081021 TUESDAY “3 Times a Newbie”


“The Team” from left to right: ‘Super’ Bryan, Jorgy, JJ, ‘Super’ Shannon, and Stav (and thanks to our post workout nutrition sponsor: Guinness).

Workout: “3 times a Newbie”

Run 400m

10 pull ups

20 push ups

30 sit ups

40 squats

Post time to comments.



Many parents are ‘wrong’ about their child’s weight

Data on 2,100 Australian children found 40% of parents with an overweight or underweight child had not spotted this.

Among children, the underweight were more likely to think of themselves as average than the overweight. . .

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  • jorgy

    2012 goal. Complete King Kong as RX.

  • Craig

    Ok, judging from this picture, its time to let someone else do the daily postings for a while.

  • Craig

    Who invented the DCF Newbie WOD?

    Name the affiliate and trainer.

    Post the correct answer today and I’ll send you a new, badass, 20lb Leather Medicine Ball from the Garage Gym Store. (one guess per person)


    I’ll post a hint today at 9AM.

  • luca z.

    Diablo Crossfit was well represented, as usual, we’ve got some great athletes in our box. Nice pic.

  • Stavros@DiabloCrossfit

    RE: Craig

    John Gilson, Again Faster?

  • Craig

    Stav. Nope. Both are incorrect.

    However, I will say that you made a good guess.

    Tip coming at 9:00AM

  • Mark L.

    My guess is:
    Andy Petranek, Petranek Fitness (aka. Crossfit LA)

  • Mike Erickson

    Isn’t the full name “DCF Newbie Wod”? My guess is it was started at Diablo Crossfit!!

  • Craig

    Mark: Sorry, wrong and wrong. Not a terribly bad guess.

    Andy’s model does include an introductory class workout. Not sure what it is, however.

  • Craig

    Mike E. – as brilliant as we are at DCF, most of our ideas are unoriginal…thank you for the compliment, however.

  • luca z.

    Strong work this morning at the Shed we did heavy Deadlifts, trying to find the one rep max:
    Carry 215lb
    Donna 175lbx2
    July 305lb
    Doug 315lb
    Todd 225lb
    Awsome work from all see you on Thursday

  • Craig

    Tip..sorry for the delay:

    I learned this workout from the owner of an East coast affiliate who now has two locations.

  • Mark L.

    Andy’s benchmark (called “Baseline”) is:
    500m Row
    40 air squats
    30 situps
    20 pushups
    10 pullups

    Not quite what you were looking for, but the best I could do with Google search terms. =)

    Good luck, everyone!

    And great job on the new deadlift PR, Carry (I think 195 was your previous best?)

  • Craig

    Interesting, Mark. Wonder how long Andy’s “baseline” has been around? There are no original ideas anymore.

  • Yvonne

    Keith Wittenstein, Crossfit Virtuosity

  • Craig

    HA! So top secret that even my wife doesn’t know. Nice try, Yvonne. Wrong & wrong.

    Another tip coming at noon today.

  • Mark L.

    Hey! Is that cheating?

  • Mark L.

    Nevermind. SHE WAS WRONG AND WRONG! =)

  • Craig

    For a new Garage Gym Wall Ball (black leather – 20lb):

    Who is the source of the DCF Newbie WOD? (Affiliate & Trainer)

    Tip #2: I met this trainer & affiliate owner at the CF Oly Certification in June, 2007.

    New tip at 3PM.

  • Jared R.

    TIP #3: He’s in this picture: http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/BurgJuneGroup.html

    Ahh, the wonders of Google. Not that a picture is going to help though =)

  • Craig

    Good one, Jared. He is in that picture!

    TIP #4: This person was interviewed with me and a couple of other affiliate owners while at the Oly Cert and we made the CF website (more than once).

    “Racers, start your search engines…”

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I know the answer…

  • Mark L.

    Come on, people! I’m about to pee my pants! Somebody answer!

  • Jasmine

    So… if I said Dave Picardy from North Shore Crossfit, MA……would I be right? The answer just came to me 😉

  • Craig

    My only question to you, Jazz, is:

    Do you want the 20lb, 15lb or 10lb ball?

    Nice team work.

    Yes, Dave Picardy from NSCF in Topsfield & Beverly, MA, is the originator of our DCF Newbie WOD.

    Pic your ball:


  • Carry

    Today was a DEAD LIFT PR day for Donna! She did 175lbs twice! Her previous max, I believe was 140lbs! Luca knows how to push 🙂

  • Shannon Stornetta

    First of all… I would like to say congrats to Donna and Carry for stellar deadlifts! Second of all… my legs are STILL SORE from the wall ball squats on Sunday- and so I can’t understand how anyone could possibly want a medicine ball as a prize! 😉

  • luca z.

    Carry’s best was 185lb, but she was sandbagging big time, even this mornng she only wanted to go up to 195lb, and after what I saw on Sunday Shannon is right behind her, with Donna not to far behind.

  • Carry

    Was that a PR for Doug as well? Todd? Julie? (by the way….Julie is super fun to work out with)

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I saw on the board that Julie did a 305 DL? wow, I can’t wait to see her an an affiliate challenge. What a great addition to the DCF Family.

    1600 hrs workout

    Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
    95 pound Thruster, 5 reps
    95 pound Hang Powercleans, 7 reps
    95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 10 reps

    Darren- 11 2/3 RX’d
    Stavros- 11 2/3 RX’d
    Jeremy- 10 RX’d

  • sakura

    weird. this whole weekend i was only getting up to thursday’s posts. hm.

    i need to go to your class, luca! i PR’d two days ago at 175# and 180# just wouldn’t budge. then again, kaela was screaming at the top of her lungs and it wasn’t words of encouragement.

    did yesterday’s wod but scaled to 55#. 10 2/3. i know i could have gone rx’d but i was scared of dropping metal weights on the garage floor.

  • Rick

    Check out CF santa clara’s website…

  • Craig

    Oh man. I feel like my girlfriend cheated on me! I was actually sad when I saw that pic.

    Well, Rick, you’re training with the best, frankly. Kahlipa is the man. We expect to hear about all their secrets.

    Kill ’em bro.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    Jaz said she wants a 20lb ball…

  • Craig

    Hmm. Jaz wants a 20lb ball, eh? Well, I’m going to order it up, but I’m also going to verify that order in person with her.