081109 SUNDAY


Everyone gets a piece of CrossFit’s “Angie”


Tabata Hill Sprints (count total trips up an down 70m hill)

1 min rest

Tabata Knees to elbows

1 min rest

Tabata Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95, 75, or 45)

1 min rest

Tabata Hill Sprints (again).

A “Tabata” is an interval of 20 seconds of working out followed by 10 seconds rest, repeated 8 times (4 minutes total for each exercise). Each interval, a separate count of reps is used (except for the hill sprints). The lowest number of reps for any given round is your “score” for that exercise.

Post your “scores” for each exercise, and your total score to comments.



“Park Therapy” or “Green Quackery”? (‘Green spaces reduce “health gap”‘)

. . .When the records of more than 366,000 people who died between 2001 and 2005 were analysed, it revealed that even tiny green spaces in the areas in which they lived made a big difference to their risk of fatal diseases.

Although the effect was greatest for those living surrounded by the most greenery, with the “health gap” roughly halved compared with those with the fewest green spaces around them, there was still a noticeable difference. . .

(I live next to a park, so I guess I am covered. . .-jj)

Post thoughts to comments.


Bonus Article:

T-Nation” is a fitness and performance related site that has good as well as controversial information on it (it also sells supplements that I have first hand experience with). I check it regularly, even though they tend to take a fairly “anti-CrossFit” stance (sometimes I’d rather be behind ‘so called’ enemy lines than ‘preaching to the choir’). It can also be NSFW depending on how your work feels about muscular men and women posing in next to nothing.

Here is an article that is a fairly un-biased opinion of CrossFit as a whole by Chris Shugart. (a respected author who’s articles I read often).

Post thoughts to comments. . . (and Click below for a comment from Mr. Shugart after the article was posted.

(I also wanted to say that Troy Dodson at CrossFit Plano is someone I have met, and I can confirm that he is a cool guy as well as a stud).

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  • Craig

    The article was boring and not surprising. This is T-Nation v CrossFit: hypertrophy vs. fitness. CrossFit has quite a few overtraining, obsessed nuts and T-Nation (and the bodybuilding world)has theirs. At CrossFit, hypertrophy (muscle growth) occurs as we get fit (10 components!). But, in bodybuilding, you do not get fit (except strength) as your muscles grow.


    It’s like a car. Loud exhaust and a big spoiler doesn’t make it fast…it’s whats “under the hood” so to speak that counts.

    Crossfitters to bodybuilders are like the sleeper car that beats the shit out of the shiny polished show car.

  • J Jones

    Except most of the sleepers from CF look pretty damn good too!


  • Mark L.

    I just noticed this picture. About 5 seconds after this was taken, I took one step back and crushed a couple of Emily’s fingers. “Don’t worry everyone, it’s just part of the WOD! Get back to work. I’ll be by in a few minutes for yours!”