081027 MONDAY


Holly squat jumps while Dustin. . . I don’t know what Dustin is doing.


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 Squat Jump (full squat: crease of hip below knee cap, to jump: touch target 12″ above reach)

20 Sit ups

30 Double Unders

Post number of rounds and fractions of the last round completed to comments.


Anthony Bainbridge from CrossFit Federicton doing Tabata squat jumps (Hint: he and Jodi are badasses):



From Mike O’Donnell’s “IF Life”

Keeping an ‘Energy’ Log for Daily Success

There are days which we feel full of energy, happy, love life…and then sometimes there are days in which we may feel down, tired, depressed, or just uninspired. I think most of us would like more of days full of great energy and outlook, so what can we do? Well one thing is we need to see what in our lives is actually helping to give us that happiness, energy, positive outlook and also to see what is not. We need to become aware in our moments of positive and negative energies to see what is really influencing them. Only from that can we define what factors are important to us, and which ones we need to just let go of.

How do we do that? Well we keep an energy log/journal. Try it for a couple weeks and you may be surprised at the results. . .

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  • Mark L.

    Looks like Team 6 is going to get one heck of a metcon in about 8 hours!

  • Mark L.

    6am class had 7 attendees (Alex, Carry, Dan, Holly, George, Judy, Mark). Best performance was Carry with 9 rounds.
    Those squat jumps were awesome, especially mixed with those double-unders!

  • Miles

    Looking forward to today’s workout. Interesting article on CrossFit today on MSN for the masses:http://health.msn.com/fitness/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100217215&page=1

  • Carry

    Are we really going to get to work out with Sakura tommorow?

  • luca z.

    She said she might, Sakura you’re welcome to bring Kaela with you if you want.

  • Craig

    Lunch wod today:

    5 Rounds: 5 DLs @ 315lbs + 10 Burpees


  • Carry

    Wow….315lbs? I thought it was 275lbs? Show off 🙂

  • Jeremy Jones

    Nice Work Craig!