081031 FRIDAY “Happy Halloween!” and “Happy Birthday Mark!”



Happy Birthday Mark!

Workout: “Mark’s Funky 40”

400m run

40 Pull Ups

40 Box Jumps (20″ box)

40 HandStand Push-Ups

40 Walking Lunges (no weight)

40 Pushups

40 Knees To Elbows

40 Good Mornings

40 Double Unders

40 Burpies

400m run


And here is an article especially pertinent to Mark from ‘The IF Life’:

Prevent Alzheimer’s with your diet


We’ll see you all tonight at the Party!


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  • luca z.

    Well let me be the first to welcome you in the club Mark, it just wasn’t the same without you. I hope you have a spooky Birthday and not to many candies, unless you can find a Paleo Twinkie out there.

  • Craig

    Great pic, old man. Happy Birthday!

    I’m game for this workout. Did you have to put burpees in it??!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Happy birthday Mark!

  • Mark L.

    Boy, this one was a keeper. Just enough muscle recovery between each to make it through the next. Burpies on the end were the only exception (that was just plain mean–thanks Mark!)

    TEAM 6 Results (all scaled at least one thing, except the 40yr old birthday boy, who was not allowed):
    George 36:10 (strong work and ice that hammie)
    Judy 36:12 (Talk about effort! Some screams heard)
    Jordan 38:20 (gets more gas in the tank each week)
    Alex 34:12 (awesome burpies!)
    Alan 39:00 (ground through)
    Josh 35:25 (Obama campaign shouting, throughout)
    Mark 26:57 RX (I got up at 4:30am to eat)
    Holly 30:15 (Wow! That’s all I can say.)
    Dan 34:01 (you did Angie last night–ANIMAL!)

    Several comments that the HSPU were already easier this time after doing JT just a couple days ago.

    Thanks, everyone, for making this a great birthday (and Judy for the supplements, and Alan for the Chevys meal vouchers). I love my DCF family! I might make a cameo at Class, tonight (in costume) and see you soon!

    Also, results from last night’s Angie (and some did OHS, too!)–cut and paste

  • Travis H

    Happy birthday Mark!



    See Ya’ll tonight.

  • Travis H

    Will there still be open gym from 4-5:30?

  • sarah

    Happy Birthday Mark!! The WOD was great?? hahaha! I need a drink after that one!

  • sarah


    if you get a chance call or txr me..the second email addy didnt work…


  • Jasmine

    Happy birthday Mark!!! Wishing you a great day! So bummed not to participate in this workout today!?! You sure know how to pick em…

  • J Jones

    The gym will be open from 4 – 5:00.


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Just want to make sure that everyone saw CF Unlimited website with Austin giving DCF some solid props(www.crossfitunlimited.com). Check out the Oct. 29th post, also check the video of the BGDC Challenge, you can see some solid work from some DCF’ers on the 2nd half of the video…

  • luca z.

    Mark, Mark I thougth you were my friend!!!! Freinds don’t let friends do those WODs, I cursed your name so many time during it. Great WOD took me 29 min but I only did the first 10 HSPU unassisted the rest as r’xed, happy birthday again my friend see you at the Shed

  • Mark L.

    Thanks Luca, and you are indeed my friend. Was that crazy, or what?
    Thank you everyone for all the bday wishes. My puppy (John), Ariel (Kate) and I are headed out for some major candy collection. We’ll be giving out chunks of meat with a “just say no to high glycemic foods” card attached, if you want to come sample some.
    Have fun at the party, tonight. I’m going to miss the event, I think.
    Happy Halloween!