081026 SUNDAY


Lauren flies through some air squats, while Emily deadlifts in the background.


5 rounds for time –

5 Deadlifts (275lbs, 180lbs, or whatever you can handle safely)

10 Burpees (jumping to touch target 12″ above your highest standing reach)

Post time to comments.


Coach Rip quote, Jolie, Nikki, great song. . . talk about a great video!



Scott Kustes Reads: “The Promise of Sleep” and tells us about it

What Is It About?

Well, it’s about sleep. Whereas Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival looked at sleep through the lens of evolution and how it affects our cravings for food, The Promise Of Sleep looks more at the basics of sleep, sleep phases, and general health. And there is nothing about conspiracy theories in Dr. Dement’s book.

Who Should Read This Book?

* Anyone with an interest in how sleep affects health

* Anyone with sleep issues . . .

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Mark L.

    Great video!
    (Jolie Gentry is awesome at burpies. I missed that performance when I was down there.)
    Coach Rip is a sage.

  • luca z.

    I getting it for sure, after reading Lights Out, I realized how important sleep is for our health, and not just sleeping, but how long and in which conditions, like totally dark room, there’s so much going on, during the night, in our body, and how much that affects our daily life. I’m definitely watching less tv. at night already, and getting to bed early than before.

  • Craig

    Some funny lookin burpees in that video.

  • sakura


    This is the funny thing: the last time I did my DLs was on Sunday, October 19!! That’s when I couldn’t get 180 to budge. I started at 145 and inched my way up. I don’t know if maybe I was tired but I only did 1 rep of each addition of weight until I got to 175. Shoulder work. Well, aside from daily attempts of pull ups (I almost got one today) I do bacis lifts maybe three times a week. I think it’s just not having the atmosphere and trainers to push me.

    I agree on the burpees. Did some look like a belly roll once they got to the ground…kinda like the worm. Not much of a push up. I need to work on my burpee form majorly.

  • luca z.

    Sakura it does make a difference working out with other people, I feel it myself too, when I work out on my own, it’s hard to push yourself. Well, when will I see you?

  • Carry

    Thanks to the Sunday crew pushing me through my first Elizabeth! 20:38 🙁 Tried to get it under 20 min but the ring dips killed me. Shannon was awesome on the deadlift burpee work out! 185lbs is HEAVY for 25 reps.

  • sakura

    Perhaps Tuesday. Ed is off so he can watch Kaela…unless he REALLY needs his sleep. Maybe you’ll have me pressing at least 80 and help get me to at least a 500 on my next Total!! =]

  • luca z.

    You’re on!!!!!!!!

  • Craig

    Nice work Carry. Elizabeth as RXd is strong.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Nice work Sakura. 215 is legit!


  • Shannon Stornetta

    Thanks, Carry- you rocked Christine, too!