The elusive Craig. The slave driver behind the ‘Suffer on Saturday’ class (with Jenny V and Jasmine outside ‘enjoying’ the class)


For time:

Run 800m

100 push ups

Run 400m

100 sit ups

Run 200m

50 push ups

Run 100m

50 sit ups

Post time to comments.

(compare to October 6th – 081006 -by clicking here)


A GREAT article from Robb Wolf at CrossFit Norcal summarizing why we take the stance on nutrition that we do:

NorCal Nutrition: Are We Crazy?

You might have noticed that the nutrition approach we recommend at CrossFit NorCal is a bit…oh, shall I say, contrarian? Where the USDA, AMA and the rest of the Government sponsored entities recommend grains and legumes as the base of the diet, we recommend lean meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

That’s crazy, right? aren’t we going to die from heart disease and cancer if we eat meat? How will we ever get fiber if we don’t eat grains!? I mean, fruit and veggies…what have they got to offer?! I’m being fecetious here, I hope you get that. I do understand our recommendations fly in the face of what we are told to eat from nearly every source you can find…what’s the deal? Well…the deal is, our nutritional approach, a diet the attempts to emulate that of our paleolithic ancestors, is without a doubt the best route to optimized performance and health. Big claim? Yep, but easy to back up. Folks start with us, tweak their food, then look, feel and perform better. Every measurable bio-marker such as cholesterol, triglycerides or blood pressure improve…depression resolves. It just works, because this is the way we are wired to eat. But hey, what the hell do I know? I’m just the crazy guy in the shed telling people to do weird stuff like sleep more, take fish oil and increase their protein intake. How could I possibly be right about this? Well…here are a few interesting things for y’all to consider . . .

click here for full article

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • russell

    So we do we find more information on this Caveman diet?

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Suffer on Saturday. Ouch. I haven’t felt like puking after a class in a while.

  • Craig

    I am truly humbled by the performance of the 10:00AM Class this morning.


    Because I did the same wod at 11AM and it took me 21:20. The 10AM class did it in 15:09 (Miles!!) to 22:30. Most of the girls and guys finished under 19. I would have been smoked!

    Nice work 10AM!, Miles, Stav, Eric, Ryan, Bryan, Dave, Hilary, Amy, Jenny, Carry, Shannon, Gwen, Donna, Stephanie, Holly.

    And thanks to 11AM for helping me get through it: Mike, Jared & Ashley.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Miles was FLYING!! I finished shortly after him, but he really dominated this WOD. Great addition to the DCF family. We have some strong athletes at the Shed right now. Can someone say, affiliate cup?


    Give me two or three weeks and I’ll catch you guys.

    STAV–In terms of capacity you have clearly flown past me in a serious way. I gotta catch myself up.
    Solid WOD

  • Jenny Verschuur

    That was truly awesome, My body is done for the day I am hurting everywhere!!! And loving it, can’t wait for tomorrow. Thanks Craig for pushing me hard!! Boy I am really going to miss this group.