0810613 “Friday the 13th” – “Lucky 13”


Tire + plywood + rope + harness = a kneeling good time (and a great sled for about $20 including the harness!)

Workout: “Lucky 13”

13 reps of the following 13 exercises

1. Deadlift (95lbs)

2. Hang Power clean (95lbs)

3. Front squat (95lbs)

4. Push Press (95lbs)

5. Back squat (95lbs)

6. Pull ups

7. GHD sit ups

8. Wall ball

9. KB swings

10. 10 meter sprint (180 degree direction change every time)

11. Knees to elbows

12. Box jumps

13. 45lb Turkish get ups (alternating hands as needed)

Post time (and how lucky you feel afterward) to comments.


Jax Jones – Future DCF Trainer?


(I think he is starting to take after Rick)



Beware of ‘odd’ protuberances in the gym:

Viagra improves endurance athlete performance at altitude

And similarly there may be “No crying in Baseball”, but there are erections:

Professional Athletes use Viagra for sports performance

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    Great pics today, especially Jax.

    Did laugh.. does have a little Rick look.

  • Craig

    CF Games Competitors:

    Check the CF Main site today for a good hill running video from Brian MacKenzie.

  • Moises G.

    Hey Jax looks dead on like Rick!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Luca Z.

    It seams like Josh should stop taking Redline and start with the Viagra.

  • Mark L.

    Jax has been studying Game of Death, Enter the Dragon and Fists of Fury, I see. At least while he’s still just learning to move his arms and legs he can practice on the facial expressions.
    I am super excited to come do the lucky 13 at 4pm, today! That looks like a real winner!

    Did a little 400m, 15 pullups, 20 dips interval for 3 rounds yesterday at my Snap Fitness gym, last night. Somehow, it wasn’t the same as the shed.

    It was fun to crank the treadmill up to 5:00 miles for the quarter miles while simultaneously watching the results for So You Think You Can Dance. Luckily, I was alone in there while I was doing all this. I’m sure I’d get those same looks Craig is used to when he’s on the road if that hadn’t been the case.

  • Mark L.

    I just noticed that if you look carefully at yesterday’s picture, whoever was hammering that morning might also have been taking the blue pill for performance…

  • J Jones


    Craig is Busted.

    (I’d say lets have a piss test, but I am afraid of the waterworks when trying to test for this ‘performance enhancer’)


  • J Jones

    “Lucky 13”

    JJ – 13:04 (70lb kb swings)
    Bryan – 13:24

    Both 13 minute times. . . very interesting.

    The TGUs at the end took at least 4 minutes for both of us. They were very hard when tired.

    I also took Jorgy’s advice and did the KB swings with the 2 pood. Felt fine until box jumps and then my back did something weird. Now I am in pain. Lots of pain. Thanks Jorgy I-[ heart ]-you. (jerk).

    I will say that I can’t believe that Jorgy can take a Redline (notice I said “take” like Luca and not “drink”) at 7pm and still sleep at night.


  • Mike Erickson

    Yesterday was my one year anniversary date at Diablo CF! Thanks for everything Rob, Brian Nesmith (still missing you Brian), Luca, JJ, Jorgy, Rick, and everyone else. A bunch of people I don’t know cause I’ve never made a morning class. Diablo Crossfit is a class act. I feel very lucky to live close enough to come to DCF and participate. I’m hoping for an even better year to come. Good luck to everyone at the Crossfit games.

  • Stavros

    Just went on a 4.5 miles run in Briones with Aaron. Took us 42:13. Hot weather, pretty solid pace on some good hills. Good trainer for CF games. Who’s interested in going tomorrow morning?


  • J Jones

    Congrats Mike. You survived your first year at DCF. . . We’ll have to try harder this year – I mean – I hope you train with us for many more.

    July 5 will be my 4th year of CF, and I’ll be spending it at the CF Games.



  • Luca Z.

    Mark you’re pretty observant, I was definitely not looking that low, Mike congrats, you’re still an inspiration to all of us, it has been a privilege to train out with you, keep it up for the next year and more to come.

  • Mark L.

    Luca, it didn’t take any special powers of observation for that Texas sized protuberance.
    Craig, that was the coolest site EVER! If you only knew how many pedometers, shoe mounted accelerometers, etc. that I’ve been through just to measure the distance and time of my running, you’d be flabbergasted. I could have been pointing and clicking the whole time?!
    No 13 minutes for me on Lucky 13. 18:05. I think last nights run/interval thing at 9pm didn’t help.
    Also, those were my first Turkish getups. I’m definitely doing more of those. What a great shoulder rehab exercise!

  • Rodil

    Front squats 5×5
    65, 95, 115, 135, 145 lbs (PR at 145, barely finished 5th rep)

    Assisted dips 5×5
    100, 116, 133, 141, 141 lbs (Weights shown = Bodyweight – lift from Gravitron machine)

  • darren

    Lucky 13


    fun times but not that tired after, which is a good thing I guess

  • J Jones

    Should’ve added more weight for you Darren. And you could have used the 70lb kb for the TGU you animal.


  • Darren

    did 70 lbs ktb for swings but not for get ups. Jorgy tried to do it with them and had to switch to a bar with 15 on each side because 70 lbs was too much. Just puts alot of strain on wrists.

  • Mike Erickson


    I will never forget that first Helen. After the two rounds I was totally hammered and went over to the curb outside and sat down. You came over slapped me on the shoulder and shook my hand and said some words of encouragement, I don’t remember exactly what you said because I think I was a little oxygen deprived. I think it was Brian who looked over and said “Are you done?”, I got up and said “No, I’ve got one more round” and took off for the last round. And then Sarah came around to the back of the building and shouted me home. The two of you gave me the energy for that last round and also showed me what crossfit really means. I am still hooked, I won’t quit and I’ll try to pass on that feeling you gave me whenever I have the opportunity.

    I’ve been using a free program “Google docs” to keep track of my workouts. It is on-line and free. I’m using the spreadsheet for my schedule and the document editor for my workout diary. The interesting thing about it is you can give access to the files to anyone, either as read only or give them editor rights. I’m thinking this might be useful for a trainer to monitor and perhaps modify the workouts of a client. A free tool, ready access on-line from anywhere.

    I always enjoy seeing you Luca, at the shed or on the website. I like your pictures! They often include some of my other crossfit heros as well!

    ps: and thanks for the continued encouragement. Even though I can’t imagine my meager performances being an inspiration to anyone, it is nice of you to say it! 🙂