Ramon’s shirt (and face) says it all.


Sprint 200m

1.5 min rest

8 rounds for time.

And these are “Sprints” not ‘run’, ‘jog’ or ‘walk’. Sprints should be fast and hard.

Post times to comments.

Sprinting Mechanics and Drills Videos:

Hip Opening Hurdle Drills – John Baumann…[wmv]

Lying Starts Drills – John Baumann…[wmv]

Sprint Mechanics, Arms – Karl Geissler…[wmv]

Sprint Mechanics, Initial Drills – Karl Geissler…[wmv]

Sprint Posture Drills – John Baumann…[wmv]



Phthalates implicated in genital birth defects of boys.

. . .Phthalates fall into a group of chemicals called endocrine disruptors because they either mimic or block the action of human hormones. Phthalates interfere with the synthesis of testosterone. . .

Phthalates affect males more than females, at least in animals, because of the way sex organs grow. Developmental biologists say that up until eight weeks, fetuses have the rudiments of both male and female sex organs. After that point, those with a Y chromosome develop gonads that are supposed to secrete testosterone, after which the male hormone starts turning the fetus into a male. . .

Do you think that if it affects babies in utero that adults should be worried about their endocrine systems being harmed by these chemicals? -jj

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Props to Ramon. The guy trains hard, has a great attitude, and wears great shirts.

  • carry

    Sprints will humble you…fast

  • Mark L.

    I’m going to do my 8X200m on a hill, just for good measure. Short, quick steps, and be careful not to overstride! Fast feet! Pump those arms!
    (OK, I’ll put my pom poms down, now)

  • luca z.

    Did you guys see Jason from CrossFit Montclair doing Fran in 1:53? Incredible


    Yeah man, the Fran totally made up for the election.
    I was jumping up and down in my kitchen and had to explain to my roomates that I was NOT excited about Obama, but the Fran vid. I’ll let you imagine the crazy looks I got.

  • Mountain

    With regard to the 150 situps we did after the 8 x 200m sprints, I have to quote Greg Glassman:

    “The overhead squat is the ultimate core exercise…”

    –CFJ 36

    That’s just my way of saying I hate situps, but anytime you wanna throw down 150 OHS at the end of a workout, I’ll do them with a smile on my face.

  • Dan G.

    Couldn’t make the 0600 class this morning. Heading outside to do my sprints now! w00t!

  • Shannon Stornetta

    60th Surgical Operations Squadron- Anesthesia Flight PT:

    Ultimate Burpee Relay!

    – Person A- sprints down & back (total 200m)
    – Hand off to person B (who sprints the 200m down & back)
    – While person B is sprinting, person A does burpees…
    – When person B gets back, person A stops burpees and starts the sprints…
    – 8 rounds… (for time… the relay team that gets through 8 rounds wins!)

  • Mark L.

    Shannon, that sounds like my kind of workout. You get to do sprints AND burpies?! That’s like cake AND ice cream!

  • Dan G.

    No Mark, that’s absolutely NOTHING like cake AND ice cream. LOL.

    Here’s how my rounds turned out. Not sure it was exactly 200m. Had to pace off the distance. Slight downhill going, slight uphill coming…

    25 sec

    Finished off with 50 pushups and 50 situps.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Well…. maybe one day we can do the Ultimate Cake and Ice Cream Burpee relay at the shed… we’ll do it in honor of the 60th Surg Ops/ Anesthesia Flight peeps that hung with me through those 20 minutes of “fun”

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Speaking of 20 minutes of fun….

    JJ and I worked out at 1200 hrs today and did the CF Mainsite WOD.

    AMRAP 20min;
    10 Pull-ups
    10 Thruster, 65#

    JJ- 14 RD’s + 10 Thrusters
    Stavros- 14 RD’s + 10 Thrusters

    Both of us just wanted that WOD to end, it was a grinder. Light weight but 150 Thrusters and 140 pull ups in 20 minutes sucks no matter how you slice it or dice it.