Eddy C., Katie, Dan, Matt, and Jenny C get some Sumo Deadlift High Pull love.


Run 400m

Rest 2 minutes

6 rounds.

Record the time for each 400m to comments.



Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple serves up another great article explaining glycogen:

. . .I always appreciate comments and questions that spur more explanation and discussion about the body’s functioning. Let’s take this one apart and have a look. Fat is always the best fuel to use at low levels of effort. We evolved to be very efficient fat-burners and even those of us at single-digit body fat levels have plenty to spare. Glycogen, as you remember, is stored glucose and is the body’s first-line energy stockpile of fuel for harder physical efforts and keeping specific systems (brain, red blood cells, kidney cells) running efficiently all day. . .

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Dan G.

    Seeing that picture is like reliving a nightmare. Damn those SDLHP’s! My back was destroyed (in a good way) for 4 days straight. Ahh how I love crossfit.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    How do I upload my pics from the BGDC Challenge onto the flickr site? I’ve got some good ones!

  • luca z.

    Sakura if you come to my class you’ll be deadlifting 200lb in no time, not as much from me screaming but for the competition in the room, you see Cary doing 215, Julie doing 305, Donna screaming her way to a 175lb twice, you’ll get inspired to lift like a maniac, I’m just providing the coaching but the athletes are creating the atmosphere. Good times

  • Mark L.

    I’ve got to meet this Julie person! 305? That’s MY PR! =)

    Last night, we all had a great time doing the “3 times a newbie”. Lots of PRs were had by people on that first split. My own went from 6:45 back in late March, and I got a 3:29, yesterday, during open gym. Crossfit works FAST!

    Link to whiteboard for 1730 class (cut and paste these links into your browser if you care to look):

    Link to Jorgie’s whiteboard notes for 6:30pm class:

    This AM, we did the DCF site WOD (which you see above). Running in the dark had a Rocky Balboa like feel! Even the running haters gave it a strong effort.

  • Craig

    GO HERE: http://www.crossfitsantaclara.com/

    Scroll down a bit and see if you recognize their newest member! Then, be afraid.

    Mark, you’ve got a sub 3 Newbie in you – you rip the 400!

  • Mountain

    Awesome girls’ class today. Did Fran, with most of the class doing it Rx’d– including Julie of the world-famous 305 deadlift, who pumped out unbroken sets on the thrusters.

  • sakura

    maybe kaela will motivate everyone. haha! that little girl has enough scream in her for the lot of ya!

    Hm. 305#…Seems like a goal! Wow. That’s friggin’ amazing. Does Julie care to share her BW? I don’t think I’ve ever met her before.

  • Shannon

    What’s the recommendation on taking a week off? I was thinking about taking this week off (since finishing the BGDC competition- I haven’t had a break since starting crossfit back in June)… but I feel REALLY guilty if I don’t exercise. Any thoughts?

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit




    Take the week off. Get over the guilt, you’re in incredible shape, probably top 10% of the women in the US. You’ll be fine with a week off. You’re body will LOVE you for it, and you’ll come back refreshed and ready kill some WOD’s. Seriously, taking a week off at least every 6 months should be mandatory for us Crossfiters. I have a hard time as well. If your body is telling you that it’s tired, bottom line, listen.

  • Craig

    Greg Glassman rule of thumb on rest:

    6 weeks on & 1 week off.

    He’s right. Few adhere to his advice.

  • Mark L.

    Shannon, exercise leads to various levels of microtrauma. It’s the repair of this microtrauma that leads to beneficial adaptation. Repair happens during recovery and rest (NOT during exercise). REST! It’s where all the good stuff happens!
    After this last Sunday, it’s probably a GREAT time to take a week off to be sure you FULLY recover.
    However, since you will have the extra time in your schedule, why not direct it towards one of the other 10 physical skills we purport to develop in Crossfit that doesn’t have a particular “recovery demand” (i.e. flexibility). Increase your ROM while you watch the latest reality TV!
    I would not suggest dropping by the Shed, though. Personally, I have a hard time not joining in all the fun I see people having, and I will cave on my rest discipline.
    We’ll miss you, but we’ll still be here when you get back.
    **I’m off my soapbox for the day**

  • Darren

    Mark that’s funny. I am still taller than you, even when you are on you “Soapbox”

  • Mark L.

    True. But I’m a much more efficient use of space and resources. =)

  • Darren

    I love that we ripped rick up on his new site.

  • Craig

    D, that was funny. Mark is much taller in words, however.

    13 Rounds today of that frikkin’ CF main wod:
    5 Thrusters
    7 HPC
    10 SDHP
    95lbs, AMRAP 20m

  • Craig

    By the way: Darren, Stav and JJ, speaking of rest, you guys need some!

    Granted, those movements are my strengths, but I should not have beat you guys. All of you should have been 14 – 15.

  • sakura

    5 rounds for time
    20 box jumps
    20 GHD sit ups (40 ab mat sit ups for me)
    20 25# kettle bell swings (sub 25# plate b/c no kb’s below 50#)


    I actually did a sub for the GHD sit ups and did 40 sit ups instead. While warming up I tried a GHDSU and felt a tweak in my lower back. I’ve had a history of back issues so I wasn’t going to chance it. Felt “ok” doing the WOD but in round 4 the back of my arms started tingling. Weird.

  • rick

    just to let you all know, that was my first crossfit wod since starting school august, i have been enjoying my beer as of late but ill be back within a month and own all of you, khalipa’s gym is hella better hahhaha but seriously ill be up there soon on a weekend to say hello