive an official event T-shirt.”
    When should we expect to see those?

  • Jeremy Jones

    Good question Mark. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I am sure they are on their way!


  • Mark L.

    I sent them an e-mail with our list for the shirts! I’ll let you know what I hear back.

  • Mark L.

    From: Greta Rose
    Subject: FGB III T-shirts

    Dear Mark,

    FGB event tee’s are being printed and shipped as we speak (they look awesome). We wait until all funds are received to make sure everyone who earns them gets included in the order. Your center will receive all t-shirts with a contact sheet for all recipients by the first week of November.