Mark gives Katy some tips on her KB swing while Chase* overhead squats in the background.

*(I am going to call him ‘Chase’ because he is not a regular and I don’t know his name, but he looks like a Chase. -jj)

Workout: 3 rounds

1 minute Row (count calories)

1 minute Kettlebell swings (54lb, 35lb)

1 minute knees to elbows

1 minute ring dips

1 minute rest

Count total reps each round and post them to comments.

Video: Annie demonstrates some KB swing form:



Eating Quickly Linked to Obesity.

. . .The latest study looked at the relationship between eating speed, feelings of “fullness” and being overweight.

Just under half of the 3,000 volunteers told researchers they tended to eat quickly.

Compared with those who did not eat quickly, fast-eating men were 84% more likely to be overweight, and women were just over twice as likely.

Those, who, in addition to wolfing down their meals, tended to eat until they felt full, were more than three times more likely to be overweight. . .

Post thoughts to comments.




Yes, unfortunately group class will be canceled Friday October 31st in lieu of our Halloween bash at “Class” in downtown Walnut Creek. Enjoy appetizers, Drinks, and music at this DCF sponsored event. Costume contest and other games will be happening all night. So come join us for some fun outside the gym (doing something that many people meet pukie doing all the time).

Email: rsvp@anywhere-road.com to get on the guest list, and don’t forget to post below if you plan on going.

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  • Jeremy Jones

    Jamie and I will be in attendance (we already have our costumes picked out).

    We’re planners like that.


  • luca z.

    I’ll be working so unless this party goes on until after 11:30 you won’t see me, have fun for me too

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    2:08 Fran posted on affiliate page (CF Main), his form was solid. What a blazing time…

    Here’s the video–>

  • Craig

    Stopwatch guy was a spazz. 2:09 – 2:11sh. Damn fast thrusters.

    A very provocative post (and, I think, quite funny) showed up on the mainpage a couple days ago from a woman. The typical and numberous “you can’t cut it at CrossFit” responses only served to prove her point in my opinion. (see quote below).

    DCF believes that CF is a terrific fitness program that produces amazing results for everyone: professional athletes, children, fire fighters, military personell and grandmothers. Many enthusiasts have embraced CrossFit as a competitive sport. I feel, unfortunately, that some CF enthusiasts – especially many that post on the main page – have a fitness superiority complex that reflects negatively on our mission and our community.

    QUOTE #39 10/20/08:
    “lol wow… crossfitters remind me of people that couldn’t cut it in competitive sports but refuse to admit that they weren’t good enough. i see bad technique and high intensity mixed with people that have a false confidence. it reminds me of the made for tv exercise protocols that “gaurentee” results. i think its funny that you think you’re amazing because you slap a few exercises together and do them as fast as you can. crossfit is not a sport. no its a sad gathering of lonely weekend warriors desprite to make themselves feel better by belittling others… maybe you should challenge me to do a fran? or ask why would i come on the site to write this? ask what my expertise is? but i’ll ask you… does it really matter? you’re not going to stop your ‘quest for fitness glory.'”

  • Mark L.

    Craig, the length of that post was “Markworthy”!
    (and don’t get me started on the “I’m compensating for a shortcoming” behavior we sometimes see.)
    If I can get off trick-or-treating with my kids in time, wifey and I plan to join you all for the Oct. 31 “Class”, event. It will also be my 40th birthday.
    I have a special birthday WOD centered around the number “40” planned for the 6am class on Halloween morning.
    Those that fear a 6am pukie can do a 1/2 version of the WOD, so we can all celebrate my increasing decrepitude, together.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I also wanted to mention that I think I just bought the same model of pants that Mark is wearing. . . It is going to be a sad day when we both wear them as well as the same DCF shirt. . .We will look all “Globo” with matching uniforms.

    Re: Mainsite comment,

    I do feel that some people get carried away with the elite and competitive nature of CF on the mainsite. The fact of the matter is that at all the affiliates I have been to, and the CF competitions I have been to, this competitiveness isn’t really there.

    Maybe it is due to the fact that crossfit.com is so huge now with all of it’s comments, it drives away those people who are just starting their climb on the fitness ladder. Or it at least keeps them from posting. Which is sad.

    The good news is that we have all these great affiliate websites that beginners can post on. It is much easier to get help from a site like ours than on the CF mainpage (shoot you are likely to get 4 responses minimum to your questions if you post good ones here). And if we don’t know the answer, you better believe that we’ll point you in the right direction.

    Bottom line: Elitist competitive attitudes on the mainpage don’t help CF mission, but if the affiliates can take up the slack by dishing out the kool-aid in small easy to share doses, I think the good CF stuff will get out there.


  • Jasmine


    I’ll take the 20 pound ball…thanks!!

  • Travis

    I think that crossfit itself is quite intimidating looking from the outside in and the CF main page doesn’t help that misnomer. I can still tell if someone is new to crossfit at our gym just by that wide eyed look they get before each workout.

    The bad technique and high intensity comment is quite interesting. I think there is a fine line in sacrificing form to archive that extra little bit at the end. I think if we never sacrificed form for intensity we would never be able to push ourselves to the next level.

  • Carry

    As long as MOST of your reps are with the correct form. I see some folks with bad form all the way through. Also…push ups? Not touching the ground and not extending the arms?